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Great place to take my 20 something son to dinner near Griffith Park

We ended up at Barbrix (thanks everyone!) -- it was really perfect in terms of what we were looking for -- not fancy, but really good, high quality food, sharable plates, interesting wine list and lots of wine available by the glass. Great choice of vegetables -- roasted cauliflower, interesting salads, etc. Plus the evening was really warm and we sat outside on their patio, which was really so very nice (especially for me, from Berkeley, where it is truly rare for us to be able to eat outside at night because of the fog!). Thank you all for your terrific suggestions! I am passing this thread onto a friend who travels frequently to LA and is always looking for interesting places to go to dinner.
Thank you all again!! I'd be happy to return the favor if you are looking for similar places in the Berkeley/Oakland/SF area.

Sep 04, 2012
jean8298 in Los Angeles Area

Great place to take my 20 something son to dinner near Griffith Park

Both -- he is 22!

Aug 22, 2012
jean8298 in Los Angeles Area

Great place to take my 20 something son to dinner near Griffith Park

I am coming from the Bay Area to visit my son, who recently moved to LA -- he is living near Griffith Park. We are going to dinner on Sunday night -- is there a place around there (or near enough) that has great food, great atmosphere, is hip and fun? I am not so much worried about price, but great food is important, and a wine list that maybe goes beyond California wines would be a huge plus. We love rustic italian food, tapas, asian, most anything.

Thanks so much for any advice you might have!

Aug 22, 2012
jean8298 in Los Angeles Area

Looking for THAT restaurant in San Francisco and question about Healdsburg

For a casual Italian place in SF, I love Bar Bambino. Great menu, great service, knowledgable waitstaff, have never felt rushed there.

Bar Bambino
2931 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Looking for three suggestions - dinner w/parents, romantic Berkeley bar, and Union Square weekday breakfast

For the Berkeley bar, A Cote is your best bet, even though it is in Oakland! You can make reservations on Open Table; great food, great service, and romantic atmosphere.

A Cote
5478 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

Perfect Sunday in Raleigh or around there?

My sister, mom and I are going to be in Cary for a wedding this weekend, and have all day Sunday to spend together before we fly back to California early in the evening. What is your perfect food/activity day for a group like us? I'd like to taste some really good local, farm to table-type food, and walk around a nice area (local quirky shopping? Gardens? not really sure). Any suggestions would be very welcome!!

Jul 28, 2010
jean8298 in Southeast

Any bakery in the east bay have a great coconut cake?

I am looking for a coconut cake for a birthday -- anyone know of a bakery in the east bay that makes a really good one?

Soup Dumplings in Mountain View area?

Looking for a restaurant in the Moutain View area that serves soup dumplings. Any leads?


Baking in Candy Cups

If you are talking about the white paper ones, I do it all the time -- mini cupcakes. It works just fine, and the papers have never burned. I got the idea off of a blog that was about cupcakes awhile back, not sure if it is still around. She used only those cups.

Dec 02, 2009
jean8298 in Home Cooking

Does good butter matter? If so, what to get in San Francisco?

Try President's Butter -- available at Berkeley Bowl and at Andronico's. It is French butter, and although it is quite run-of-the-mill in France, it is still pretty good.

Berkeley Bowl
2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

Looking for good dinner spot pre-theater at Berkeley Rep.

To be sure, there is not much that is as good as Five within walking distance, but we often go to Corso on Shattuck (if you don't mind a long walk). They are usually pretty quick, and the food is so good.

Penelope in Oakland?

Anyone been yet? What did you think?

Anyone eat at Flame in Berkeley yet?

Flame Restaurant on College seems open -- anyone eat there yet?

Great place to eat around Fort Mason?

Looking for a casual but good place to eat for 5 of us on a Saturday near Fort Mason. Any suggestions?

Great Wine Shop in Encinitas?

We are looking to buy some good, reasonably priced, french, spanish, italian etc. wine -- is there a place in Encinitas that has a good selection?


Dec 23, 2008
jean8298 in San Diego

Anyone been to Corso lately?

Thanks this is great info....we'll plan on arriving earlier!

Anyone been to Corso lately?

We are planning on grabbing dinner before the theatre tonight and wondering:
1. Is it reasonable to think we might get a table at 6 (for 2)?
2. Can we get out of there by 7:40?
3. Food still as good?

Thanks for any updates!

Chinese Restaurant in Rockridge?

Has anyone been to the Chinese restaurant in Rockridge across from Market Hall? I can't remember the name -- it used to be Becky's or something. Is it any good?

Blackberry Cream Soda

add less cream caus then it woud taste more like a soda

Jul 26, 2008
jean8298 in Recipes

Anyone eat at Orso in Berkeley yet?

Yes! I keep driving by and it always seems empty, although the inside looks quite nice...

Anyone eat at Orso in Berkeley yet?

On Oxford?

Vietnamese crepe in Oakland?

Yes, that's it! I've never been to Cam Huong - is it good?

Vietnamese crepe in Oakland?

Does anyone know where I can get a Vietnamese crepe (I think it is called "moon crepe") in Oakland? I recall getting in in SF at Sai's Restaurant (in the financial district), but cannot find it in Oakland (or Berkeley).


New Restaurant in Old Oakland?

Has anyone been to the restaurant across the street from B in Old Oakland (on Washington next to Rattos)? (I don't know what it is called...)

Good place to eat on the way to Redding?

Is there any interesting places to eat on the way to Redding on the 5? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Jun 29, 2007
jean8298 in California

Do you have a Greek-style flatbread recipe?

I am looking for a recipe for flatbread -- the type you wrap around meat, etc.


Jun 24, 2007
jean8298 in Home Cooking

Greek Flatbread Recipe

Does anyone have a recipe for Greek-style flatbread -- the kind you can wrap around meat, etc.?


Jun 23, 2007
jean8298 in Home Cooking

Good place to take my teenage son for dinner near the Groundlings Theatre?

We are in LA looking at schools and I need a place that is casual, but with really good food to take my 18 year old on Friday night.

Any suggestions?

Jan 18, 2007
jean8298 in Los Angeles Area