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Where to buy Beef Tenderloin in Queens???

I'll check it out. Thanks.

Where to buy Beef Tenderloin in Queens???

That's disappointing. I guess that's where the price difference comes in.

Where to buy Beef Tenderloin in Queens???

Thanks for the info. I will check it out this afternoon. Were you happy with the quality? 6.99/lb seems really cheap.

Where to buy Beef Tenderloin in Queens???

I'm looking for about 10-12 lbs. total, so I assume two 5-6 lb roasts but don't know if I should try Costco which I've read some good things about or a local place. I'd rather not spend $20/lb if possible. Any suggestions? Will trek to Brooklyn or L.I. if necessary. Thanks in advance.

Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace, Long Island

Totally agree with North Shore Farms being superior to Uncle Giuseppe's in all categories. For meat, I still much prefer Iavarone's to either.

Talk Italian to me...Scarpetta's or should we go somewhere else?

Just got back from Vegas and have to say that Scarpetta will not disappoint. That is as long as you order the short rib agnolotti. Truly an excellent dish. I've enjoyed Il Mulino in Vegas, but Scarpetta was a great dining experience from the bread basket to the agnolotti to the veal chop, I would recommend it. Enjoy.

Aug 02, 2011
Salsiccia Creature in Las Vegas

Where do I find slider buns in queens?

Iavarone Bros. on Grand Ave in Maspeth has them.

Iavarone Brothers
69-00 Grand Ave, Queens, NY 11378

Top 5 Restaurants to try in Queens?

I would have to add Uvarara to this list. Excellent authentic Italian with a good wine list and a very relaxed atmosphere.

79-28 Metropolitan Ave, Queens, NY 11379

Tedone Latticini Closed???

While I'm still sad about her closing up shop, I am very happy to hear she retired. What a nice lady. The end of an era. Thanks for the info & link.

Tedone Latticini Closed???

My heart sank when I looked in the window and saw the interior empty on Saturday and immediately thought the worst. The gate was up, door was locked and counter ripped out. Does anybody know what happened?

Tedone Latticini
597 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

3 foot hero bread

I'm not sure who carries them, but I would try calling Napoli Bakery on Metro in Williamsburg. I would think they'd make them for you. My favorite bread.

Napoli Bakery
616 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

The 'Oh My God' Food Awards

-The Veal cutlet hero w/mozzarella & hot peppers from Cono & Sons takeout window
-The Saturday morning roast beef from Tedone's
-The Semolina Gnocchi from Uva Rara
-The Lard Bread from Napoli Bakery
...There's more but I gotta stop thinking about this stuff now.

Help!!..Thinking of moving to Middle Village/Maspeth area.

My favorite Middle Village restaurant is Uvarara on Metro near 80th. Technically a wine bar, but excellent small plates and entree specials. Good selection of reasonably priced wines as well. I use Iavarone (on Grand, NOT Metro) for meat and cheeses and bread if I don't drive in to Williamsburg. Good luck.

Where can I buy a good fruit pie??

Personally, I wouldn't feel comfortable walking in to a friend's house with a supermarket pie, but I guess it depends on the friend. I saw some good reviews of The Blue Stove on Graham in Williamsburg and stopped in on our way to dinner @ a friend's house. It looks more coffee shop than bakery, and the selection was limited, but the pies looked outrageous. Like the one's from the cartoons left to cool on a window sill with that little tendril of steam coming through the top. I bought an apple pie and a chocolate bourbon cake and while the chocolate was good, the apple pie was excellent. It wasn't cheap, but well worth it. And the box was impressive as well.

Lobel's Prime RIb Sandwich at Yankee Stadium - THEY CHANGED THE BUN!!!!

Definitely not as good with the new buns. I'll pay the $15, but the bun sort of ruined it for me this time.

Breakfast/brunch in Williamsburg

In addition to those mentioned, I also like Baci & Abbracci for brunch. The frittata, the pizza w/ egg on top & the pancakes have all been excellent.

Carl's Steaks at the new Yankee Stadium

I don't know if it matters whether you get it early or not, but I got mine around the 7th inning & was disappointed. Bread was soggy (although it was a rainy evening) and flavor was lacking. By normal stadium food standards, I guess it was decent, but next time I'll trek down the left field line & try Lobel's. Garlic fries were really good though (right next to Carl's). Crispy, good color & tasty.

Napoli Bakery in Wmsburg is great

I agree the roast beef on Saturdays is excellent and I am always happy when I walk out of there. As for Emily's, I love the broccoli rabe sausage. Really tasty on the grill. Jerry is a nice guy too. I've never actually tried Mario's. I'll give it a shot next time & compare. As for Anthony & Sons, I only get the mozzarella there. I don't really like the place, but the mozzarella is craemy & they pack it in water as it should be. I've heard about Pecorara and will eventually give that a shot.

Napoli Bakery in Wmsburg is great

I completely agree on Napoli. I love everything about the place. Hands down my favorite bakery for bread in the area. I always pick up extra focaccia and freeze them. The flour bread is excellent.
Here's my neighborhood circuit: Emily's Pork Store for sausage, meats; across the street to Anthony & Sons for fresh mozzarella (I know it's blasphemopus, but its creamier than Georgia's-sorry); If fresh pasta is called for, Savino's is next; Then to Napoli for bread & finally Fortunato Brothers for cannoli. That's my idea of a perfect Saurday morning.

Uvarara, wine bar in Middle Village

I love this place and I'm always amazed it's not more crowded (location I guess). Great atmosphere, slow paced service and always reminds me of Italy. My favorites: the fagottini and the gnocchi.

Short notice: need Queens restaurant tonight

I know you didn't mention Middle Village in your list, but given that you mentioned Glendale, I would suggest Uvarara at 79-28 Metropolitan Ave. Reasonable prices, quiet atmosphere & the food (Italian) leaves nothing to be desired. Here's the link:

Artichoke Pizza-the Secret

Went for the first time last night @ around 11. Line was 7 people deep and got my slices in 10 minutes. Tried the crab, artichoke & regular. The regular slice was the best of the three. The fresh basil & charred crust (not too thick) made it above average. The artichoke slice was way too thick for my taste & the overpowering flavor I got was that of those little chicken boullion cubes you disolve in hot water. (Anyone else notice that?)Strange. The crab slice was pretty good, but again, too thick for me. I'd go back for the regular slice again, but I wouldn't go out of my way for it.

Aug 01, 2008
Salsiccia Creature in Manhattan

What's the last restaurant you ate at?

Went to Babbo for the first time Tuesday night & had the pasta tasting menu. Some excellent dishes (Domingo's Pyramids, Casunzei), some good dishes (Garganelli & Pappardelle Bolognese) and the Tagliatelle was just above average for me. Any time I can eat 5 pastas for dinner, I'm very happy. I definitely prefer Del Posto, but I liked the more laidback atmosphere and quality food combination. Perfect midweek dining experience.

Jun 19, 2008
Salsiccia Creature in Manhattan

Does Del Posto live up to hype/price?

I've been to Del Posto twice recently, and done the tasting menu each time. While the individual portions may look small, I left extremely satisfied (full). The flavors and timing of the dishes were excellent both times. While I have yet to try Babbo, this is easilly my favorite restaurant in the city. I had no service issues on either visit. Both excellent experiences and I will continue to go back.

May 16, 2008
Salsiccia Creature in Manhattan

What Recent Meal "Blew You Away"?

Del Posto, the tasting menu. Particularly the Agnolotti and garganelli pasta dishes.

Apr 22, 2008
Salsiccia Creature in Manhattan

Five Guys Hamburgers, College Point,NY

I've been there twice & agree about the large quantity. The fries seem like they'd be good if eaten quickly, but I took them out & they were soggy both times. I thought the burgers were better than any fast food burger, and reminded me of Roy Rogers burgers from years ago. I'd say better than other fast food but not as good as pretty much any diner/pub burger.

Williamsburg dinner on a budget - Saturday night

Given the budget and the Asian mention, I'd suggest SEA. Good prices and good quality Thai for the price. It gets pretty crowded in there around 8 on a Saturday night. Enjoy.

Best Cold Cut Platter in Queens is Iavarone? Manor Deli? RagTime?

I've never had a platter from Manor or Rag Time, but I have had a few from Iavarone. While I'm not crazy about most of their hot prepared foods, I find their meats, cheeses and cold salads to be very good. I love their regular macaroni salad (w/mayo). Their bread selection is pretty good too for a one-stop kind of place. Quantity has never been an issue, there's usually plenty (but I also suffer from over-order disorder). Definitely good for a catered type lunch. I think their catering menu is available online. We used them for the Super Bowl and everyone loved the food.

Best Italian Sausage in Brooklyn?

Everything I've tried from Esposito & Sons is great, (although I'm not crazy about the hot sopressata-too much black pepper) but my favorite is Emily's Pork Store in Williamsburg. I love the broccoli rabe, hot (no fennel) and the cheese & parsley. My favorite hot sopressata also. Curious to hear of some other favorites.

Peter Luger.........

If you all love steak, you can't go wrong with Peter Luger. Someone else will have to chime in on the seafood issue beacuse I've never looked at the menu in there. I only go for the porterhouse. Del Posto is great too, and obviously a very different experience. If your wife makes the best steaks, why not choose Del Posto?