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Nice lunch before Barnes visit

Have not been to new Barnes Foundation. However, less than a quarter mile away is a place for lunch called the Belgian Cafe. Had lunch there about 2 weeks ago and really enjoyed everything about it.

Jan 25, 2013
dfishhead in Philadelphia

Order Recommendations for Jamonera

My wife and I are making our annual overnight to Philly this weekend and we are having dinner at Jamonera. Can anyone make any suggestions on must have items on the menu. We are pretty adventurous eaters with little on no limitations. A couple of years ago we received similar advice for a dinner at Amada and it was one of the best meals we ever had. Our waiter, Peter, commented by our order that we must have done our homework because the order was spot on. Hoping for the same again from the Chowhound experts. Thanks.

Jan 08, 2013
dfishhead in Philadelphia

Restaurant/Bar help for this weekend


Just wanted to report back. Plans never seem to go as planned of course, but we had a great time. Spent Saturday morning/early afternoon touring the grounds of Tudor Place and Dumbarton Oaks, both lovely. Had lunch at Billy Martin's Tavern in Georgetown. Cool place, food was fine, great bartender and nice people. Had a couple of drinks right by hotel near DuPont Circle, place called Bier Baron, excellent selection and fyi they do a hamburger and any beer on tap every day for $10 from 5-7. Not sure about the burger (did not have one), but the beer was great. Tried to have dinner at Hank's Oyster Bar but there was a 2 hour wait. Oh well, no worries we were still pretty full from the lunch and beers. So we had a light dinner at Circa DuPont. Very good, I had a mixed green salad with chicken and an excellent sherry vinaigrette and my wife had grilled grouper with couscous and greens. Very good food. Sunday morning we had a very good and very cheap breakfast at Bagels Etc. DC was truly great and we hope to get back down very soon. Thanks again for your tips.

Restaurant/Bar help for this weekend

Hey Woodleyparkhound,

Thanks for the great recommendations. Love mussels, and also oysters. Always wanted to try Ethiopian food. There really is not much that my wife and I aren't willing to try. I am from Philly area, so other than cheese steaks, I am game for about anything. Does the Gibson serve food or is it strictly a bar? Reasonable price (under $100 for two) is really my only stipulation and not really looking for a big fat steak. I will check out your recommendations and please feel free to keep them coming. Thanks for the great advice!

Restaurant/Bar help for this weekend

I am not very familiar with the restaurant and bar scene in DC. Looking for reasonably priced places. Wife and I are adventurous food types, willing to try new things but we also really enjoy a fun bar or brew pub. We are staying near DuPont Circle and really don't want to drive or take cabs. We don't mind walking or taking public transportation. Would like to keep dinner under $100 for two. I know this is vague, but I am just curious about what people would recommend. Thanks for the help!

best burger in philly

Had the Bacon Cheeseburger at Royal Tavern a couple of weeks ago. It was truly delicious. They put about 3 or 4 slices of bacon both on top of burger and under it! When it came out I thought, OMG there is no way I can eat all of this burger, but I couldn't stop because it was so good. Always loved the stuffed cheeseburger at Good Dog, but this burger is a whole new level. Great place, Royal Tavern, while my wife and I were waiting for our table, I ordered some drinks at the bar, struck up a little conversation with a couple people sitting at the bar and next thing I knew we had two shots of some whiskey in our hands. Philly people are the best, that is why I love coming to this great city.

May 03, 2012
dfishhead in Philadelphia

Please critique my itinerary

John's is bar far better than Pat's. They cook the steak when you order, no piles of meat sitting around the grill.

Apr 20, 2012
dfishhead in Philadelphia

Finally made it to John's Roast Pork -- Outstanding

Yes exactly! I told my friends that the hollowing out of the roll enables the roll to envelope the entire sandwich making the cheese blend though every delicious bite.

Apr 20, 2012
dfishhead in Philadelphia

Finally made it to John's Roast Pork -- Outstanding

I watched to cook grill the steak to perfection and the onions were a bit caramelized, enhancing the flavor. So much better than Pat's and Geno's, agreed. I will also tell the worst cheese steak I have ever eaten in Philly was at Jim's on South St. Tasted like cardboard. I also considered the apples/oranges comparison of Steve's to John's, but in the end I just felt like John's had a bigger wow factor, maybe because that was the one I had just eaten. They are both great.

Apr 19, 2012
dfishhead in Philadelphia

Finally made it to John's Roast Pork -- Outstanding

Well having ranked Steve's Prince of Steaks as my number one cheese steak for the past several years, I was finally able to make it to John's Roast Pork for a comparison. While I still love Steve's I must say that John's has become the king in my book. I love the way they scrape out part of the amazing roll before putting in the cheese, steak, and onion. The sandwich is not too stuffed, just perfect and the hollowed out rolled seems to envelope all the interior ingredients allowing them to meld together for a truly great treat. Next time, roast pork. Thanks John's for a great piece of Philly!

Apr 18, 2012
dfishhead in Philadelphia

Restaurant Impossible: So Would You Eat There?

The place the show is about tonight has already closed down!! Before the show has even aired. That sums up the places on this show. Not worth eating at!

Mar 14, 2012
dfishhead in Food Media & News

Rankings of Gatropubs/Pubs in Philly Region

Just went to Memphis Tap Room this past weekend and thought it was amazing, right up there with SPTR. Had the suicide onion rings and the porter braised brisket. Wife had the Heirloom Apple Salad and the smoke coconut club. Excellent beer list, terrific service, and it is always a huge plus when the owner is working his butt off and talking to everyone that enters the establishment. This place is now way up on my list. Any other new places to add to the list?

Jan 22, 2012
dfishhead in Philadelphia

Dinner in Utica/Clinton/Oneida area

Thanks for all the information. Our son will be at Hamilton for the next for years, so we will definitely go there after it re-opens. We had dinner Saturday night at Delmonico's. Your basic steakhouse, but I must say the steaks were tasty. Friday night we drove to Oneida for dinner at Zabrosa's but they were closed for vacation. Our son had to be back for a football meeting so we stopped on rt. 5 at a place called the Black Stallion. It was totally packed and when we opened the door we were almost knocked over by the noise level. It was 45 minute wait, so we ordered him some take out, the fried seafood platter that came with scallops, haddock, clam strips, onion rings, fries and slaw. He said it was excellent. This place has absolutely no atmosphere and it is a locals place, however, the food looked quite good.

Black Stallion
5656 State Route 5, Vernon, NY 13476

Dinner in Utica/Clinton/Oneida area

Hi CTeater,

Congrats on having a senior. Our oldest son just graduated in May from Bowdoin. Our youngest is a first year at Hamilton. Likewise, we had a very good meal at Nola's; however, I am sure that it will be full this weekend. The Nail Creek Pub sounds like it has lots of potential; I love beer and my wife and I are planning to attend the Craft Beer Tasting that Hamilton has scheduled for Friday. Perhaps we could bump into each other there. Thanks for the info and the realistic appraisal of the lack of quality cuisine in the area. However, any other suggestions would still be appreciated!

NYer in Philly - Looking for the real, soul of the city


You put together an excellent list, well done!

Sep 22, 2011
dfishhead in Philadelphia

Looking for good pubs near Brooklyn Sheraton (228 Duffield Street)


Sorry, I forgot to post my adventures. We actually ended up going to a restaurant and drinking a couple beers in our room. The restaurant is called Traif and it was fantastic. It is located at 229 South 4th. Street in Williamsburg. We did have some beers on a different day at Mugs Ale House, cool place on Bedford in Williamsburg. Also, my son is now living in Brooklyn in Clinton Hill and I am sure he would welcome any suggestions for food or good bars. Better late than never (for my post) I presume!

Mugs Ale House
125 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

229 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Sep 22, 2011
dfishhead in Outer Boroughs

Dinner in Utica/Clinton/Oneida area

Visiting son at Hamilton College and looking for good places to eat in the area. I am sure son is hungry for a steak, but all kinds of places are fine. Have been to Nola in Clinton, liked it, have been to Simeon's in Utica, so so. Wondering about Delmonico's steakhouse, staying a the Oneida Community Mansion, so wondering about Zabroso, and also curious about Ancora in Utica. Would glady welcome any other recommendations. Thanks!

261 Genesee St, Utica, NY 13501

170 Kenwood Ave, Oneida, NY 13421

Looking for good pubs near Brooklyn Sheraton (228 Duffield Street)

Looking for some good pubs offering craft beers and good gastropub cuisine reasonably near Brooklyn Sheraton. It looks as though this is in the Brooklyn Heights area. It would be nice to find an area where we could walk to 3 or 4 bars and enjoy some good food along the way. Thanks!

Jun 10, 2011
dfishhead in Outer Boroughs

Best Standing Rib Roast Recipe

Has anyone tried the Paula Dean recipe? For 5 lb roast: Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Rub roast with salt, pepper, garlic powder, place on rack in shallow roasting pan ribs down, bake for 1 hr. Turn off oven, do not open oven door, leave in oven for 3hrs, turn oven back on to 375 degrees, roast for 30 minutes. Remove from oven, rest for 20 minutes with covered foil before carving.

Dec 22, 2010
dfishhead in Home Cooking

Rankings of Gatropubs/Pubs in Philly Region

Just printed out my certificate. Thanks!

Dec 17, 2010
dfishhead in Philadelphia

Barside Dining for One Old City/Independence Hall Area

Is Khyber Pass, the same place as The Khyber? I was just there a couple of weeks ago and the beer selection was great. I know what you mean about lots of crappy bars in Old City. I am more familiar with Center City and have always enjoyed that area better than old city. I am actually staying at the Sheraton Society Hill. Anything decent in near there? Amada is a great choice, went there a couple of years ago. I think I will save the upscale places for date with my wife. Looking for more like pub grub.

Dec 14, 2010
dfishhead in Philadelphia

Barside Dining for One Old City/Independence Hall Area

I will be in Philly alone Tues-Friday this week and I was wondering if anyone had any recs on places to have dinner. Probably looking to sit at the bar and dine rather than at a table. Will eat all types of cuisine. Any thoughts? Thanks! P.S. I know the title says Old City area but will also entertain Center City Ideas.

Dec 14, 2010
dfishhead in Philadelphia

Rankings of Gatropubs/Pubs in Philly Region

I compiled addresses and phone numbers for all the places mentioned in the post. Hope it helps you be merry. Tis the season!

Northern Liberties

Standard Tap
901 North 2nd Street
At Poplar Street
(215) 238-0630

North Third
801 N. 3rd Street
At Brown Street
(215) 413-3666


Johnny Brenda’s
1201 N. Frankford Ave.
At Girard Avenue

541 East Girard Avenue
At Montgomery Avenue
(215) 739-1700

South Philly

South Philly Tap Room
1509 Mifflin Street
West of 15th Street
(215) 271-7787

Royal Tavern
937 East Passyunk Avenue
Between 6th and 7th Streets
(215) 389-6694

Center City

Monk’s Café
264 S 16th St.
Near Spruce St.
(215) 545-7005

Tria Café
123 S. 18th Street
At Sansom Street
(215) 972-8742
Center City Continued

Tria Cafe
1137 Spruce Street
At 12th Street
(215) 629-9200

McGillian’s Olde Ale House
1310 Drury Street
Just off 13th St. btw Walnut/Chestnut
(215) 735-5562

259 S 15th St

Good Dog Bar
224 South 15th Street
(215) 985-9600

Varga Bar
941 Spruce Street
At 10th Street
(215) 627-5200

Pub and Kitchen
1946 Lombard Street
At 20th Street
(215) 545-0350

Prohibition Tap Room
501 N 13th Street
Below Spring Garden St.
(215) 238-1818

Northeast Philly

Grey Lodge Pub
6235 Frankford Avenue
Near Harbison
(215) 856-3591

University City Area

Resurrection Ale House
2425 Grays Ferry Avenue
Past 24th and Catharine
(215) 735-2202

Old City

The Khyber
56 S. 2nd Street
Btw. Market and Chestnut

136 Chestnut Street
At 2nd Street
(215) 413-1918

Surrounding Areas

Four Dogs Tavern
1300 W. Strasburg Road
(In Marshallton)
West Chester
(610) 692-4367

29 South Main Street
(215) 489-1644

TJ’s Restaurant and Drinkery
35 Paoli Plaza
Just above Lancaster Ave.
Near Amtrak Station
(610) 725-0100

Dec 09, 2010
dfishhead in Philadelphia

Rankings of Gatropubs/Pubs in Philly Region

If this has already been done, I apologize. First of all, I think that Philadelphia and the region is a great place for bars with excellent and interesting food. I was wondering about people's thoughts on their favorite gastropubs/pubs in the Philly region. Based on my limited experience here is my list:

1. Standard Tap: great menu, love the oysters, and excellent local beer selection

2. N. Third: Love the wings, good variety of beer including draft and in bottles, had Ommegang Saison and a bottle of St Bernardus 12%. Mac and cheese is also good.

3. Tria: (only been to 18th Street location): Small but good beer selection, great wine selection, interesting and delicious food choices, small venue.

4. South Philly Tap Room: Good beer selection, excellent Fried Chicken, Roast Pork Sandwich, and Wild Boar Tacos.

4. Monk's Cafe: Amazing beer selection, food can be excellent, but sometimes appears to be hit or miss. Love mussels (haven't had them for a long time, though). Always seem to be so crowded.

5. McGillian's Olde Ale House: Decent Beer Selection, Decent Food, Great Prices, Free Soup. Great place to warm up on a cold day or night.

6. Stephanie's, Doylestown: Great beer selection, knowledgeable and friendly bartenders, very good grub.

7. Four Dogs: West Chester area: Decent beer choices, very good food, little expensive. Neat venue.

Other bars I have been to in Philly that didn't make the list:

Eulogy: great bar but every time I went it was so crowded I could barely breath. I also went to a sister place but forget the name. It is not far from Eulogy. Seemed pretty cool.
Grey Lodge Pub: Great beer selection, so so food, drove quite a distance out of the way to go here and I was a little disappointed.
McGlinchey's: good cheap dive bar
Khyber: Only been once for a couple of drinks in the afternoon, but I would love to return, good bartender and beer selection.
There is also a bar below South Street on maybe fourth that has a nice selection. About 2 or 3 blocks below South Street, forget the name.

These are the places that come to mind right now. Let me know what you think. On a side note, I did not include Victory because it is a brewery, but their beer is amazing and the food is decent.

Dec 06, 2010
dfishhead in Philadelphia

Dinner on Saturday Night for 3 Guys

Looking for Dinner for myself and my two sons on Saturday. Son just moved to Columbia U. area and we are stopping through. We are looking for a place where we can eat some good gastropub food, watch some sports, and have a few good beers (micros preferably). Although wings and burgers are great, we also like things like mussels, salads, and more imaginative pub grub. Youngest is not 21 (he will drink soda), so it must be a place that he can get into. Something in Upper Westside (I know that this is not the best part of Manhattan for selections) would be ideal but we can take subway. Thanks for help on short notice.

Jun 11, 2010
dfishhead in Manhattan

Good Restaurant between Doylestown and Downingtown

Has anyone been to William Penn Inn in Ambler?

Jan 29, 2010
dfishhead in Philadelphia

Good Restaurant between Doylestown and Downingtown

Probably dinner, though not totally sure. Driving to Moravian Tile Works in Doylestown, stopping at Four Dogs for a Drink in West Chester and to check out some tile work there. Have eaten there many times before so looking for somewhere else other than Four Dogs. Thanks for the rec. I'll look it up.

Jan 29, 2010
dfishhead in Philadelphia

Good Restaurant between Doylestown and Downingtown

Traveling from Lancaster to Doylestown Saturday. Looking for advice on good places to stop coming or going, especially between Downingtown and Doylestown. Will entertain all types of ideas. Thanks for the help. I know this sounds very broad but just wanted to see what others recommend. Also, it doesn't have to be right on the path, I don't mind driving a bit out of the way. Thanks.

Jan 29, 2010
dfishhead in Philadelphia

Good Restaurant between Doylestown and Downingtown

Traveling from Lancaster to Doylestown Saturday. Looking for advice on good places to stop coming or going, especially between Downingtown and Doylestown. Will entertain all types of ideas. Thanks for the help. I know this sounds very broad but just wanted to see what others recommend. Also, it doesn't have to be right on the path, I don't mind driving a bit out of the way. Thanks.

Jan 29, 2010
dfishhead in Philadelphia

Need PA-centric foods for my new book


I used to teach with your dad, we met once at the Fulton Bar. Just to add to your list if your still there, tripe, pig's stomach, pickled pig's feet, liverwurst, Hammond's pretzels.

Jan 21, 2010
dfishhead in Pennsylvania