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lunch near 16 street and 5th ave

Laut on 17th St between 5th and broadway.

Jul 02, 2012
jsilver227 in Manhattan

B&D halai restaurant

Anyone ever eat B&D halai restaurant(African cuisine[probably West African/maybe Guinean could be wrong] on 29th st between 6th ave and 7th ave. I ate there on Friday night and I thought it was interesting(Buffet style)[$5.99 per pound). I had a little bit of fish/lamb/rice/chicken/vegetables/other meats/rice. Thought it was quite interesting although I made the mistake picking out foods with too many bones(increased the weight and the price of the food). I recommend their homemade sorrel.

Apr 25, 2012
jsilver227 in Manhattan

10 people, $20/pp, any ideas?

try laut on 17th between 5th and 6th

May 29, 2010
jsilver227 in Manhattan

Easter Weekend Recommendations -- off the beaten track?

try sammy's deli on elsyan fields ave near the new orleans rum distillery. its one of my favorite meals on my new orleans trip. the red fish was delicious! a great local atmosphere though

Apr 01, 2010
jsilver227 in New Orleans

Bklyn Vs Queens, The BQE, Bklyn Queens Experience

ozone park liberty ave for caribbean and west indian foood

Dec 17, 2009
jsilver227 in Outer Boroughs

El Anzuelo Fino, jfores, are you there?

the mixed chevice at the richmond hill location is delicious! it was one the meals i had in a while i went there once in the summer. definitely worth a trip to!

Dec 17, 2009
jsilver227 in Outer Boroughs

Where did the Super Tacos truck on 96th & Broadway go?

i havent seen the one on 14th and 7th ave neither

Oct 26, 2009
jsilver227 in Manhattan

East New York/vicinity Recommendations

Any East New York restaurants recommendations

i know theres a good nigerian place on hendrix and liberty with extremely friendly staff

but are there any other good places in ENY

this an attempt widen the variety of the outer-borough message board

Oct 10, 2009
jsilver227 in Outer Boroughs

Bensonhurst/Gravesend recs?

cant forget about l&b stupomi gardens for pizza and italian ices

Sep 15, 2009
jsilver227 in Outer Boroughs

Street food: Point me to something new

maybe try Ridgewood around the myrtle-wyckoff stop
i seen mexican food carts out there but i never tried them
although it looks somewhat menu looks similar to the redhook and roosevelt ave food carts

washington heights also has dominican food vendors on 181th and st nick specially juices though

Aug 24, 2009
jsilver227 in Outer Boroughs

Quick good lunch bite around Meat Packing district?

if u like a late lunch try the taco truck on 14th and 8th(usually not open until 1:45), s'nice for vegetarian food on 8th ave and w 4th st

Aug 21, 2009
jsilver227 in Manhattan

Boiled peanuts anywhere in NYC???

hunan house in flushing has boiled peanuts and great food

Aug 21, 2009
jsilver227 in Manhattan

Mexican Party Bus

i seen a couple months ago in queens on 74th & roosevelt and 46th & roosevelt on the same night

i tried to go on it at one point and they said they had to leave

Aug 14, 2009
jsilver227 in Manhattan

Bronx, Mexican, Bedford Park Blvd: Las Maravillas de Mexico

i highly reccommend Las Maravillas de Mexico especially their goat dish
unlike other restaurants their goat isnt curried so you get taste the goat meat in full form and comes with a side of orange rice and tortillas

May 19, 2009
jsilver227 in Outer Boroughs

The Best Brunch In Manhattan?


Feb 20, 2009
jsilver227 in Manhattan

Brooklynite seeks advice for a teen

Ippuddo might fit the bill noodle bar although its sometimes crowded
it has commual seating and a younger crowded than most nyc hotspots i have been to
the food is also good too

Feb 20, 2009
jsilver227 in Manhattan

Lunch Ideas for Washington Square

For Pizza try No. 28 on carmine and bleecker for great naples/italian style pizza
its better than the other semi tourist traps in the area

grand sichuan on 7th ave south and bedford st has good/decent chinese food

Feb 19, 2009
jsilver227 in Manhattan

Any cuban or dominican food restuarants in westchester county?

puebla nueva on kensico & lake in white plains is okay, but not great/not horrible for domincian food

TOP "essential" New York Restaurants $ to $$$$

if you're breakfast//brunch fan a stop at shopsins is a must

Feb 17, 2009
jsilver227 in Manhattan

Drinks after Babbo

if you like beer try blind tiger on bleeker & 7th ave although the crowd is a little bit younger than what you might want

Feb 17, 2009
jsilver227 in Manhattan

Your favorite underrated slice?

yeah that's the place im talking about

Feb 17, 2009
jsilver227 in Manhattan

Your favorite underrated slice?

naples 45 or something like that on carmine and bleeker is quite underrated
good italian style pizza, i think it might taste better than both john's and joe's
they used a lunch time special four summers ago with mini pie for $5-7

Feb 17, 2009
jsilver227 in Manhattan

Looking for top quality bakeries in outer boroughs

sybil's in Ozone park is good on appx 131 & liberty ave

their homemade juices and casa-pone pastry is good

also try ye mei bakery in elmhurst on broadway and order their pork buns

if your in Jersey City phillippine bread house you should also try

Feb 02, 2009
jsilver227 in Outer Boroughs

Indian in Portchester or nearby

there is an indian place across the street from bengal tiger, which is good and cheaper than bengal tiger