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Solo L.A. Hound has 36 hours in Tokyo for food tour, early November... Please help with my itinerary!

what if I show up later? will I miss everything?

Oct 20, 2011
crunchy in Japan

Solo L.A. Hound has 36 hours in Tokyo for food tour, early November... Please help with my itinerary!

Hi all,

I am in a similar situation but not exactly the same. I'm also a solo traveler planning to be in Tokyo for just two dinners and two lunches, though I am not on business and I don't have a lot of money to spend.

I don't need to go super ramen cheap, but budget is certainly on my mind. Because my time is so short, I don't really want any long, drawn-out dining affairs, but I would like:

Perhaps some mid-range, not famous but very delicious sushi, that differs from what I know in California.

Maybe an authentic foreigner-friendly isekaya or even street food experience. Note I don't speak Japanese.

I've never been to the Tsukiji fish market. Is it worth it on such a short trip?

How about some affordable, authentic lunch ideas?

Oct 20, 2011
crunchy in Japan

Bogota w/Herbivore & Omnivore

Hi all,

We're traveling to Bogota for our first time next week, for a grand total of 4 days.

One of us is a vegetarian and not a huge food freak but the other is an omnivorous complete food freak who travels largely for the purpose of eating, preferably to sample local fare.

We could use some tips for four dinners, four lunches and maybe a breakfast or two. We're staying at the JW Marriott (for free on points) so something around there would be nice but definitely not necessary. Both of us get about as much pleasure from the people watching as we do from food. The young and fashionable crow or the ordinary local types would be more compelling than the upscale business and super fancy scene.

-Special veg. or veg-friendly birthday dinner, with great people watching (first night), but not super upscale fine dining.

-Authentic Colombian where the veg. can find SOMETHING on the menu aside from plain rice or similar.

-Anything else that stands out, that but must have at least one option for the herbivore.

-We both love to go out to bars and maybe clubs - often gay but preferably mixed crowds - less mainstream more "indie" or "alternative" (whatever that means). Ideas?

Thanks for any help you can offer.



La Bricola is excellent Italian in a romantic elegant outdoor courtyard setting in the Zona Colonial. Not cheap. I had grilled lobsters (or were they some smaller species?).

If you want casual and decent Dominican food, but with a zillion peso view and outdoor dining, go to Adrian Tropical right on the Malecon (on water). Food is ok depending on what you order can be pretty good. Kipes (sp?) were good appetizer. Ceviche was not bad.

Asian in Berlin -- and Germany, in general

In Munich there's an excellent Vietnamese place, which is a bit upscale, near the Pinakothek der Moderne. Order the whole spicy fish. Reservations recommended.

Theresienstr. 70
80333 Muenchen
Tel: 089.28808390

Jun 15, 2009
crunchy in Europe

[Paris] My brain is fried...

One of my favorite Paris restaurants for both atmosphere and simple , traditional and delicious French food: Ma Bourgogne on Place des Vosges. They're famous for steak tartare and for a good reason.

Oct 26, 2008
crunchy in France

[Paris] My brain is fried...

I agree about Bofinger. The food is not very good at all. It's all atmosphere and not much else.

Oct 26, 2008
crunchy in France

Vegetarian ideas in D.F.?


I'm the omnivorous food enthusiast, and my boyfriend is the vegetarian who is joining me on a trip to Mexico City for New Years. Of course I'm looking forward to it and he's sort of dreading his dining options.

Does anyone have any ideas for either veg. restaurants or places that would be friendly to both of us? Or maybe just some ideas on what to order (I've already thought of quesadillas, flor de calabasa, etc).

Any advice would be much appreciated. Oh, and if anybody wants to throw in some interesting ideas for art openings, fabulous parties, cool events going on, etc, I'm all ears!


Dec 14, 2007
crunchy in Mexico

Oakland - Mariscos La Costa?

I had a delicious and generously-heaped tostada de ceviche with camarones here. My underwhelmed vegetarian dining partner wasn't too thrilled with his veggie burrito, and neither of us was happy that there was no beer. I'd still go back. The atmosphere was great and so was the ceviche.

Where does one eat in the 11th or the Marais?

In the Marais:
Rue de la Verrerie @ Rue des Mauvais Garçons
Unpretentious, traditional French, delicious, very affordable. Menu until 10, then normal prices.

Aug 13, 2007
crunchy in France

Hollywood / WeHo Recommendations for Veggie

I have a birthday trip for my BF in Los Angeles this weekend and I'm looking for some ideas.

He is a vegetarian who loves pizza, mexican is great, asian stuff but not sushi or korean, he drinks like a fish and would love a celebrity sighting. This should be semi-casual, and under $100 for two with drinks. Help!

May 17, 2007
crunchy in Los Angeles Area


I had a very impressive, delicious, creative meal at Kleinschmidtz, Fraunhoferstrasse 13. Awesome, memorable amouse bouche, excellent Friul rot wein. Skilled chef at the highest level of international standards. Not cheap but totally worth it.

Apr 03, 2007
crunchy in International Archive

Lunch in Santa Cruz tomorrow

thanks mr. bob dobalina.

is this a swanky joint or someplace cheap? I'm looking for the latter...

Feb 21, 2007
crunchy in California

Lunch in Santa Cruz tomorrow

Where's the best casual taqueria style mexican or maybe a tasty fresh hippified veggie restaurant with good people watching and excellent organic food? Or if you have another idea, lay it on me! We'll be at UCSC in the morn...

Feb 20, 2007
crunchy in California

Saha on Sutter

maybe I'll go on Tues instead and have Valentines at home. thanks - I'm looking forward to it.

Saha on Sutter

I'm thinking about it for Valentines day and I've never been.
Do you all like this place?
What's the crowd like?

iDine in the East Bay worth a try?

I believe iDine is the same thing as United Mileage Plus Dining, right?

El Delfin report

I can vouch for the guacamole. It's some of the best I've ever had. I also had the pescado veracruzano. Awesome and excellent quality. Service was great. I only wish there were more veg. options for my veg. boyfriend.

Last min. ideas for a veggie Valentines date?

Help! I don't have a reservation for Valentines day and I need one!


1. all veg or veg friendly (read: more than one option on the menu)
2. not too stuffy or yuppie and not through the roof expensive
3. SF preferably but Oakland, Albany or Berkeley could work

I thought of Greens but it's booked of course...

Just moved to Emeryville - any recs?

I eat in the Public Market 3+x a week and I think the best place is "Noodles". They make great noodle soups with just about whatever you want. I recommend getting the beef wonton soup and add seaweed!

Just moved to Emeryville - any recs?

I agree and I'm usually unwilling to eat in a food court. Mmm Balsamic Beef!

Doña Tomas - Recent Reviews?

Will a vegetarian be happy there or will he have approximately one boring choice?

Fage 2% vs. Fage Light

Yeah this stuff is great, and I think the 0% is just fine. But too bad it's so expensive. I hear that you can get an ordinary yogurt to have this consistency if you strain it through cheese cloth. Does anyone have experience in this department? Comments? If you all recommend it, I might try it with a cheaper brand that didn't have to travel halfway around the globe getting here.

Jan 29, 2007
crunchy in General Topics

best east bay vietnamese?

Well that sums it up!

best east bay vietnamese?

They do have a full bar, which is nice, but don't go at a peak time because it'll be packed and you'll wait. I enjoyed the carpaccio or whatever they call it in Vietnamese places...

best east bay vietnamese?

I thought Golden Lotus was pretty good, and that's a nice compliment coming from a carnivore. The real problem with the place though is they don't serve any alcohol. Why is that so often the case with veg. restaurants?!?!

Places for a quick bite near the Castro Theater

I would go for Thai House Express or maybe Firewood on 18th. You can also get Mexican at the place near Wells Fargo on Market or just a few doors down the hill from the Theater at that chain joint -- what's it called? La Salsa maybe?

Places for a quick bite near the Castro Theater

Crave would definitely not qualify as a "quick bite" place.

Places for a quick bite near the Castro Theater

Nothing too quick about Home or Chow, plus they're not even that close to the theater.

Barcelona - what food to buy for bringing back to the USA

I got some really nice paprika that actually had flavor. The metal tin travels well. I also got some truffles that were much cheaper than what we pay here.

Jan 25, 2007
crunchy in Spain/Portugal