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iso: galette des rois

Patisserie La Cigogne -- either location (Bayview or Danforth/Monarch Park).

Russian Federation cuisine (or former Soviet Union cuisine) in Toronto

Ooh -- haven't been here but that first one looks delicious (good photos, especially that kolbasa at the top of the page). Could be a nice way to spend a winter afternoon!

Russian Federation cuisine (or former Soviet Union cuisine) in Toronto

There is a cute new place on Baldwin St. called Crepes Club. They were handing out sample of pelmeni once and had Russian and Ukrainian flags on the sign which led us to try it out. They serve Russian cafe basics like Salat Olivier (mentioned in the Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking book!), pelmeni, borscht, vareniki, shashlik, and massive amounts of kasha… as well as the crepes, some of which are very Russian-style blini (with red caviar, for example).

Kritamos Greek Fish House and Rotisserie - Who's been?

The new place on the second and third floor is pretty good -- tried the new happy hour last night with some half-price cocktails and small plates from the lounge menu, and the food was excellent. Nice view from the 3rd floor windows. Have found the fussy entrance off-putting but now we've sampled the food we'll definitely be back to try dinner sometime.

Danforth news - Von Donuts

Nothing left except the dill when we went in half an hour later. Huge crowd of people about to be disappointed heading in.

Aravind closed

There had been a sign up since sometime in December saying "Closed for the Holidays", with no opening date indicated. Ran by tonight and there is now a sign in the Aravind location for a forthcoming Nepali restaurant. I had some really great meals there, very sad to see it go.

New restaurant coming to the Danforth

Not brunch yet. But in terms of sliders, tried the bulgogi (excellent -- piled high with a nice crisp slaw as well) and pulled pork (saucy). Tasty, will definitely be back to try some of the others soon.

Beretta Farms in the GTA

If you're in the east end, Ellas Meat Market on Pape has a new sign for Beretta in its window on Pape south of Danforth.

Three's Company--mediocre, go in with low expectations

There's now a sign in the window -- closing as of August 27th.

Bistro 699 - Danforth is exploding

I was excited, but two things are tempering my expectations -- 1., the chairs -- have a look, they don't look promising, and 2., they were serving gyros throughout Taste of the Danforth. I would love to be pleasantly surprised!


That's a relief. I called them yesterday to see if the phone message had any more details on the renos, but it also just said the restaurant would reopen in the fall.

taste of the danforth picks

Delicious porchetta sandwiches and macaron ice cream sandwiches at Cafe Fiorentina just a block or so west of Carrot Common.

GLAS - Where Frankly used to be - Queen East, Leslieville

I was in last night, and I'm not sure I'd say they were ready. The house-smoked salmon was delicious, but they had run out of rosti (by 7:30) and were serving it with four thin slices of baguette -- with no reduction from the $12 price. It was a small portion even by small plate standards. The trout looked good, but came with about 6 unremarkable wedges of potatoes -- also a very small plate for $12-$14. The chickpea salad was essentially a bowl of chickpeas with a single leaf of spinach slivered into it and a dab at the bottom of the bowl of something -- yogurt? It was $8 for essentially chickpeas with some oil. Service was kind of ragged -- we were asked for our order before we were given a menu.

The Ontario wines were probably the highlight. It looked like there were some nice little bites, too, like spiced nuts and popcorn of some type, so might be a nice place to stop in for just for a glass of wine. Be warned -- still not air-conditioned. I Iike heat and it was fine while we ate, but by the time we left it had filled up and was getting uncomfortable.

best place to order croque en bouche

I second La Cicogne and if you call, they'll set up a time for you to taste. 3 types of cream: vanilla, chocolate, and Grand Marnier-flavoured.

Theee best crispy beef in the GTA

Addictive version at Danforth Dragon -- Danforth just east of Pape.

Where to find a Turkish teapot in Toronto?

There is a Turkish grocery store on Danforth just west of Donlands, north side-- can't remember the name, possibly Burak? In the back they have lots of Turkish tea cups and I'm almost certain teapots as well. They also have Turkish tea. There is a whole row of Turkish businesses along there -- a coffee shop, a restaurant, Mr Pide, and an olive place.

Which wineries are worth a visit in Prince Edward County?

By Chadsey's Cairns just west of Wellington, before Sandbanks. One of the most beautiful wineries physically and the wines are a cut above a lot of PEC products. They're also having really good barbecue on the weekends, I think.

Taste of the Danforth

Yes, that's where the porchetta sandwiches were -- new place called Cafe Fiorentina in old Dash Kitchen space. Sparkling mint lemonade at same stand was also good.

1000 Tastes - 2011 Edition - John Street (Toronto) June 18 and 19 - Luminato

Mid-afternoon yesterday it was a different story -- while there weren't all that many stalls those that were there were pretty good. Milagro had chicken tinga and cochinita tacos with delicious pickled onions. Woodlot had oven-baked bread and really good madeleines. Cruda, the raw place in St. Lawrence market, had a mushroom "burger" thing that was large and tasty. Khao San Road was the best of all -- both pork belly sausage and the noodle thing were great and the Thai iced tea came free with the reasonably generous portion of food. Unfortunately 93 Harbord was waiting for fresh supplies when we stopped by so we couldn't try their dishes. We gVe up on Starfish -- huge line, one shucker. The QMP wait was lengthy but for they brought brick oven all the way there, so probably worth the wait. Sounds like maybe some places were out of food by dinner time. There was certainly more than enough for a meal at lunch.

93 Harbord
93 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1G4, CA

Khao San Road
326 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1P7, CA

How do I send a bottle of champagne to friend in Toronto online?

Try Winery to Home:

It will have to be an Ontario sparkler, but Cuvee Catherine brut, or the rose, is not bad.

Crema coming to Danforth

Walked by the former Sweet Tooth location today and the windows were papered up with a sign announcing a new Crema cafe on its way. Danforth could use some coffee shops beyond Starbucks -- happy to see this!

3079 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P1Z9, CA

Patisserie La Cigogne opening on Danforth?

Thanks! Danforth really needs some decent croissants, Looking forward to this.

Patisserie La Cigogne opening on Danforth?

Anyone know anything about this? Their website says they'll be celebrating the opening of their Danforth location, possibly mid-May. Anyone know where?

1626 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G, CA

New Indian restaurant coming to Danforth Ave in original Mon-Kut-Thai location

Went tonight, and it was delicious. Both of us felt like portions were more than adequate, so they may have adjusted since December. We had the mini-dosas as an appetizer -- three different fillings-- as well as lake trout pakoras, which were outstanding. For mains, a vegetable biryani that came with a crab leg. (They also provided a nutcracker with the crab leg so they've picked up on the problem mentioned by foodyDudey above). Pickled lime on the side as well as a fresh tomato, cucumber and onion salad with tons of coriander. Other main was the mushroom curry -- light, great depth of flavour, served with dhal, chickpeas, and a flaky type of bread. Service was great, it was delicious, and it's very close to home, so we'll definitely be back.

Sweet Tooth Pastry Shop (Danforth)

Same sign was up today, around 6:15.

Orange Beef

Danforth Dragon has a delicious orange beef.

ISO: Free WiFi and a good latte in Kensington Market

Aspetta on Augusta below Baldwin has good coffee and wifi -- assuming they are still open.

Restaurants near or around AGO

I'd recommend La Bodega on Baldwin at Beverley -- just a few (3) blocks away. Nice brunch and atmosphere. Think it doesn't open until 12 noon on Sundays.

According to the Midi Bistro website, it is not open on Sundays at all. Lunch Monday to Friday.

Ramps in any markets yet this year?

They had ramps at SLM this morning -- the season is underway! North Market, east side, across from the Mennonite flower sellers, more or less.

Hidden away, independent cafes, worth making a special trip to visit.

Sublime Espresso Bar on Augusta in Kensington Market -- just south of Baldwin I think. Nice narrow room, good coffee, good music.