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Le Pain Quotidien, Gtown

I've spent a bunch of time at the NYC one at Mad and 84th, near where I spend a lot of time. And lived in LA across the street from one in Brentwood. The bread might be better than what we have now, if you like the bio-organix, but I don;t find it overwhelming. Breadline has nothing to be afraid of. But is a great place to sit around the big table, which seems a G-town speciality, with Neyla, Hook etc.

Turkish Delights

My two fave NYC Turkish restaurants are: Turkish Kitchen 386 3rd Ave. (around 28th) and Beyoglu 3rd Ave around 81st. And, no, I don't know anywhere in DC like them.

Need some restaurant suggestions while I'm in Dupont Circle?

Best Pho in walking distance is Georgetown Vietnam, on M St. Long walk, though.

Looking for walkable nightime venues by the Tabard Inn

Obelisk, Pesce and Komi are all serious restaurants, well worth trying. I also especially like Mourayo, on Connecticut a few blocks above Dur Cir, a classy, innovative Mediterranean place.

food-obsessed moving to DC (orig. from NYC & currently in CA)

DC is not very good for late-night dining, alas. But most neighborhoods have a few places, like Sette in Dup Cir, that are reliably open later. I'd much rather be in Adams-Morgan than Cleveland Park.

21 P or Mark & Orlando's ?

21P was pretty bad, and I'm glad it's gone. Mark and Orlando's is a very nice nieghborhood place. Tabard, Firefly, Mourayo, Nora, Montsouris are all a lot better and good destinations.

Good place for drinks?

Mayflower is not exactly quiet or romantic, but makes a great martini.


It's about time 21P closed. It was a truly bad place. Urbana is a very pretty place, with great lounge space. Food is OK, best by far is the pear, gorgonzola, prosciutto pizza.

Pizzeria Paradiso-has been?

Yes, well, thanks for the real estate advice. PP has been around c. 15 years, and for more than 4 was almost a perfect pizza place. And there are more than a few other advantages to the neighborhood, which I kinda considered as well.

Best Chicken Box in Baltimore? (yeah, classic baltimore eats)

I lived in Hyde Park down the street from Harold's, for years, and still recall fondly its fabulous fried chicken. And neon sign.

Pizzeria Paradiso-has been?

Well perhaps other people have other priorities than being near good food, but that's just me. Commitment, y'know.

A few DC Questions to narrow my choices...

I disagree. La Tomate (note how they don't even know the diff between Italian and French), is mediocre at best, to my mind. Nice spot for drinks, though.

21 P : 21 Reasons Not to Go

I live down the street from this place, and can't wait for it to fail. You are right. It totally sucks. I went twice and both times were as bad as what you describe. It looks nice from outside and captures tourists. That's it.

NY Hound Not Fooling Around

Maestro? I think there's better food at Palena. And why not see about a reservation at Minibar, which I think is amazing. Central is not a substitute for Citronelle, and needs some time to get it's act together anyway. That oyster bar in Dup Circle is no longer, alas. Johnny's Half Shell is now on Capitol Hill, and not the same place. There is Hank's, on the other side of Dupont, recommended for happy hour oysters. Forget Pizzeria Paradiso, to which I've devoted more than a decade of my eating life. It's over. 2 Amys is the best pizza in DC, and the only I've ever had in the US that reminds me of the pizza in Naples.

Where to eat in Dupont Circle?

Yeah, Firefly is a good place, for both drinks and food But no one coming from SF is going to be impressed by Hank's, with precious portions, poor service. One is better off with Montsouris.

Pizzeria Paradiso-has been?

How is Mia's related?

Pizzeria Paradiso-has been?

I've been going to Pizzeria Paradiso as long as it's been around, and it even figured in my choice of where I bought a condo. Yet I've been going less lately, and have been less happy with the product (and service, once always great) than before. I feared that opening a G-town branch would doom the original. But perhaps it's something else. Is it just me, or do others have any sense of what's happening at this place?

Where to eat in Dupont Circle?

Can't say I agree about 19th st. Levante is an idea of Turkish food only an Austrian chain restaurant could create. Although Mai Thai is farther down, and a great Thai place for food and conversation. I agree about Pesce, and also recommend Mourayo, an innovative well-run Greek-ish restaurant a few blocks up Conn ave. Etrusco is in the same direction, a quiet, pleasant Italian place, with well-made food.

Boston Chowhounds in DC this weekend

Mourayo is infinitely better than Bistro du Coin, foodwise, quite inventive with seafood and really welcoming. That's a great choice. I'd also suggest some Thai food, which is a lot better around here than in Boston, in my experience. There's Mai Thai in yr general area, where I;d recommend the steamed dumplings and duck salad. Or Ten Penh for a more upscale version of same.