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best noodle shop in Concordia ghetto?

Cuisine Bangkok has been open again, and I just tried their chicken pad thai. Some of the best I've ever had! Noodles were just right, and flavorful chunks of tofu. I requested *** spicy (they have a warning sign posted) and it was eye- and nose-watering good. Next time I'll skip the chicken and order the tofu or vegetable. Yum!

favorites at Jean Talon market?

Don't overlook the paczkis (filled Polish donuts) at the Wawel bakery. Apricot, cream, or prune filled - I dream about them.

Picking wild things (but what?)

I travel between the city and Rouses Point, NY and have seen several carloads of people on the southbound side of the 20 near Napierville harvesting armloads of dandelion greens the past two weeks or so. Ramps do grow around here as well (yum), but are more often found in and near hardwood forest areas, no so much on the roadsides.

Artisinal food in Montreal (no cupcakes)

More, much more for Blork, from the nearby Montéregie - La Fromagerie Kaiser in Noyan is very artisanal, i.e., raclette w/black peppercorns, raclette w/olive oil, raclette w/ fines herbes, and a variety of 15-20 European-style cheeses at prices far below those at Atwater/JTL. The Kaiser family is from German Switzerland, they have their own large dairy farm and small fromagerie about 1 km north of the border at Alburgh, Vermont. Great stuff! Not open on Sundays. Have also heard of a German craft butcher operating out of his garage in Lacolle, and a great sausage place between Hemmingford and Covey Hill but haven't tried either yet (will report when I do). All are less than an hour out of the city.

Best place to buy cheese on way out of Montreal?

If you go to New Hampshire via the 15 south and then US Route 2 through the Champlain Islands in Vermont (a lovely drive by the way) the Fromagerie Kaiser in Noyan is less than 1 km above the border at Alburg, Vermont. They are a small family-run place, but make about 15 or so varieties of European-style cheeses, with very good prices. Well worth a stop. It is the first right after going through customs and there is a "Fromagerie" sign with an arrow.

Best Breakfast in NDG, Westmount area????????

Just had the waffle at this spot last weekend. Large and deep-textured, served with melon, pineapple and pomegranate. Service very relaxed, to the point of going up to the counter to force payment on them!

Looking for the best doughnut

I just discovered the Wawel paczki through this board, and they are the best ever. I dream of paczki now! Nothing else comes close.

In search of truffle oil...

There are several spice and oil stores at Atwater Market that feature truffle oil.

Artisanal Bacon in Montreal

When next you go to Atwater, check out the cheese shop at the center of the lower level. Through the cheese room, then through the oils and spices room, you go on down into a deli counter area in the basement at the very back. I was looking for guanciale, which they didn't have, but the counterperson showed me a big chunk of pancetta that looked nicer than any I have yet seen. It had that artisanal cast to it, and I'm getting some next time I'm in there.

Just over the border from Burlington Vermont?

If you want to head south of Burlington, try the Good Times Café in Hinesburg. It's on a sharp corner of Route 116 in the middle of town, tricky to enter and leave, but worth a visit. Great handmade, non-chain style pizza, and a number of good cajun specialties (jambalaya, gumbo, etc.). Very small and friendly.

Just over the border from Burlington Vermont?

If you are headed for Montréal, go up through the Champlain Islands on Route 2, stop at Hero's Welcome in North Hero for fresh homemade pastries and coffee, then cross the border at Alburgh. Just 1 km north of customs make a right down a farm road with a sign and arrow for "Fromagerie" and stop at Fritz Kaiser's family cheese factory in Noyan. Over 20 kinds of French/Swiss/European style cheeses, very yummy!

The best place for smoked meat

I must second this post on Smoke Meat Pete's. A little less moist than Schwartz's but one of the very best each time I've eaten there. They also have music on the weekends, and as Pete closes up his counter he brings around complementary plates of the crisp brisket and rib steak ends from his cutting activities for all the listeners. A real treat!