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Valencia, Santa Clarita, Burbank: Chain Restaurant Wasteland?

I second Cavi on Lyons. This is a family owned and operated italian place that does a very workmanlike job. When I have to visit relatives up there I try and go to Cavi for dinner. They take their restaurant seriously and strive to prepare homemade, fresh food,

Apr 30, 2008
eatnitall in Los Angeles Area

Monterey Hill Steakhouse query

I go to "The Hill", as it is referred to by those who work in the area, regularly for happy hour. Lots of decent free Happy Hour food. The view is all freeway, a courthouse, and the old, empty ladies jail, although they have a pleasant enough balcony to sun yourself on even if the view isn't all that. The food, however, in terms of a lunch or dinner destination is not good. Kind of heavy and greasy, second rate quality.

Mar 15, 2008
eatnitall in Los Angeles Area

ISO OC Family Friendly but more high-end Restaurant

Need restaurant ideas for dinner with friends visiting Disneyland. Looking for more fine dining options or close to it as possible where three young but pretty well-behaved children will be welcome. Areas in or around Disneyland, Anaheim, Orange, Santa Ana or Costa Mesa. Thanks.

Sep 01, 2007
eatnitall in Los Angeles Area

Just One Night in Scottsdale, AZ

I could use a starting pint (sic) myself...No, seriously jon, let me give you more specific information...

I will be staying in Old Town Scottsdale and have a $$$ budget in mind for dinner. People watching is of no interest whatsoever. Looking for great food, but not super fine dining (for instance, Elements at the Sanctuary resort would be a little too fine)... looking for innovative southwestern cuisine.

A quality wine list is also a very large plus. AZ experience or at least a southwestern experience, I assume, would be part and parcel of an excellent southwestern restaurant in the area, unless i do not understand the distinction. Thanks for your help.

Mar 18, 2007
eatnitall in Southwest

Just One Night in Scottsdale, AZ

I will be in Scottsdale one Saturday evening next month. I am from Los Angeles. I had wanted to eat at Cafe Terra Cotta, not realizing it hasn't been open for appx. 6 years. So I guess i am looking for something akin to that experience, something Gourmet/High-end Southwest, without being extreme fine dining. Any suggestions from AZ hounds would be greatly appreciated.

Mar 18, 2007
eatnitall in Southwest

Any One Ever Eat At Stoney Point

Stoney Point has a great vibe... good piano player in the bar that you can hear throughout the restaurant, nice lighting, usually very good service, old school east coast italian american vibe... food is always good if not great, hadn't been for appx. 2 years, but recently took the wife there for valentines day and the food was actually quite good. Decent wine list. There is no view however.

Feb 24, 2007
eatnitall in Los Angeles Area

Pasadena is weak!

Try some of these places in Pasadena proper...
some of the best chinese you'll ever have is at Yujean Kang's on Raymond...
right next door is Xiomara... gourmet, unbelieveably good (but pricey) cuban fare... Tarantino's Pizza on Green St. is good if not nearly as good as Casa Bianca...
Gayle's on Fair Oak's for everyday fresh Italian....
Sushi Roku in Miller Alley is good...
Porto Alegre for Brazilian BBQ (Churruscaria)...
if you want a sandwich, instead of italian or jewish try Lovebirds on Colorado just east of Lake. Very Fresh, very good and unique.
Akbar has the best Indian food around, although, people have differing opinions...
South Pasadena and Eagle Rock have Bistro de la Gare and Cafe Boujolais respectively for French fare...
for Salads and anything that goes with them... Green Street Restaurant... just e. of Lake.
Those just came off of the top of my head... there are many good options in Pasadena, although there are many mediocre options as well.

Feb 20, 2007
eatnitall in Los Angeles Area

Sunday Brunch in Downtown LA?

Pete's Cafe... not technically brunch but you can get breakfast or lunch and have some tasty options for both... nice, relaxing vibe there and good service.

Feb 19, 2007
eatnitall in Los Angeles Area