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Can I Take My Baby to a Restaurant?

Is it illegal to have a sign that says no children allowed? I have been having this discussion with my gf and I really see no need to have a baby in any public establishment that is not specifically designed for them. I don't care if your kid is the second coming of Buddha I don't want to be around it when I'm paying for a service with my hard earned dollars and clearly the child isn't going to know the difference between chuckos play pen and a decent local joint.

Nov 02, 2010
blee27 in Features

Henckels Twin Select, Wusthof Grand Prix, Global, MAC or Shun Stainless?

I just got a set of Globals as a christmas gift and while I highly recommend them to anyone for both their edge, balance, looks, weight, etc. I would still recommend picking up the said knife before you buy it. The Global handle looks and feels a lot different than any other knife you've ever held and well in my case (smaller hands) fits wonderfully and depending on the global series you purchase won't have that triangular shape to it. i.e. my chef's knife has a normal shaped grip to it rather than the triangular one. I did a lot of research before I decided on buying the Global's and I don't regret it at all. Plus they are beautiful in the kitchen! Hope that helps.

Jan 20, 2007
blee27 in Cookware

Asian grocery store

Ditto to that. I've been tryin to find a good place around here for a while now and I keep having to find a ride out to Eden Market to get things and even then its difficult to find everything I need. I'm so used to having a huge Chinatown being raised in Calgary, Alberta where you probably hear more Cantonese and Vietnamese walking around downtown than English. I miss the large stores that encompass a great butcher shop with grocery and BBQ'd goods (trying to find good BBQ duck is near impossible).