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When does the oyster die?

well, "home" moves ...
and, perhaps, this is a good ...
or even necessary.

When does the oyster die?

It's fairly easy to tell when something on your tongue is vital.

Traif?? Anyone been there lately?

Fork, my bad ...
any recommendations on "hot pots"@ little pepper?

DeFonte's Sandwich Shop

Agreed+, the traffic across Hamilton should be avoided.
As the D arcs beyond Stillwell - towards Coney Island, on the left side,
one of the many cement factories hosts a a retail "flyer" coop w/ a number of "exotics".
Some conversation w/ that slice.

DeFonte's Sandwich Shop

"it's about a 10 minute walk from the Carroll F/G stop" ... over the Coles street overpass?
Almost as scenic a route as my suggestion of "strolling down" Stillwell after hitting up John's.
Have you checked out the roast pork sandwich @ Papa Pasquales (a few doors down from Lioni's)?

The OP could split a sandwich @ John's w/ a pie @ Totonno's.
Though, 18th ave does have some draw (in spite of Gino's closing).


Rinse glass w/ cocchi Americano.
Pour bone-cold london dry gin.
Finish w/ a twist or 1, perhaps, 3 olives.

DeFonte's Sandwich Shop

Quite frankly, no. You'll be in the ass-end of Red Hook.
Do Lioni's and check out the "local color" on 18th or
head to John's Deli for the roast beef and stroll down Stillwell to Coney Island.

Chinatown Ingredients: Frogs and Turtles

Frog ranching in Ecuador, wow.
Is there truly a dis-connect here?

Is sunday gravy the same as spaghetti sauce?

Techincally, a sauce is a sauce and a gravy is a gravy, period.
Sunday or any other day.
But that's no reason to let the 'Gabbagool' eat ... whatever, it is, they eat.
(and make sure you get some chicken, along w/ that pork, in the pot ;-)

No place in my area sells chicory (the lettuce)

Actually, these weren't even 'cultivated'.
They 'naturalized' ... along the Bronx river.

No place in my area sells chicory (the lettuce)

Sounds light and refreshing ... finish w/ ricotta, nice.
I never follow the 'recipes' on pesto, especially regarding parm ... I always ease up here.
A goat/sheep ricotta could add a tart note over that frisee.

And how is that marjoram used?
... I'm growing quite a bit and it usually finds a way into egg or chicken dishes.

Beer myths, part 1

Ah ... a Maß in hand watching the Donau just flow ... and flow and flow.
Have your 'friends' taken you to Jenseits in Regensburg?
Perhaps you can catch this kneipe after a Achternbusch retrospective: http://hcl.harvard.edu/hfa/films/2001...
You do like conversation.

Flame-baiting "beer-nerds", is like, uh, oh so "wrong" dude.

Long Gone But Not Forgotten! Outer Borough Memories

RainTrees on 9th and the Park ... Tournedos Rossini, Veal Valdastano.
Then, the owner took on some young chefs.
One evening's special ... sea scallops the size of my fist, ringed w/ coral, poached over Sauterne.

D'Vine quickly, albeit prematurely, followed up on this trend.
If you don't think a chef can work in an 18'sq area w/ a hot plate and microwave, guess again.

A bit further afield ... that churrascaria on College Point Blvd.
The circus tent-like, outer-space-like, draw of grilled meats and all sorts of people coming together ... like, so ny.

And the best knish I ever had in ny was sold to me, during late autumn, by a pensioner pulling a shopping cart loaded w/
his wife's cooking down the boardwalk.

Bar Chuko

Solid cocktail line-up ...
Bit of this/Bit of that food-wise ... all cleanly put forward.
The hamachi collar and okonomiyaki stood out ... sweetbreads also hit a solid note.
A "mixed" bag, but one that left a favorably impression given its reach and audience.

Get there before your mother finds out about his place.

No place in my area sells chicory (the lettuce)

Just to clarify ...
When I said local, I did mean local ...
this was grown in the Bronx.

And trust me, I was early morn'n pick'n w/ the nonas.

No place in my area sells chicory (the lettuce)

I've swapped pine nuts w/ walnuts
(although I'm making good use of my CostCo hoard w/ all this basil ... sweet summer),
but your mention of almonds drew me toward Spain.
Roden mentions a flat-leaf parsley "sauce" w/ artichokes .. (/w pasta, could work)

Are you targeting a recipe or improvising?

BOUKHA (fig brandy)

"This explains why the taste resembles that of tequila to me I suppose."
You may have had a taste; where did you try this?

Torta Neza location...

It's simply TGFO.
Roz et al.

No place in my area sells chicory (the lettuce)

"Not even the Dean & Deluca on Broadway in NYC had it"
But it was up in the Bronx market a bit earlier this year; and locally grown no less.
You do want the young tender leaves.

As you are clearly aware, Treviso requires more than field cultivation to prodice tight heads.
But, catch as catch can, the thought of charring a split, tight head for an "exotic" pesto intrigues.

(This may, however, just easily go brown)

No place in my area sells chicory (the lettuce)

"escarole, radicchio or belgian endive" as a substitue for chicory?
Chioggia or treviso radicchio ... w/ or w/o grilling?

Guide to NYC's 10 Best Greek Restaurants and Tavernas

Looking to catch the last rays of the day sipping τσικουδιά while nibbling on αμελέτητα with a follow up αχινός?

Guess you're SOL pal.

Here, "horta" is simply dandilion greens ... simply.

Have you tried Pylos in the EV?

What dish are you seeking?


For those interested in "tiny fried fish", ask locally as follows ... (the best 'I've had in nyc are "off menu") :

atherina, gavros, sardeles (in increasing size)

Please don't expect the sardeles to be on the order on Lesvos, OK.

Like grilled octopus ... totally trip them out by asking for thrapsala


Brooklyn in 2 weeks (coming from CA) ... suggestions?

Best advice so far.
Allow me to supplement ...

Train down from CT to Grand Central.
Take the "6" downtown to City Hall.
Walk the Bridge.
Catch the "F" at York Street outbound to Coney Island.

(short ... winded)
Head to Totonno's on Neptune Ave for a pie (say hello to Cookie).

(long ... but striding surf-side, not so bad)
As you face the water, head left and walk toward Brighton.
I've enjoyed Cafe Glechik, but the people watching off the boardwalk eateries is worth a shot.

Ivan Ramen

ad hominem, much?
I've got a MIL that can speak **perfect* ...

Tongue: Authentic Mexican Outer Boroughs

Why be authentic when you can go hardcore ... cabeza/ojo :-? No?
A cool beer, the cackle of the cockpit or slinky slur of 8mm stock shot beneath your feet ... now we're liv'n.
(Honestly, swear, I thought the call for extras in the back pages of El Especialito was for a re-make of 'Su nombre era muerte')

Eiji's anago ...

"i can't believe I typed that whole name"
Well, simply click through.
Fortunately, the techs overseeing this board don't know how to hash.
My original moniker was TheDescendedYetNotFullyArticulatedLefticleOfAramis ... now that's typing.

And no.
No proper nouns.

BTW, I'd hit the streets w/ "a" Jonkyo any day of the fuck'n week.

Eiji's anago ...

Rather far from oblique for it's intended audience.
All too often threads on this cuisine wither into little more than acri/sancti-monious hand waving ...
behold tedium: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/822153

I find the tako at 15 East stands as a signature offering; we simply have differing tastes /w respect to anago.
Another favorable aspect of that locale is the patron's affinities are being distinctly scoped.
I've seen individual, specific, unsolicited courses presented which lends the service a tailored/personal touch lacking in venues w/ set platings.
Hideo also goes to such lengths.

Eiji's anago ...

... on a recent visit glowed.
A light touch ... savory nitsume w/ a hint of sweetness.

Soft Opening of Park Slope Japanese restaurant features outstanding omakase

This thread is beginning to read a lot like the culinary equivalent of the real estate-backed rags I grab headed to subways ... skip the news and head straight for the ...

Kanan ... new "destination"?

Make sure to try their pickles.

AZ on tarantulas ... remember to double fry!

I'm sure this isn't "academic", so I'll leave you w/ more questions than, perhaps, solutions.