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Lunch around Ryerson/Yonge & Dundas on a student budget?

there is a food court open now in the new AMC Theatre building at Dundas Square building as well as a food specialty places like Mrs. Fields Cookies and Pretzelmaker, Baskin Robbins, Cinnabon, in the lower level (B1) of that building

Miller Chill?

I tried one when I was in the US last weekend and was surprised that I liked it. Its not yet available in Canada, but when it is, I'll keep a few cold in the fridge for a change.

Jul 23, 2007
Kikki66 in Beer

Big Daddy's Mississauga

Anyone been - how is the ambiance, food, crowds?

Two More Top Chefs Down

It's not uncommon to make desserts like milkshakes with avocado. It's not that gross. Aren't you a food journalist? Shouldn't you know this already, or at least be open-minded about seemingly unusual use of ingredients?

Jan 18, 2007
Kikki66 in Features

Crap on a "Top Chef" Plate

That's "montage" not "melange."

Jan 18, 2007
Kikki66 in Features

"Top Chef" Mikey's Wisdom

I miss Mikey, he's hilarious. But what's up with the horsey, cackling interviewer who keeps laughing and talking over him? She's so annoying I couldn't finish listening to the interview.

Jan 18, 2007
Kikki66 in Features

Great Steakhouse in in Hollywood

Recommendations for a great steakhouse or Italian restaurant, mid-priced, good portions, fun atmosphere, near Hollywood/Highland area.

Jan 17, 2007
Kikki66 in Los Angeles Area