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Japanese Skewer Restaurant?

Hi all. When I was living up in Vancouver I found the most fantastic place. It's called Zakkushi and they specialized in a very simple fare: meat and vegetable skewers cooked quickly over a charcoal grill. It was simple, cheap and scrumptious. I have tried to find something like it in LA but haven't yet. Can anyone tell me if there is a place like this anywhere near the San Fernando Valley?


Dec 13, 2008
ChrisF in Los Angeles Area

Need Ideas: Weekly Grub Club in SFV

Thanks for the replies so far. As for some of the questions above:

Our group ranges from 4 - 10
The attendees live in the North SFV (Chatsworth, Northridge, Granada Hills) and Valencia.
Restaurant prices for places we've been range from $1 (Stand Mondays) to $20/hd
The meet started as a Subaru (WRX and STi) meet. It's now just friends who happen to be car nuts.

Oct 29, 2008
ChrisF in Los Angeles Area

Need Ideas: Weekly Grub Club in SFV

What started as a weekly meeting of car enthusiasts has morphed into what we now call the Wednesday Night Grub Club. Our single goal is to eat at a new restaurant every week (although lately we've been repeating). The simple rules are: cheap, good eats in the San Fernando Valley. Our problem is we're running out of places to go.

So recommend away with your favorite cheap holes in the wall. Thanks!

Oct 22, 2008
ChrisF in Los Angeles Area

the best SANDWICH in (Los Angeles) period.

Epic thread!

Ok, in no particular order:

Pecan crusted catfish Poboy at Creole Chef (Ladera Heights?)
BBQ turkey or pork on cheese bread at Bear Pit BBQ (Sepulveda)
Monte Cristo at Jerrys (bring along a portable defibrillator)
any daily special sandwich at The Cheese Store (Silverlake) OMG yum!
+1 on the beef and blue cheese at Philipe (Los Angeles)
weekend Tri Tip Sandwich at Hows Market (Granada Hills)

If I had to pick one though, it would be the daily specials at The Cheese Store in Silverlake. They are heaven. Intelligensia Coffee also happens to be next door for a great shot of espresso.

May 20, 2008
ChrisF in Los Angeles Area

Carmel: Off the beaten path eats?

Hi all.

Have been through Carmel and Big Sur once before and found some great recommendations here. I'll be in Carmel tomorrow night just for the night. Can anyone recommend a good hole-in-the-wall to go have a good meal at? Casual and tasty are the priorities :)


May 11, 2008
ChrisF in California

Sushi in Sherman Oaks/Studio City "Chili Powder"

If you don't mind going a little bit more west, try 4 on 6 in Encino. It's absolutely fantastic.

Feb 27, 2007
ChrisF in Los Angeles Area

Tojo's V2.0!

Well, part of my review was to address the service issues. I won't make any excuses for a place that treats people rudely; there simply isn't one. I've been to places that people rave about the service and have then thought "What the hell are they talking about?" too. I can only go by my experiences there. Of the 15 or so times I've been in the past several years, I've never had a bad service experience there. Go figure.

1st Big Sur Trip: on/off beaten path restaurants

Wow! Thank you so much for all the responses and great info. Nepenthe and Big Sur Bakery are on the list for sure. Others seemed to agree that if given the choice between Cielo (at Ventana) and Post House, go to Post House.

We are driving up from LA, taking highway 1 and are staying at Ventana. The reviews seemed to be universally favorable. We are really excited and can't wait.

Thanks again!

Feb 03, 2007
ChrisF in California

1st Big Sur Trip: on/off beaten path restaurants

My wife and I are doing our first trip up to Big Sur in 2 weeks for some R&R. I've searched and found a few good recommendations. We're looking for a mix of off the beaten path places to sample casual atmosphere and great food as well as a couple of places to have an exquisite dinner experience. All recommendations are welcome. Thanks

Jan 27, 2007
ChrisF in California

Tojo's V2.0!

Hi all. Don't know if many of you know this, but Tojo's recently moved to a new location down Broadway just a bit. My wife and I ate there tonight and really enjoyed it.

First off, I know there's a huge range of opinion on their food, decor, service and atmosphere. My wife and I are in the "we love it " camp. We are somewhat regulars there so I would venture to guess that our usual experience might be better than some. That said, here's my take on the new place.

Decor: Night and day vs. the old location. The new one is much more spacious. It has a separate sake bar; the sushi bar is probably twice as big also. It has a very airy feel and is much more warm. The decor is beautiful and the was a waft of fresh flowers from the vase just to my right at the sushi bar.

Service: All the regular staff are there and then some. I've waited many nights in the past for service or between courses and have just accepted that as part of the experience on busier nights. Not so anymore. The service was prompt and friendly, but I never got the feeling like they were trying to turn over our spot at the bar.

Food: The reason we go to Tojo's! It was exemplary. I had several of the usual items including a melt-in-you-mouth tuna tataki, the smoked sable fish, fresh snapper and toro tuna, etc. Also had a couple of new spectacular dishes. One was called the savory soup. It was a delicate egg custard with a caviar top and below, a mix of bbq eel, dungenous crab, white fish and a hint of lemon. Very rich and very good. Next was a dungenous crab salad with pear, cabbage, sweet vinegar and a sweet/spicy mustard sauce. Last was a thick slab of tuna rolled in seaweed, then very lightly tempura battered and fried for only a few seconds. Think seared tuna, but even more tender. It was finished with a ume (sour plum) paste and a small mushroom cap. I was thankful my wife was getting full because I got to eat hers too.

I know there are many places in town where one can get excellent but cheaper sushi. For me, Tojo's is a special indulgence that I love and really don't care what the price is.

For those of you who've given negative reviews, I suggest you give it another try.