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Best Dinners in Berkshires

I'm now wondering whether to choose strictly from the above recommendations or to try Allium or Bistro Zinc on one night?

Best Dinners in Berkshires

Holy Mackeral ! I asked about best dinners, and got some great replies - - but didn't expect to start an altercation about pizza.

Best Dinners in Berkshires

Many years after moving from Massachusetts, my spouse and I live in Virginia, but will be spending 3 nights in Lenox starting on Tuesday. Reading all the info on this site is helpful, but we'd appreciate it if anyone would care to give it one more go on advice re the following:

We're interested in opinions on the best dinner/dining experiences to be had in the area. We're open to all kinds of food, and we don't care whether the places are expensive or inexpensive, or what the ambiance is, and we're all set for breakfasts/lunches (B&B bkfst and very little lunch). We don't care whether recommendations are in Lenox, Great Barrington, Egremont, Pittsfield, Williamstown, etc.

We'd sincerely appreciate your lists - maybe your top 3. Many thanks,

Patrick and Dawn

Where to Eat Lunch in Middle of Long Island? [moved from Outer Boroughs board]

My spouse and I are heading from Northern Virginia to Shelter Island tomorrow for a long weekend with friends. The only place we've been on Long Island is JFK Airport! Will be stopping by the National Cemetery in Farmingdale just before or after lunch then arriving on Shelter Island late in the day. I'd like to take my spouse out to a good lunch not too far from Farmingdale. Would greatly appreciate any ideas. Many thanks.