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Seattle, Vancouver and anywhere in between

thanks guys! keep it coming!

Jun 03, 2009
homesmax in Pacific Northwest

Seattle, Vancouver and anywhere in between

Planning a trip for late June. Definitely going to hit up Pike's market and Granville Island. Any restaurants, markets, shacks, towns not to miss? We'll be driving so any standouts on the way would be great.

Also, best Chinese in Vancouver? Best Dim Sum?

Jun 02, 2009
homesmax in Pacific Northwest

fojol bros

by now i assume that some of you have actually sampled their wares. love the energy and the concept, but let's get down to is the food??

Al Carbon

In general, I trust that restaurants on the Washingtonian cheap eats lists will fall above the bar; that I can count on a great quality meal. So what is Al Carbon doing on this list?

I was excited to try the arepas. They were terrible. If you want a great arepa, go to Caracas Arepas Bar in NY. Here, the filling tasted like wet dog food. Literally. The guacamole was a bad, one-note app, overpowered by onion. The chips were freshly, but inexpertly fried, dripping with grease.

Quesadilla: bland, heavy. Terrible. Pabellon: stringy, bland. Terrible.

I spent 50 dollars at this "cheap eat," just trying to find something edible. No luck.

That places like Urban BBQ and Cava are out, and this in, is absolutely mind-boggling.

mission to marzipan

anyone know where in dc, md or nova i can find this new ben and jerry's flav??

Caribbean Feast

Saw that this place got a 25 from Zagat, has a billion Cheap Eats awards, etc. Spent most of my lunch break driving there and back, only to find that the food was totally lame.

The jerk chicken was tender, but lacking any of the smokey flavor that would make it true jerk. The skin was like a wet rag, not at all crisp.

The curried goat had more bone than meat. The roti was pretty good.

The jerk fish is a definite do-not order.

The sides were equally disappointing. Peas and rice lacked coconut milk, seasoning, flavor. There was maybe one pea for every 300 grains of rice. Cabbage was fine, a little sweet. Cornbread was dry, tough, no real corn flavor.

Really? How did this place get so over-hyped? Has it gone downhill? According to my friend who is Jamaican, it was not authentic. But this would be pretty irrelevant if the food tasted good.

It didn't.

Anyone know where I can get "Miracle Fruit"

I'm pretty sure they sell it out of FL Would love to get my hands on this too, if you want to split an order. Minimum with shipping is like $86, for 20 pieces. If anyone else wants to get in on it, that would be cool too. Really don't need or want 20.

best spicy dish dc/md/va

thanks! cant take credit for the great recs though!

best spicy dish dc/md/va

thanks to everyone for the great tips!! here's my write-up of HKP:

Fishmonger in DC?

Scott at Blacksalt on MacArthur is your man. He is awesome, their prices are pretty reasonable considering the very high quality and freshness of their fish. It's cheaper than Whole Foods, anyway.

Maine Ave seafood market is really fun, but I wouldn't go there looking for fresh or local. Most of the stuff is just trucked in. It's fun to get a crabcake sandwich and sit on the dock though, or knock back some oysters on the half shell.

best spicy dish dc/md/va

hong kong palace, SO GOOD. we went tonight, had the chicken pepper special, the ma po tofu and the snow pea shoots. next time hope to try the cumin lamb and beef jerky. those crunchy peppers stuffed with sesame/peanut goodness are off the hook!

best spicy dish dc/md/va

thanks for the great ideas! hoping to go to vit goel tomorrow....tried bangkok 54 tonight, where we often get delivery. we ate in for the first time and it was pretty disastrous. 40 minutes post appetizer, our entrees still hadnt come. we tried to ask about our food and the waitstaff and hostess totally ignored us. avoidance+denial=bad customer service! so we left :( tomorrow's another day!

best spicy dish dc/md/va

i have a really bad cold. i am stuffy to the point that i can't really breathe or hear and am totally burnt out on chicken soup (sorry mom!).

my only respite so far came tonight--the spicy pork at shanghai tea house in glover park. i need new and different (and delicious!) sinus-clearing remedies, so tell me: what's your favorite spicy dish around?

how would you like that cooked?

i dont think they go by any temperature guide. i watch them grill the burgers and there are definitely no thermometers in sight. plus, ive been with 2 other people who ordered it "recommended" and got 3 different levels of doneness.

greg, i see your point, but it was a strategic decision that was informed by previously overdone orders. sadly, it seems like strategy might be an impossibility here.

how would you like that cooked?

has anyone else had trouble getting a burger cooked to order at rays hell burger?

they are driving me crazy. (witness:


but actually, i feel like it is a more widespread problem....

your thoughts?

is this an issue of intention or of execution? what is medium rare?

yucca fries

Chicken on the Run in Bethesda...St. Elmo between Old Georgetown and Woodmont.

In town for the weekend from NYC- need help pleeeaasse :)

Though neither qualifies as hole-in-the-wall, I second Hank's and also Etete ( I would not go to Tabard for dinner, but I would definitely go for brunch. Don't miss the donuts.

Amsterdam Falafel in Adams Morgan definitely does qualify and makes a great late-night snack ( ).

Thirsty Bernie, Stachowski Is Out

I went there right after thanksgiving and noticed that the wings, which had been awesome, were seriously lackluster. I realize wings do not qualify as charcuterie, but it was/is clear to me that something was wrong. I will definitely not be going back. I realize the economy is tanking, but this is lame.

Trying to find Masaman Curry Thai dish in NoVA

I actually think Bangkok 54s is good. Maybe not as interesting as some of their other offerings, but really tender and hearty and peanuty. No complaints here. Definitely have never heard of it including butternut squash though. Just beef or lamb.

Your Top 5

hearty thanks to everyone who contributed! we had a fabulous weekend. neptune oyster is unbelievably good. the lobster roll was to die for--warm toasty brioche slathered with lobster butter and piled high with some of the most incredibly tender, juicy, sweet lobster i've had (in 25 summers at the cape). WOW.

had delicious dim sum at hei la moon and a great martini at 28 degrees. wish we could stay another night!!

Nov 23, 2008
homesmax in Greater Boston Area

Chicken Wings in Arlington

thirsty bernies has superior wings

Cheese Curds in Wash/Balt

dupont circle farmers market has them

Trying to find Masaman Curry Thai dish in NoVA

bangkok 54

Your Top 5

we like everything!! what are your favs?

Nov 16, 2008
homesmax in Greater Boston Area

Your Top 5

Coming to Boston in a week, looking for some seriously good eating. What are your top 5 personal favorites? I am purposely keeping this broad because I want a wide sampling of what is out there.

Nov 14, 2008
homesmax in Greater Boston Area

Looking for Lard, in all the wrong places...

where else to get leaf lard?? i have been asking around the dupont farmers market with no luck :( but im not hot to go on a wild goose chase, im really looking for a sure thing for my pie baking. there's always duck fat.

ethnic food in the hopkins med school area?

hey i just interviewed at hopkins today--went to mama mias for a good breakfast sandwich, but didnt really spot any other there really nothing within walking distance?

best reuben around?

pretty much the basics....great rye bread, tangy kraut, perfectly melted cheese and really tender rich and juicy corned beef that totally lacks gristle or strips of yucky fat...i think they use kobe corned beef but not sure abt that...i know they do for some of their other caveat is that i trade mustard for thousand cant vouch for their dressing

best reuben around?

okay, it's a little surprising/embarrassing, but i'm just gonna put this out there. i have become semi-addicted to the reuben at the balducci's on old georgetown rd. it is really, really delicious. has anyone else tried it? also, where is your favorite local reuben?

Looking for anniversary caliber place around Loudoun County

when was the last time you went to l'auberge? i ate there for my mom's birthday in july and it was almost inedible.