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Local restaurants in Omaha

Try Stokes, southwest food with some french twists, they have more than one location but the one in the old maket is very good and has a great patio(12th and howard). Dixie Quicks on Levenworth Street menue always changes, you can bring your own wine (no liquor served), Jams on 78th & Dodge street california/american, Le Voltaire, country french, 156th & Dodge, Boiler Room in Old Market between 11th & 12th on Jones street, french and on the higher end as far as price goes. If you want a good steak try the Drover, old school steak house (dark interior) get the whiskey steak.

Downtown Denver

thanks, good info

Apr 22, 2009
rugbyboy in Mountain States

Downtown Denver

No parameters on cuisine type, as far as cost goes I am sure we will want something nice one night where cost is not an issue and something more casual and less expensive the next. I don’t really have cost parameters though. Rioja was reasonable for cost by my standards, which is my only local place to compare.

Apr 08, 2009
rugbyboy in Mountain States

Downtown Denver

My wife and i are headed to denver for a weekend in June and staying downtown, need ideas for local restaurants. I was there a few months ago and ate at Rioja and had Motjito's across the street (not sure of where) and thought both were very good.

Independence, MO

Heading to Independence Missouri for the weekend, looking for family friendly chains...Help

Kansas City

will have car and we are staying at the Hyatt at Crown center

Kansas City

Looking for a couple of good places to eat sunday and monday next week in KC. Have eatten at Grand Street Cafe, JJ's, Authur Bryants, BB's Lawnside, strouds, ect... but has been a year or two. whats good and new not BBQ and not a chain.

Omaha - Gorat's or Johnny's Cafe or...

I live here and avoid both johnny's and gorats..both are overrated.

I would try the drover or Picollo Pete's if you have to have a steak. Both are kind of dive old school type places. If you want more high end try Paxton Chop house in the old market or Mahogany grill in west omaha near boys town both are very expensive but have great steaks, the pursuit of steaks in omaha is way over rated.

The list above is good except for Liberty Tavern, would not recomend that.

One small hole in the wall is Dixie Quicks on for reservations, bring your own wine (they do not sell wine, beer, etc) and check hours...they have some odd hours.

MSP-Matt's Bar questions

PBR's and a jucy lucy...its a dive...but its great


Headed to the US open next week, staying at the double tree at the city center. Taking some clients, need help on restaurants.

Also somthing that is unique to pittsburgh, primanti brothers?

Jun 05, 2007
rugbyboy in Pennsylvania

Santa Fe

thanks for the tip, no chance I am eating BBQ in Sante Fe anyway.

Jun 02, 2007
rugbyboy in Southwest

Santa Fe

we are probably going to spend three nights maybe four, would like a couple of options in prices. I have looked at Inn at anasazi, inn on alamada, bishops, etc.. prices I saw ranged from high 100's to 300+ something nice in that price range will work.

Also would like to do a spa day, 10,000 waves?

food and art are why we are going though

May 30, 2007
rugbyboy in Southwest

Santa Fe

Planning a trip for my wife and I for mid to late october to santa fe, looking for some advise on where to stay and eat.

May 29, 2007
rugbyboy in Southwest

St. louis food

thanks for the help, I have not been Vin de Set.

St. louis food

what is the atmosphere at 1111, dont want anything to quiet.

Your favorite in Omaha????

I would agree with marks and espana, but espana is always busy and noisy, but fun. if you dont want that dont go to espana or stokes, marks will be quiet.

St. louis food

taking a trip to st. louis in early march, looking for restaurants suggestions. Have heard that 1111 misissippi, tratoria Marcella, and Sydney Street Café are all good. want good food and wine, do not want a quite place. suggestions

Your favorite in Omaha????

have you tried stokes?

Omaha-Anything new?

Try Paxton Chop house downtown, great steaks a little expensive. Stokes at 114th and Dodge, great food and a great wine list.


best and newest steak house is the Paxton Chop at 15th & Farnham street near old market area, very expensive and high end but a great place for steaks.