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Best Certified KLP Ground Coffee

French Press Coffee in Lakewood. Makes s-bux taste like maxwell house.

Apr 12, 2014
larry321 in Kosher

Good Kosher food st a Jewsih night at a Philadelphia area sporting event

Hey - You might want to run a quick spell check before posting.

Mar 22, 2014
larry321 in Kosher

Dessert this Shabbos?? - hamentaschen or not?

If your guests will be horrified if you serve hamentashen on the day before Purim, it may be time to find some other people to hang out with!

Mar 12, 2014
larry321 in Kosher

Savory Hamentashen

Thanks for the recipe, I'm going to try it. Will make a couple different fillings and see how they turn out. I'm thinking about trying a lamb/cuminy type filling as well.

Mar 09, 2014
larry321 in Kosher

Savory Hamentashen

Any good recipes out there for savory meat hamentashen?

Mar 08, 2014
larry321 in Kosher

Saturdwy nights in Cherry Hill, NJ just got tastier! [Cherry Grill]

You might want to run spell check the next time you post

Nov 09, 2013
larry321 in Kosher

Kosher in Orlando


We're heading to Orlando in several weeks. I would like to know what is available on the grocery side - meat, cheese, bread etc? We will be staying in a vacation villa with full kitchen and expect to cook most of our meals.

Thanks in advance.

Jul 21, 2013
larry321 in Kosher

Mike's Bistro v. Le Carne Grill

Been to Le Carne twice recently. Food is mediocre, service is poor, ambiance is awful, and prices are outrageous. Mike's is an absolute no brainer

Feb 28, 2012
larry321 in Kosher

NYC Kosher Restaurant with best beer selection?

Any recommendations?

Jan 31, 2012
larry321 in Kosher

Which beef cut to substitute into today's NYT recipe for Bo Ssam (slow-roasted Korean pork shoulder)?

Breast of veal with bone pulled out?

Jan 13, 2012
larry321 in Kosher

New Restaurant Cherry Hill NJ

Anyone been to this place recently? Is it still as bad as the reviews here make it out to be?

Jun 13, 2011
larry321 in Kosher

Reserve Steakhouse in Lakewood, NJ

Has anyone been? I'm wondering whether the food/ambience justify the astronomical prices.

Jul 20, 2010
larry321 in Kosher

Best Kosher Wine List in NYC

I'm putting together a dinner for some non kosher business colleagues and was wondering which NYC kosher restaurant would you say has the best wine experience? I'm looking for a knowledgeable staff and a good wine list.

Thanks in adavnce

Mar 23, 2010
larry321 in Kosher

Kosher food on a cruise

Interesting article which addresses the Kashrus issues of "non-kosher" sushi. As you surmised, the only issue is bishul akum.


Jun 26, 2009
larry321 in Kosher

kosher items found in israel not in US

Martini & Rossi Vermouth - kosher version only available in Israel.

Sep 20, 2008
larry321 in Kosher

Kosher Philadelphia

Are there any decent high end Kosher places anywhere in the Philly metro area?

Jul 31, 2008
larry321 in Kosher

Tastebuds in Howell, NJ (Lakewood suburb)

Been there several times. Food is OK, ambiance and service are atrocious.

Mar 19, 2008
larry321 in Kosher

Back to Nature on the Jersey Shore

I'm sorry, but I've been to Shari's once and it was absolutely awful. I ordered the prime rib medium rare and got a cold slab of overcooked meat smothered in instant gravy with a side of frozen french fries.

Jan 19, 2007
larry321 in Kosher

Kosher Upscale in Miami?


Anyone with an opinion of Prime 18?

Jan 16, 2007
larry321 in Kosher

Kosher Upscale in Miami?

I haven't been to Miami in a while - what are the choices for upscale kosher dining these days?

Jan 16, 2007
larry321 in Kosher