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Cosmopolitan Restaurant: Telluride, CO

Can anyone provide a review of Cosmopolitan Restaurant in Telluride? Dished they execute really well, menu selections not to miss, and thoughts on their wine list? I am organizing a dinner there (set menu) for my boss. I live on the East Coast and have never been to this place.

Dec 04, 2009
chowfornow in Mountain States

Telluride Food Scene

Can anyone provide a specific review of Cosmopolitan Restaurant in Telluride? Especially noting what things they do well, what not to miss and thoughts on their wine selection?

Dec 04, 2009
chowfornow in Mountain States

Thoughts on Sel de la Terre Boylston Anniversary Dinner/Benefit? Is it worth it?

...saw text below on Any going? I have only been to one other event like this before at Pigalle and found it to be a "too many cooks in the kitchen" scenario: service was rushed, portions tiny, servers didn't know which courses were which, food was just "ok". I have no doubts Jamie Bissonnette will rock his dish and the bartending will be supreme but the other chefs? Thoughts?

"Sel de la Terre Celebrates a Year in the Back Bay
On Sunday, September 27th Sel de la Terre celebrates the one year anniversary of their Back Bay's location with an all-out gorge-fest featuring food and drink from some of Boston and Cambridge's best chefs and mixologists. Among the chefly participants: Dante de Magistris of dante and Il Casale, Will Gilson of Garden at the Cellar, Colin Lynch (Barbara Lynch Gruppo), Jamie Bissonnette of Toro and Coppa, Tony Susi of Sage, Jiho Kim of L'Espalier and host Louis DiBiccari, each of whom will be preparing and presenting a course featuring locally and sustainably raised ingredients. Masters of mixology, Kevin Martin from Eastern Standard and Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli from Craigie On Main will also be on hand to shake and/or stir up a couple of inventive libations and Westport Winery will be pouring some of their finest for those who'd prefer a little vino. And the best part about this birthday bash? Proceeds from each $125 ticket (and each $250 ticket for the limited chef's table seating) benefit Massachusetts Share Our Strength regional hunger relief programs."

Tall Order: Gluten Free Lunch in Hynes Convention Area?

I work in the Prudential Center/Copely Mall Complex and have identified some GF friendly dishes I have come to rely on: Qdoba for crispy corn tacos and naked burritos, Chili Duck for Chicken Madness and a few other rice dishes, PF Changs for Singapore Street noodles and a few other items.

I have had all of these dishes over and over for a year striaght (it has been one year since diagnoses).

Anyone out there have any other suggestions? I am especially craving soup today but new places and recs would be great. I desperately need to get out of my GF old standy rut! Especially the Asian based rut: I guess Douzo is an option too but...meh.

Thanks in advance

Great place for lunch in/around Andover?

...called Cassis for info on lunch, got voicemail saying dinner reservations accepted after 3pm tues-sat. "if you want a dinner reservation, call back after 3pm on tuesdays." has anyone been there recently for lunch? maybe it was a little too early when i called.

Great place for lunch in/around Andover?

...looking for a great sit down/restaurant lunch in the Andover area for a birthday. Any suggestions? Birthday lunch is today! Thanks.


I sat at the bar Wednesday night and had a great experience. I ordered the duck stuffed peppers, the foie gras slider with sea urchin, the white ham, the sardines, the garlicky shrimp and the cheese plate.

Everything was very good or great! The real stand out for me was the foie gras slider with sea urchin. I have always thought that I could not stand sea urchin but this was fantastic! The sea urchin was incredibly fresh. It was the perfect counter balance with the foie gras. You got the richness of the foie gras with this really fresh bright note at the end. It finished like a perfectly crisp, breath of fesh early morning air at the beach. It was a perfect "taste" portion size too. Highly, highly recommended!

The garlicky shrimp was great too. Perfectly tender and flavorful with just a tiny bit of spicy heat from a small chili pepper in the center of the clay baking dish it was served in. I will probably order this dish every time I go. The garlic was potent and perfect!

The duck stuffed peppers were very good; maybe a little too vinegary for my personal taste but I still really enjoyed the dish.

I should also note that the bartender told me Wednesday was their first night open to the general public. It is very rare that a restaurant nails everything correctly on their first night. Everything was spot on: the food, the bar and the hospitality.

I really hope they do well. Harrison Ave is the very last outpost of the South End to develop. I do think some will be put off by its location but I think that will change as the area continus to improve.

Eastern Standard for breakfast

I think I am about to be a voice of dissent on this board regarding Eastern Standard but here it goes...the food at Eastern Standard has gone way, way down hill and I definitley have enough visits through out the time it has been open to back up that opinion.

ES seems to only have talent at the bar these days, not in the kitchen. The drinks are great, the crowd lively, the music is eclectic and perfect for all age groups and the bartenders manage to make you feel as though they are throwing a party in their own home every night. Which is why I am still a frequest visitor...after three of their incredible cocktails and great conversation with all sorts of folks, I don't care if the frites have been sitting under the heat lamp all night!

Brunch is, by far, their worst service. The brunch menu is just their regular menu with the addition of an omlette, an egg dish, a quiche and yogurt w granola. Plus, the space is too big and too empty on a Sunday afternoon. (The mediocre brunch food may be worth it though on a beautiful warm sunny day on their patio.)

I ate breakfast (scrambled eggs and bacon with toast) there a few months ago. Doing eggs really well is proof of a good chef/cook in my opinion and well, I could have made better at home.

For brunch, I like Union on Washington Street (slow brunch table service but great food and more often than not, very friendly bar service.) or Aquitaine on Tremont.

Good, reasonably priced food near Northeastern?

This is a difficult area but...

There is a Vietnamese/Thai restaurant on Huntingtin Ave, right near Symphony Hall called Pho & I, which is quite good. The atmosphere is warm and comfortable at night but definitely casual (don't know if you are looking for "upscale dining"). The service is very friendly and the food, while not rave worthy outstanding, is very good and may actually even come in just under your price point. They are also a good choice if you have any vegetarians in your party.

I usually get the chicken pho and while it definitley satisfies my pho cravings, the broth is a little weak, it could definitley use a little more flavor. One dish that is rave worthy outstanding though is their spicy beef salad. Very simple, hot and sour flavor dressing on mixed greens, juicy, tender strips of beef marinated in a chili lime dressing.

I would definitley give them a try. I only criticize the pho because I used to go to a place in Chinatown (closed a few years ago) that will always be my goldstandard.

Another option is Symphony Sushi just at the corner of Huntington and Gainsborough Street. Perfectly respectable sushi, good vegetarian options and non-sushi entrees as well.

San Francisco Coffee in Boston?

Various coworkers over the years have told me that I have not had good coffee in the U.S. until I tried coffee places in San Francisco. I always thought them to be exaggerating and maybe homesick for SF until last week. I spent 7 days eating and drinking all that SF has to offer.

Phillz coffee? OMfreakinG! Anyone out there know it? This stuff was amazing!

Question is (and I think I already know the answer): any place in Boston I can get something of similar excellence? It was very similar to a spanish "crema" only 16oz. of pure caffeine, brown sugar and heavy cream.