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Friends w/new baby, any Zingerman's-like food delivery in Portland??

Eugene-based chowhound here looking to send some food to our friends who are up in PDX for a while with a new baby in the OHSU NICU.

I was hoping Pastaworks or someone similar would be able to put together a basket either online or over the phone of great ready-to-eat or easy to make stuff.

Any suggestions?

Cava Wineries to Visit?

We're headed that way too, second week of October, was planning on touring Codorniu in Sant Sadurni before eventually ending up in Tarragona for the night. Do you have any contact/menu/cost info for Restaurant U? Sounds like it might make a great leisurely lunch stop.

Best place to eat before the Timbers game on Wednesday?

Thanks, hoping to hit town about 5:30 so all those burger options sound good. Been wanting to try LBB too.

Best place to eat before the Timbers game on Wednesday?

Coming up from Eugene for my first Timbers home game this Wednesday night. Looking for a good easy place to eat within range of the field. I come up to eat fairly often in PDX (just ate at Biwa and Tasy n Sons this weekend) but not usually with this kind of time and location restraints. Recs for a great burger and a beer, good pod of carts, etc. would be much appreciated.

Go Timbers!

215 SE 9th Ave Ste 102, Portland, OR 97214

Any one cooked "Duck in a Can" before?

Its in Au Pied de Cochon's "album," i.e. cookbook. English version paperback available here:

Oct 23, 2009
primitivecinema in Home Cooking

Any one cooked "Duck in a Can" before?

Thanks for the link! Not a lot of detail, but the guy definitely has the right attitude about it. Still curious about the demi glace...

Oct 22, 2009
primitivecinema in Home Cooking

Any one cooked "Duck in a Can" before?

I'm hoping to attempt Au Pied de Cochon's recipe for "duck in a can" for a dinner party next weekend. It looks fairly straightforward, I'm planning on using mason jars instead of actual cans, but any suggestions from anyone whose either eaten the dish or made it before would be much appreciated! I'm particularly curious about how much of the duck breast actually fits in the can/jar and the process of making enough balsamic demi glace for 6. I had to order a full loaf, a lb, of foie gras so ideas for the leftover would also be welcome.

Oct 22, 2009
primitivecinema in Home Cooking

Visiting Portland from Boston

I'll second Wandering Angus cider, they have a couple great dry ciders, currently in 750ml bottles but they'll soon be bottling in smaller beer-sized glass.

Clark Lewis is closed! Where to eat in P-town that is hip and really good on Sunday night???

Le Pigeon is open Sundays and should fit the bill

Portland - breakfast near Pioneer Square?

Bijou's oyster hash is an excellent way to start the day (and Stumptown is next door).

Recent PDX Park Kitchen Experiences?

We're going to be up in PDX for the weekend and I'm thinking about heading back to Park Kitchen for an early dinner before the Opera/Silent Movie show on Saturday night. I've had great meals there (and, obviously, great drinks) but I had also heard it had took a slow or uneven turn for the worse a while back. Anyone been lately and had a good, bad or indifferent meal? Anything you want to recommend? Thanks!

Eugene, Oregon

Yep, he has family here.

BTW, went to Porky's Pig Palace last nite, don't, ever.

Eugene, Oregon

While he was kind enough not to name a place he wasn't really reviewing...the restaurant in question was Le Pigeon, which is a shame cause its one of my favorite places in PDX. However, way to go Belly for a well deserved, if brief, NYT nod!

In Need of Fine PDX Chow between Xmas and NY

Cause of the winter weather we had to cancel our shopping and eating trip from Eugene to PDX last weekend. We've rescheduled for the weekend after Xmas, but it looks like Pigeon, our favorite night out in PDX without the kids, is closed that week. I'm guessing this is going to be true for a lot of good places, Beast, Toro Brava, etc. Any suggestions for a baby-sitter worthy restaurant that will be open Saturday the 27th would be greatly appreciated.
Happy Holidays!

Eugene, Oregon

Thanks for the update, saw the Korean place opening up the other day and was wondering what it might be like. Kinda pricey lunch for a university-area joint in a former donut shop but I guess they're aiming at the courthouse crowd. Dinner seems in line with the other asian-oriented places in town. Definitely worth a try.

Road Tripping from Wine Country, Sonoma County to Eugene, OR (then on to Belknap Hotsprings, OR) this Weekend

I would agree, its (literally) refreshing to see a Eugene restaurant with food this good offer a interesting bunch of very drinkable wines for 25-30 a bottle. Compare that with Marche, which charges $45 for a bottle of Sweet Cheeks Pinot Gris, a nice but not spectacular local wine that sells for about $15 retail. We had a great pink prosecco the last time we were at Belly that was the perfect summer drink and at $25 a bargain.

Road Tripping from Wine Country, Sonoma County to Eugene, OR (then on to Belknap Hotsprings, OR) this Weekend

I'll put my 2-cents in for a new place in Eugene, Belly, across from the 5th street market. All the small plates are uniformly very good (great by Eugene standards), wine is very reasonable, decent whites, and a nice rose prosseco for $25. Very casual, no reservations. La Perla is also a good choice, Marche is the nicest high-end place in town, and does good NW-driven food, but its pricey and most similar places in PDX put it to shame.

Eugene - new restaurant

So we went to Belly on Saturday night and I'm happy to report, while not perfect, an excellent and promising addition to the lackluster Eugene eating scene. We ate outside, nothing fancy at all as far as seating, and I can't really comment on the interior atmosphere (stuck my head in the door, kinda DIY artsy big funky chandelier in the corner, etc.). There were six of us and we shared a bunch of small plates and everyone, except me, had an entree sized portion to themselves, I had another small plate as dinner. The excellent: Salt cod fritters, roasted broccoli and fried squash blossoms (they clearly know how to fry); The good: pork confit with cherries (aggressively salty), steamed clams, cheese beignets; The needs work: fried trout with bacon (not enough bacon and I'd swear it was actually farmed steelhead). Very nice service, a small but nice and very nicely priced wine list (most bottles $25 including two nice dry roses). For the price and quality of the ingredients, small plates were between 4-6 and big plates 10-15, a bargain and a lovely Eugene evening. I hope they do well and continue to refine the menu. Now on to La Perla.

Oregon hound needs Beverly Hills help

Thanks for all the suggestions, Lucques was definitely already on my to do list so that may be a perfect idea, I'll scout out the others on the board. Cheers. M

Eugene, OR

You're right about how lacking we are in good restaurants, at both the high and low end. The weird thing about Eugene is its certainly not because of a lack of great resources or people that like to eat/cook. There is definitely a food culture here, a slow food group, a top notch farmers market, a great butcher and fish monger, and obviously plenty to drink. I've only been here five years, but what gives???

Oregon hound needs Beverly Hills help

I'm coming down for a week for work, and between local friends and the board archives I've got lots of great LA eating lined up but I've got one particular night that I need help with. Next Thursday I'm doing a 6:30PM alumni event at the Beverly Hills Hotel, cocktails and hors d'oeuvres kind of thing, which will go till 9 or so. Afterwards I'd like to take my three Oregon colleagues somewhere cool but not too cool, excellent food but not too fussy, at a place within a short drive and that we can probably walk in or short wait to get a table without needing a res. Everyone involved is adventurous.


Portland One Night

I would second Pigeon, as good an example of hip, well-executed Portland food as you'll find. No "bar" scene, but sitting at the few bar seats which face the open kitchen is a great treat for any real foodie. This is no Per Se, no table cloths, no sommelier, but really great food and definitely lively . Lots of posts about it if you do a search.

Help on Dinner in the Queen Ann area of Seattle

We were just up in SEA last week and had a very nice meal at How To Cook and would definitely recommend, particularly their pastas. That said, unless you go very early or very late the chance of scoring a table that will seat 7 seems pretty far fetched, they don't take reservations and are very popular.

Eugene CSAs-recs and a question

Saturday market starts this weekend (yay!) and I'd suggest taking a look at the various options offered by farmers that both do the market and offer CSAs. That said, we've been doing the "winter" CSA from Groundworks Organics and are very happy with both the quality and variety, particularly in the winter months. They mix veggies and fruit, both from their own fields and in trade with other Willamette Valley farmers. They offer a regular spring/summer CSA, have no problem with sharing, and offer either door drop off or a number of local drop points that are pretty convenient.

PDX hound coming to Philly

I "grew up" on Yuengling and am a big fan of Stoudt's so I'm happy with tipping back a PA brew. Is Standard Tap worth going to?

Wine-wise, however I'm thinking of bringing my own along from OR ... I definitely don't miss the PA LCB. Thanks for all the suggestions so far.

Feb 22, 2008
primitivecinema in Pennsylvania

PDX hound coming to Philly

I'm originally from PA but its been a while since I've been in Philly with time to eat...I've been checking the PA board and here's what I'm thinking/needing help with:

I'm staying at Loew's downtown for four days first week in March. Breakfast and lunch seems pretty much covered by RTM, I've had the roast pork and can't wait for more (do they still have the greens?). I'm in need of two different type of dinners:

One for a small group, I'm thinking a good BYOB, are there any within walking distance, if not what's worth traveling for? Related, is there a liquor store downtown near the hotel? Osteria also seemed like it might fit the bill...

Two, on the Friday night I'm going to have a pretty large group 8-12 to feed after a drinks party at the hotel. Last year in Chicago we went to one of popular big greek places and it worked well, better than decent food at a restaurant used to dealing efficiently with a big, polite, but somewhat boisterous, group. Looking at the board, it seems like Vietnam might fit the bill for this, thoughts or other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Feb 21, 2008
primitivecinema in Pennsylvania


I'm away the 18th for Thanksgiving, but any idea on how to get on the mailing list for Belly?
It sounds great and we're always on the hunt for great food in Eugene.

Anything near the PDX Ikea

Hey all,
Staying out at the airport Saturday night for an early AM flight out and I know my wife is going to have us spending time lost in the IKEA. Any eats besides swedish meatballs around?

Great Cocktails in PDX

I'm sure others will have ideas, but Park Kitchen has a very nice bar menu, had a pitch perfect Manhattan last time there. Re: Whiskey, can't go wrong with Pok Pok, some of the best Thai food in the Northwest to go along with a great whiskey menu, really. Just had dinner at Clyde Commons and they seem to also have a strong selection of whiskeys both American and Scotch.

Butcher in Eugene

I'll second Long's, a great butcher both in cut, variety and attitude. They are "fancy" in the sense that most of their meat/poultry is freerange, organic, etc. but they're happily "lowbrow" in their offerings too, almost always have oxtails on hand, and they'll happily get you offcuts of all sorts if you ask.