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Unique/Gourmet Chocolate Advent Calendars in NYC?

Moonstruck chocolates has a truffle advent calendar this year. Available online and at chocolate boutiques.

Nov 26, 2012
oaktowngirl in Manhattan

Best place to buy Big Green Egg?

Costco has the medium BGE with nest for $579. (Seen in San Ramon, Richmond, Almaden and Mountain View.)

Chinese Roasted Chestnuts (weekends) & MochiCream at Mitsuwa, San Jose w/ Pics

The whole store is a construction zone right now. They are remodeling and staying open, so the pickle corner is gone. Some pickles are in a cooler at the front of the store. The produce selection is smaller than usual.

San Jose/Campbell area. Looking for a NON-child friendly restaurant.

Plumed Horse tasting menu with wine pairing. Expensive and worthwhile.

French Bakery in Walnut Creek or surrounding cities

La Boulange is a local chain. Pastries and food items are excellent, I have never tried the bread.
Danville location is by the Lunardis Market on Railroad, the new Walnut Creek location is by the mall in the old Bing Crosbys space.

"Old Wife Cakes" (Lao Po Bing) at Kee Wah Bakery

I don't remember any tables, but I was engrossed in the drawers o'pastry.

"Old Wife Cakes" (Lao Po Bing) at Kee Wah Bakery

I went to the Cupertino branch on Saturday. It is very clean, with modern design and surface finishes. The pastries are in plexiglass type drawers and open display tables. Trays with paper mats and tongs are stacked at one end with the register at the other. There are cards with the time the items were put out on each display. Wide variety of sweet and savory items, with hot stuff in a case by the register. You can see the baking through the glass at the front of the store or through the windows alongside the store.
We liked the hotdog, baked BBQ pork bun, red bean sesame ball and green onion bun. My mom really liked the hot chicken pastry, as it had large pieces of mushroom in addition to gravy. I really liked the egg tart, which is served warm from the case.
Some high counters and stools alongside the outer walls for seating.
Hours are something like 8 or 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Dave's Killer Bread at Safeway in San Francisco

6 varieties available at Safeway on Hamilton in Campbell.

Restaurant buyout in San Francisco for a wedding?

Garibaldis- on Presidio.

Excellent bakery in the Bay Area for my toddler's birthday cake ?

And rum.

Lunch recs in Walnut Creek

Sasa does a hip japanese-fusion thing that we like. They are open Sunday at noon for lunch.

1432 N Main St, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Cosentinos Market, San Jose- Closing!

Excellent news!
I suppose if they can't continue as Cosentinos, then handing off to Lunardis will allow for a similar grocery experience. (My husband was worried about a new strip mall full of cell phone and purified water stores.)

Garibaldi's + Marzano = Hudson

Happy Hour- We had a red wine with too much heat and a passable sauvignon blanc ($5). Ordered the nettle/goat cheese/ yukon gold potato pizza ($10) and the burger ($10). Food took a very long time, the bartender said the kitchen was "warming up". Eventually got a nearly raw burger (ordered medium) with fries. Meat tasted fine, just a little cooler and mushier than we prefer. The pizza came out much later. It was duck confit with blue cheese, pears and nettles. Not the same thing at all. Very difficult to get the bartenders attention, then he did not know what the pizza was supposed to be (said he did not read the menu). Sent it back. Good thing we split the burger because it took an hour and a half to get three glasses of wine and a burger. Not inexpensive, not professional service, sloppy food. I understand that they just opened, but it is the same staff and a similar menu as before, so it should not have these problems.

Oakland Restaurant Week Jan 23-29, 2011

I called a few places without menus posted online. Wood Tavern is doing lunch- salad/Pastrami sandwich/sorbet. Oliveto is doing dinner- green salad or cup of minestre soup/ gnocchi with ragu/ roast chicken roulade/ vanilla ice cream with brandy sauce.

Wood Tavern
6317 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618

Oliveto Cafe
5655 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618

Oakland Restaurant Week Jan 23-29, 2011

Tuesday, lunch at Bellanico. $20, three courses and glass of red or white wine. Appetizer was cauliflower sformato with soft egg yolk middle. This was really nice. Light like a souffle with a bit of fall flavor in the runny yolk. Entree was guanciale wrapped tombo tuna on a bed of couscous shaped pasta with roasted garlic and green onions. I really liked this. I am very happy when someone jazzes up a fish entree. Dessert was an espresso/bittersweet chocolate panna cotta with cacao nibs. Only okay, too much going on in a delightfully lunch sized portion of dessert. I appreciate that they offered choices in each category. Another place slightly off my beaten path, but had been on the list to try.

4238 Park Blvd, Oakland, CA 94602

Oakland Restaurant Week Jan 23-29, 2011

Dinner @Yoshis. 2 people, $30 each, 4 courses.. Started with Kobe beef tataki for one person and seaweed salad for the other. Very nice. 2nd course was veg tempura and shrimp fritter. Tempura was standard fried veg, fritter was light and crispy veg and shrimp nest. Entrees were salmon and Kurobata pork. Both very well prepared. Ordered a side of brussel sprouts with capers and cauliflower puree that we loved. Complimentary glass of junmai daiginju sake, Yoshis house label. Dessert was choice of anything on the dessert menu. Chocolate cake with ganache was okay. Lemon meringue cheesecake was excellent. Half price wine on Mondays (chose a decent Tempranillo) They appear to have a regular prix- fixe menu, they said they just added the sake for the restaurant promotion. Will definitely return. This is one of those places you keep meaning to check out, but you don't know if a show is happening and it is too far to just drop in.

Tres Leches Cake from Market Hall Bakery (Oakland)

The College Ave. location used to sell slabs from a baking dish, like lasagna. The 4th Street location sells slices, from a round cake. Is this still true?

Cosentinos Market, San Jose- Closing!

Informed they are shutting the doors on February 8. Owners retiring. Development company has bought the lot. Very sad, as I am moving two blocks away from this great grocery.

Thanksgiving - pre-brined turkeys or other take-out options for 10-12 people

If you can get to Oakland, Ver Brugge Butcher on College @ Alcatraz is offering pre-brined, raw turkeys, Diestel or Willie Bird. The meat shop in Market Hall (Marin Sun Farms?) has a sign saying they are offering pre-brined birds but I don't have any more details. They may have heritage birds as well.

Willie Bird's Restaurant
1150 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Bay Area wedding on a grad student's budget

!?! Grad student budget?

T rex

I really like the Dungeness Crab Salad, my mom can't get enough Pulled Pork nachos.

Any good strawberries yet this year?

Temescal Farmers Market 5/9/10
Organic Lucero with stems, $3.50/pint

Sonoma: Fremont Diner - Braeburn Apple Donuts?

They are greasy and doughy, more like beignets than doughnuts. They had a good flavor, not enough apple for me. I would not order them again. The cookies were great.

Early bird specials?

And? Adesso has a groovy happy hour spread...used to be early (5:30) and late (10ish.). They don't have a special menu for early diners per se. Marica is nice place with good food and a great neighborhood vibe. $21 prix fixe before six and happy hour drinks and apps all night.

4395 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA

Romantic trip - recommendations please!

They are touring wine country, not the City.

Hainan Chicken Rice or Khao Man Gai Recommendations in the Bay Area?

The Hainan Chicken Rice at Straits Cafe (San Francisco, Palo Alto and San Jose) is the only one we have found that is similar to the stuff my husband loved in Singapore. Not exactly the same, but a decent rendition.

Citron - Oakland

Citron - Oakland

I still think they should update the website to reflect that they are no longer serving.

Citron - Oakland

What happened to Citron? Checked the hours on the website for brunch, headed down to College Avenue, the place is shuttered. Menus removed from exterior display, tables empty.

Thinking of Leaving SF for Berkeley or Oakland. Crazy?

Lukas Taproom, Sunday brunch