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The BEST dining experience in LA for $100-150/person


Mar 08, 2007
jbarc in Los Angeles Area

Going to the Lobster in Santa Monica...what do I order

the lobster

Jan 17, 2007
jbarc in Los Angeles Area

High End (but not stuffy/dressy) Restaurant for boss to take clients?

Cafe des Artises on 67th and CPW -

Jan 17, 2007
jbarc in Manhattan

Brisket Recipes that Take Less than 3 Hours?

Two brisket ideas: the first sounds really lame but it's the preferred method of suburban Jewish homemakers from the 50's and 60's - really easy and (really) good: take one brisket - throw it in a oven-proof pan/dish. Slice an onion or 2 or 3, whatever -and throw THEM in. Now for the secret ingredient - A BOTTLE OF HEINZ KETCHUP! Yes, that is right - their secret recipe of herbs and spices mixed with the pan juices just really works. So pour a bottle over meat and give it a stir, cover pan with foil and toss in the over and roast until fork tender. (This is also great taken from fridge and reheated the next day.)

2nd recipe is much fancier - brisket braised in red wine: brown brisket in olive oil on all sides until nicely brown. then throw in onion, garlic, celery, basic mire pois, and sauge. pour an entire bottle of good red (you must drink what you cook with) and a dollop of good tomato paste - the italian stuff in the tube is the best - bring entire thing to a boil, then cover and finish off in 375 degree oven til done - place brisket on a platter and wait the appropropriate let the juices settle time and degrease sauce - you don't really wanat to eat or need to eat) a sauce that is one quarter fat - and you may reduce sauce if it's too watery to a nice syrupy consistancy. Slice meat and ladel on some sauce. You can throw anything into this: root veggies, mushrooms, anything - a versatile and easy to make dish that will have your friends think you know what you're doing and great comfort food for those chilly evenings.

Tip: Le Creuset cookware works best for this type of cooking.

Jan 17, 2007
jbarc in Home Cooking

Roasted Rosemary and Lemon Chicken

- a good roast chicken is the holy grail of food. Here is my take:

first of all - use a great roasting pan with a rack - I stuff the lemon and herbs (you can use rosemary, thyme, combo, whatever and as many cloves of garlic as you want if you love the bulb as much as I do) up the chicken's - dare i say - butt - sprinkle with salt and pepper and some olive oil on top to keep skin from drying out. Not a bad idea to truss the bird if you have that skill but tie legs. Convection roast which rocks - at high heat:425-450 degrees - at least an hour, or more - depends on weight of bird. If skin starts to burn, lower heat but stick a meat therm in tmake sure done - nothing worse than raw chicken. When done ALWAYS let the bird sit at least 20 mins for juices to settle. (you can also wrap it in foil which works great!

Drain as much fat as you can off pan juices (leave about a tablespoon max) - and deglaze pan with white wine to scrape up all the good bits where all the flavor is. Add some chicken stock (or water if that's all you have on hand) and reduce until least by half if not more - this is not precise; you have to taste to know when it's time - remove from heat and swirl in a pat of sweet butter to finish it off - (you can also throw in some flower into the pan juices and basically make a roux, then proceed but you get more of a rockin' than a sauce.)

Cut chicken, pour over sauce and enjoy. Great with mashed potatoes (what isn't - and the secret to great mash is Yukon Gold spuds. A green salad, some nice wine and your guests will be in heaven.

Leftovers make great chicken salad - shred the chicken, add some chopped celery and use REAL Best Foods mayo (or make homemade) and mix - delish.

Use a Rosie Organic chicken (or Rockie or Empire Kosher if you must tho' a tad salty, beats foster farms and other mass produced birds

Jan 16, 2007
jbarc in Recipes