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best burger in denver?

The Lobby in downtown Denver has stuffed burgers ... Try the jalapeƱo cream cheese ... also, The Counter at Park Meadows is very good


I four....oh forget it, just go get one ....

Sep 02, 2010
GetOutTheMapGuy in Manhattan

The York, gastropub in Mt. Washington

Just had dinner there last night - will confirm that the burger is ultra-tasty!

Freeport, ME choices for lunch and dinner

I will confirm that Thai Garden is still pretty good. Had the Panang Curry Lunch Special yesterday - a nice bowl of the curry, brown rice and 2 average egg rolls for 7 bucks - which made up for my LL Bean Outlet shopping!

Title: best cheap eats in chicago

For Breakfast - Try Ann Sather, it's right off the Belmont El stop and about a 3 block (maybe 4) walk from Wrigley Field, when I lived in the Windy City, Ann Sather's cinammon rolls were the bomb (it's been 5 years, but I'm guessing they're still OK). For fun after the Cubbies, you should check out either Comedy Sportz or Improv Olympic ... Chicago is the home to improv comedy ...

Jul 25, 2007
GetOutTheMapGuy in Chicago Area

square chocolate sprinkles

It tastes best that way - one serving of Mickey's ear avec chocolat! LOL ... Actually, I have used the dark chocolate flakes/sprinkles on almost everything you can imagine but mostly I find that I use them on ice cream or on cakes ... hope you find what you're looking for!

square chocolate sprinkles

These aren't so small, but they are pretty thin ... or this one if you don't read Dutch

I bought my dark chocolate flakes the last time I was in Amsterdam at a grocery store for a couple of bucks, but I've seen them in Harvard Square the last time I was in Cambridge at (for 9 bucks!!!


I've come to the conclusion that I can do the same or better using a vegetable peeler and a good bar of chocolate.

Staying at the Hilton (53rd/6th)

Yep - the Bar Room, that's where I was ... and if you go to the restroom, make sure the door is LOCKED - b/c it's all unisex and while I THOUGHT the door was locked, I, and the woman who opened the door while I was standing there, got quite a large shock when it swung open! LOL

Jul 22, 2007
GetOutTheMapGuy in Manhattan

Blowout dinner in Rome, also recs for Cinqueterre, Florence, Siena

Vernazza in 5Terre, I'd recommend Giannis right near Il Castello. Great pesto ... I had a bad meal at Il Castello, so can't recommend that, but the view is awesome.

Jul 21, 2007
GetOutTheMapGuy in Italy

Staying at the Hilton (53rd/6th)

I had a great lunch at MOMA in their restaurant - I think it is called the "Modern" or the "Moderne" ... very nice and I'd recommend it. Right across the street from the Hilton.

Jul 20, 2007
GetOutTheMapGuy in Manhattan

Staying at the Hilton (53rd/6th)

I have never eaten at that food cart, but EVERYTIME I am in the City that cart is absolutely mobbed! I stayed at the Hilton for 4 days in JANUARY and my window looked down on it and it was packed! LOL ... the next time I'm there, I'm going to wait in line -- no matter the weather or the mob ...

Jul 20, 2007
GetOutTheMapGuy in Manhattan

Foodie moving to Cleveland- Advice?

Welcome to C-Town! You're going to love it here ... aside from the West Side Market ... you might want to check out Tink Hall for Asian groceries .. there is also another Asian grocery across from Randall Park Mall, but can't recall it's name.

Thai Cafe in Lakewood has some nice pad thai ... it's a tiny little shop on Madison. I would second Lemon Grass near the Cedar Lee theater for one dish - a yellow curry mango chicken .. they don't always have it, but it pops up regularly.

Cleveland restaurants Berea Fairgrounds to Madison and 117th

At the other end of Detroit - almost to Rocky River ... India Garden is good and about a 10 minute drive from 117th and Madison. Also, Players on Madison's fine ... good menu

Also on Detroit, but farther down - Venezia ... guy from NYC who opened it up a few months ago -- it's on the north side of the street. When I was there they didn't have a liquor license, but that may have changed.

One night in Cleveland...

On the other end of the scale -- West Side Market - Frank's Bratwurst, soft roll with kraut, horseradish and brown mustard for 3 bucks is one of the best taste treats around. Also, Johnny Hot Dog in the WSM - go for the chili dog with the works ... the ladies there will take care of you. It looks like a total dump, but the dog has a snap that can't be beat.

University Inn's pierogies are high on the list as well ...

Barefoot Contessa packaged cake/cooke mixes

Crate and Barrel is also selling the products in their stores ... I can't recall all the prices, but they were certainly not 17.99 ... sounds like your local place is marking them way up. And, yes, her products have been in my Stonewall Kitchen catalog for the past few months. BTW - her cookbooks are great! Try the lemon poundcake ....

Best and Worst Recipes You Made From a Cooking Show

I am absolutely in love with Ina Garten too ... I've made those coconut muffins too and they are excellent. I will also second the lemon poundcake referenced way up top -- very, very sweet, but I have an awful sweet tooth, so I thought it was just fine .. LOL.

I had a hard time with the jam thumbprints recipe though -- for some reason my dough was way too dry, so maybe I didn't measure something correctly - too crumbly.

Jul 18, 2007
GetOutTheMapGuy in Home Cooking


And, regardless, you MUST try the "horsey sauce" ...

May 13, 2007
GetOutTheMapGuy in Chains

Recommendations for Miami

Relatively "famous" is Versailles Cuban - not sure if that is what you're looking for, but it's a solid pick. It's definitely inexpensive. I think there is a thread on the board about this topic.

May 05, 2007
GetOutTheMapGuy in Florida

Breakfast near W 46th & Broadway?

Try the almond "toast" at Amy's for breakfast - you can get it to go or eat there -- if you get it to go, there is a Starbucks a block away if that spins your wheels. The almond toast is basically a dry'ish (stale?) bread slathered with a marzipan like almond paste. If you dig marzipan (which I do) this - with a strong cup of starbucks is a delicious way to start the day!

Apr 18, 2007
GetOutTheMapGuy in Manhattan

Current Favorite Dish/Item for Less than $10?

Fig and Cheese Empanada from Empanada Mama on 9th and 50th (?) ...3 bucks

Apr 15, 2007
GetOutTheMapGuy in Manhattan

Best Italian, Sushi, Steak in Cleveland...

Italian - for down home cooking - not fancy - try the homemade spaghetti at Mama Santa's in Little Italy. And, while in Cleveland, you have to try pierogis at the University Inn.

Billy's Bakery on Ninth Avenue in Manhattan

My experience with them was also not good. I was looking forward to it and - blech.

Mar 30, 2007
GetOutTheMapGuy in Manhattan