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what's going on with blue pig in croton?

I know they usually close for the winter, but shouldn't they be open by now?

Pumpernickel in Ardsley

I went last night for dinner. 2 adults, 3 kids, got seated at 5:30 when we arrived. We had burgers with sweet potato fries. The fries were awesome, but the burgers were very undercooked. I asked for medium and it was medium rare, friend's was medium rare and she asked for medium well. For me, I'd rather have them blue and walking, so I didn't complain. Friend didn't either, but I mentioned to the server that they were underdone and she offered to bring them back but friend did not take her up on that. We ordered 3 kids meals which seemed to come instantly. Both had a ton of food, and the kids were happy. Overall, I was very happy with both the food and the service, as have my neighbors who go about once a week. I'd definitely come back, but would remember that living in Ardsley, you're going to run into your neighbors, so dress the part. :-)

Sushi Niji, Dobbs Ferry

I ate their on these recommendations on Friday night and was very pleased. I thought it was a pleasant dining room, fresh food, good portions and reasonably priced. My only complaint was that it was raining so we couldn't walk around Main Street. Next time we will!

B & B at the Venetian is Babbo

I got reservations for the date and time I wanted no problem. To me, that's suspect, because no way would that happen in NYC!

Nov 06, 2007
elleinthecity in Southwest

Rao's or B&B

I've been hearing a lot about Sensi but cannot find a menu online. I'm almost willing to ditch B&B for Sensi but want to see a menu to be sure. Any clues?

Nov 06, 2007
elleinthecity in Southwest

Attn: Ex-NY Hounds - Mallomars Sighting!!

Plus, the chocolate around the marshmallow (top) part of the cookie is way too thin and would melt instantly. I live in NY and I love seeing signs in the supermarkets saying "They're baa-ack!"

Oct 30, 2007
elleinthecity in Southwest

Rao's or B&B

Thanks to all. I purposely left out the background - my husband and I are going to celebrate my 40th birthday. We tend to like places more for the food than the atmosphere, and from what you are saying, B&B is it, just don't expect it to be Babbo. Which, BTW, hubby said was one of the top meals of his life. Per Se in NYC was another. BBQ in North Carolina a third. That should tell you all you need to know about the man. :-)

Oct 30, 2007
elleinthecity in Southwest

Rao's or B&B

My husband and I are going to Vegas for a long weekend. We've got a couple of things planned, save dinner on the Friday night of our stay. I'm debating between Rao's and B&B. We're staying at Bellagio and want something nearby. We're from NYC, so I have eaten at Babbo and adore it. I've never been to Rao's NY but friends have and adore it equally. I've read here and on trip advisor mixed reviews on both - Rao's seems to have mediocre food, according to some, and B&B gets negative marks from others on service.

If you had to do the Sophie's choice here and pick one, what would it be? Or, would you pick a third option? Husband was thinking of Lawry's, but it seems awfully kitchy for me (hello, it's Vegas, home of kitch).

Thanks, chowhounders.


Oct 29, 2007
elleinthecity in Southwest

Do these places still exist in Albany?

What about Cavaleri's? I heard Nick sold the place, but did it go on with other owners?

That One Restaurant in Hoboken

I work in Hoboken, so I do lunches at these places. Teak on the Hudson isn't bad. The location is really pretty. Lots of sushi and some other specialities. Brass Rail is overrated. It's Greek to Me is OK, so so really. I really like the Karma Cafe, which is an Indian buffet and probably not what you are looking for. Grimaldi's Pizza is worth the trip, even tho you said no Italian. Delish.

Looking for an Italian spot in Westchester

WHat's the negative about Bastones? I used to go to the Pine Tavern in the bronx as a kid, and then found this place when it was Frankie and Johnnie's Pine North. I thought it was decent, but the Chowfolks say it's not. What's up? I'd love to go back, but not if we're going to have an awful food experience.

Family Style Italian in White Plains [Moved from Manhattan board]

Gorgonzola salad makes me think of Manero's in Greenwich, long gone, but you can get the dressing online -

Worst restaurants in Westchester

I totally concurr with Gina Marie's being a no-go. They gave my mom's friend grief over a gift certificate, which they claimed expired despite there being no date on there. Food was so so and the service was awful.

Moving from Yonkers to Briarcliff

Squires Pub in Briarcliff is really good. Crowded and small, but great food.

Italian takeout in lower Westchester

I really like Pas-Tina's in Hartsdale. Good reliable Italian food. Good for take out and eat in, but be sure to sit in the dining room on the right if it's open as it is much more roomy than the cramped dining room on the left.

I used to love going to Pine North in New Rochelle. It's now Bastone's and I've been once or twice but remember reading on Chowhound that it had gone downhill. Any truth to that?

Italian takeout in lower Westchester

I second Roberto's! I've never had dinner there, but have had many lovely lunches there. Look for the pasta specials, especially the ones cooked in foil. They've had butternut squash and mushroom ones that are to die for.

Pancakes in Ardsley

I never went, but the friends who did said the food was marginal and the service was awful. No great loss if it closed, from what they were saying.

Best bagels in Tristate area?

I like Bagels on Husdon. The most decent bagels I've found in WEstchester are Hastings Own Bagels in Hastings. Not the best, I'm sure, but the best thus far. Stars and Sunshine in Ardsley are OK, but not great. Any other suggestions in the Rivertowns?

Best bagels in Tristate area?

Bagel Time in Port Washington on Manorhaven Blvd is way better than Let There Be Bagels, IMHO. They're bigger, more dense, and yummier.