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Mercuri Restaurant

Thank you
A friend of mine went, had 8 courses and thought it was the best restaurant in Montreal.

Mercuri Restaurant

Has anyone been to Mercuri, Jo Mercuri's new restaurant in old Montreal?


Thanks, yes , you are right, Buccan. Have heard rave reviews.


Has anyone been to restaurant Boucan in Palm Beach?

Any new BYOB's?

I love O Thyme, but does anyone one have suggestions for any other or new BYOB's?

French restaurant

Has anyone eaten at La Porte? It got a great review in the Gazette in June. Any other recommendations for a great French restaurant in Montreal with a decent wine list.

La Porte Restaurant
3627 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2X2V5, CA

restaurant Nuances

Has anyone been to restaurant Nuances?

Restaurant Duo D on Notre Dame, corner Guy

Has anyone heard about this restaurant or has anyone tried it?

Guy A. Lepage resto on Notre-Dame?

Sorry, just found your reply to DNA

Guy A. Lepage resto on Notre-Dame?

Thanks. That makes sense. How about DNA?

I am wondering about taking my friends to either: Primo and Secondo, Graziella, Il Cortille, Bice. Any thoughts on these or other fun italian restaurants? We were also thinking of Zante on St. Lawrence.

3449 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2X2T6, CA

Guy A. Lepage resto on Notre-Dame?

Sorry to be naive but which restaurants are CCP and DNA?

I have two girlfriends coming into town from the U.S and am trying to come up with some fun and great restaurants in Montreal.


Am going to try this restaurant, highly recommended by my Lebanese friends. They think it is the best in town right now.

Vegetarian Restaurants

My nephew is coming in from England to Montreal with two friends and they are vegetarian. They do not eat meat nor fish. Any suggestions for good restaurants?

Indian and Mediterranean Restaurants

I have friends from Florida coming to Montreal for the Jazz Festival and they love Mediterranean Sea Food and Indian cuisine. Re the former, I like Milos, Faros, Lezvos, any other suggestions?. Re Indian, I know very little, but maybe you can give me some suggestions.

Brasserie Le Pois Penche

Found a new restaurant corner Drummond/De Maissoneuve. Went for brunch, delightful. It is elegant, great service, and wonderful omelettes, baguettes, croissants and home made jams. Dinner menu looks great too. Excellent cafe au lait. Has anyone tried it?

Best Coffee in Montreal?

Is it possible to buy espresso beans at Cafe Art Java? I will go this weekend and check it out.

Best Coffee in Montreal?

The espresso at Gascogne in my opinion is weak and comes out of an automatic machine, quite tasteless.


Thank you, will do.


Thank you for the great info. I have just joined chowhound and find it so interesting. Am off to Rome for a few days. Has anyone been there recently, and if so, how about some GREAT restaurants, not touristy but great food, price not important if it is good.


Good French or Italian food. Price not an issue, will pay for a good meal. Have been to L'Infidel, very good. Has anyone heard anything about L'Academie?


I am looking for a great BYOB restaurant in Montreal. Somewhere with great food and ambience. Any suggestions?