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spanish olives in TO?

so a coworker just came back from barcelona and brought back the most extraordinary olives I have ever tasted...and I'm not even a big fan of olives.

They were fresh (not preserved), green, pitted, not bitter at all, and tasted like they were marinated in chicken stock...that's the best way i can describe the taste.

where can i get these bad boys in the city? or this side of the pond for that matter?

mississauga....quick and tasty

Check out hot-in-roll -- a pakistani fast-food hole in the wall place. It is in a plaza west of cawthra on bloor on the south side.

Best item's are any of the rolls (chicken/beef), which are wrapped in paratha and topped with a nice spicy chutney, or the roast chicken legs. Also, the biryani is something ridiculous like $3.49 and really tasty but a bit too spicy for the average joe.

mississauga....quick and tasty

I've been to Al-Meezan (Mizan?) as well. I believe it is an afghani grocery store with a takeout counter on the side. I have had the roasted lamb from there with rice and it was remarkable. I have no idea how they get the lamb so tender. The very definition of quick and tasty.

Paramount ain't


Agreed, the whole operation on that side of the store is lacklustre. But all resto's have their specialties, and shawarma/falafel is not Paramount's.

They are a bakery first and foremost, just take one glance through the glass partition at the operation in the back. Next time you're in the area, go to the other side of the store where the sweets are displayed and order their pizza's. They are not really pizza's, but flatbreads with toppings such as cheese, meat, spinach, or some type of combo. I recall some with egg as well. They are amazing and baked to order in the same oven that produce their freshly baked pita, of which I urge you to grab a bag or two on the way out.

You'll be tempted by the baklava, but take a pass...nothing special.

Lunch around Ryerson/Yonge & Dundas on a student budget?

New Bilan is awesome, but inconsistent lately. I would pay $8 (the price of an entire meal) just for a bowl of that amazing soup before the meal.

Best strategy is to ask what they have that is good today and get that. I felt like I ordered off the menu a few times and got served food that was not too fresh.

Generally I found the chicken to be nothing special, and the goat to be the best.

Lunch around Ryerson/Yonge & Dundas on a student budget?

Donair Kebab House on Yonge South of Gerrard.

It's a narrow place, and seating is limited, but the donair (chicken and/or beef) plates are second to none, served turkish style. Don't go for the sandwiches, they are not as good.

Love the sauces, they make the meal. Enjoy!

mississauga....quick and tasty

Tanoor Bread 2399 Cawthra Rd # 41 Mississauga

This place is awesome for take-out. I popped in after going to buy nuts from the place next door and decided to grab a bite.

Aside from the freshly baked flatbread, they have iraqi-style biryani that is probably the only place in the GTA to serve it this style. The biryani was rice with chicken, lentils, some raisins in a huge sytrofoam take-out container for five dollars. Amazing deal. I also had a few of the buns in the display; each with ground beef, lemony spinach and feta cheese. They were only 50 cents each and were really fresh.

Try this place...also, the nuts place next door is great because they roast in the back and it's high-quality

No more "Office" post Restaurant Makeover

I think it was also unsuccessful because of the lack of curb appeal. No matter how good the food was, the same old dingy Office signage was still there.

New Orleans Seafood & Steakhouse

Has anyone tried this place out? It is at 267 Scarlett Road in the west end. Toronto Dining had a segment on this place and it looks like a decent cajun spot.

Silver spoon on Roncesvalles

Has anyone been to this place recently? I read a few positive reviews that were pretty old. Any idea how good it is still is? Just want to make sure the place hasn't gone downhill since.

Recommendations? Strengths? Weaknesses?