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Guide to NYC's 10 Best Greek Restaurants and Tavernas

A sweet drop of olive oil ...

Guide to NYC's 10 Best Greek Restaurants and Tavernas

Χοχλιοί μπουμπουριστοί


Guide to NYC's 10 Best Greek Restaurants and Tavernas

Omakase in NYC (+/- $100 pp)

akagai ... you hit this one on target.
I can only assume these were imported.

Guide to NYC's 10 Best Greek Restaurants and Tavernas

Nothing looks or seems even vaguely Greek ...
or real ...
to me here ... really.

'cept that last view.

The best first date spot, especially for foodies: the Sushi Bar. Agree or Disagree?

Third date,
perhaps second,
to get a feel if there's a sense for this ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mono_no_...

Edomae sushi omakase in nyc

And do know ...
you nibble on unicorn ...
you'll soon be fart'n rainbows.

Sushi: Fingers or Chopsticks?

And if you need to fart or smoke ...
please take it outside.

What does New York have that LA doesn't?

If you think the "price of admision" is steep there ... come east.
LA has a totally different 'fabric'.
Seriously, who in LA walks?

What does New York have that LA doesn't?

Larchmont is quite "walkable".

What does New York have that LA doesn't?

How's that Indian cuisine in Artesia?
The banchan/coals in K-town?
The "q" twixt Century & Gardena?
(oops, got our ass wooped there)

Compared to 'home', even nyc blows.

Do we get any points on diversity?

Please ... a SGV/Boyle Heights come-back here ;)

The best first date spot, especially for foodies: the Sushi Bar. Agree or Disagree?

Ask your prospective date where they would prefer to dine.
You'll have all you need to know.

Is Japanese food overrated?

Demographics, sure.
and the 400+% debt/GDP?
much more than talk/research here.
a "decade" may be shy of the matter, on the ground.

And what's Alan's take on gold today?
Same as it ever was?

Yasuda v 15 East v Ichimura

Any word on Hideo's new place in Chelsea?
The man has mad knife skills.

Williamsburg, BK- the hipster diaries

Mz Kim's hangover stew in GP still kicks it on a Sun AM.

Mei Li Wah – A Cha Siu Bao Institution; Amazing Cha Siu Bao? No…The Best In Chinatown? Probably

+1 for the dai (pinky finger) bao

Hellenic Cuisine

Easy ...
if, somehow, some way
some late spring ... summer
you could grill "Greek Sausage"

Where would you buy the caul fat ... here?

True Japanese Wagyu in NYC

Agreed, ask for the counter.
The wagyu was a shared course.
To clarify, for those interested, "sheer" was a reflection of marbling and not portion.
The grilled tuna collar always has this intriguing play of textures/flavors.
Your "OB" ref is appreciated.

True Japanese Wagyu in NYC

Aburiya Kinnosuke
... six sheer, thoroughly enjoyable, cuts
... shabu-shabu/sukiyaki
... 40$
Maguro "collar" is also in play now.

Epic omakase experience at Jado Sushi

Nice sighting.
Did they have hoya when you visited (as shown on their FB page)?
Other recs here ... times, courses?

2014 Omakase Odyssey

There are, perhaps, varied "perspectives" in play here.
I recently took a "strict", western vegetarian to Kajitsu ... it was an
"eye opening" experience.
"What is the distance from the eye to the soul"?

Best Sushi: Yasuda, Ushiwakamaru, 15 East?

North? I say no.
Out ... like, you know, out.

Best Sushi: Yasuda, Ushiwakamaru, 15 East?

"30 day old shirako" ... in May?
I've usually seen this prepped up immediately ...
over coals, tempura, sake-mushi: "in season".
tara shirako?

2014 Omakase Odyssey

"I walked more in LA" ... ( guess you're not a native :-) )
"I'm a closet health nut" ... ( won't get outed in that town )
Sounds like you had a fairly good time here, appreciate the fresh perspective.

2014 Omakase Odyssey

What did you drink during these, quite varied, outings (I once saw someone order a Coke @ Mori while seated @ the bar)?
Stand-outs while here?

Tamago (sweet/wet ... double "nyet"-ski)?

2014 Omakase Odyssey

A matter of place & people makes all the difference.

2014 Omakase Odyssey

And those diaramas embedded in the paper-backed walls!
Awabi? Shako /w "eggs", in season, yes.

"ladies who do lunch"
... La Perla bags in tow.
"white shoe" law firm partners in suspenders
... scarfing gari.
... groov'n on those fabulous rolls.

(BTW, big Mori "fan")

2014 Omakase Odyssey

Interesting ...
shiro-mi -> hikari-mono -> maguro -> "gai" -> gunkan -> tamago ... oooo so yeah, old school.
Sake w/ the sashimi & cooked courses followed by a chill draft w/ the nigiri.

2014 Omakase Odyssey

Kanoyama does have "variety".
Through the prism of "shun", however, it's quality w/ (your timely) selection that can make a stand-out.
"See, that's the stuff I love ... "
nakaochi, order fresh wasabi for the "scrape" then enjoy the contrast of texture - bone & gelatin - face food.
Look for buri here.

Not sushi ... perhaps Ronin for lunch, which won't smoke your card.
Go early, look for the specials.

2014 Omakase Odyssey