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Green Tea Ice Cream and Matcha

I'm from Hawaii, and I'm not sure what brand Gyukaku serves, but Dave's and Bubbies make the best green tea ice cream ever. Unfortunately, they're both local brands, so if you're on the mainland, you're out of luck--everything I've tried on the mainland is doesn't taste much like it (and the mainland kind also tends to be that bright green color).

Vegan Fluffy Buttercream Frosting

As people have already said, Earth Balance products are both vegan and trans-fat free. Stop arguing about it. Cupcakes aren't diet food anyway! If you're looking for a healthy cupcake it's not going to taste good. This frosting is full of sugary fatty goodness and it's gotten consistently good reviews from non-vegan and even anti-vegan, steak-loving friends. As far as all of the arguments over what "fluffy" is supposed to mean, this frosting is the consistency of standard frosting, I think the poster used the word "fluffy" because after beating it for 8 minutes, its full of air (but its not bubbly! all frosting is beaten to get the right consistency!) If you haven't tried it, back off! or just stop being so closed minded. I agree that a lot of vegan foods taste "fake" or rubbery or dry, but this is a solid recipe.

May 11, 2008
thislittlepiggy in Recipes