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Ice cream sodas

Also Snuffy's Malt Shop, and The Malt Shop itself.



Also, at The Minnesota State Fair there are several places to get a soda or a root beer float. My favorites are the Bridgeman's wagon over by the horse barn and there is a place in the Northeast corner that sells ice cream sodas made with apple and cherry soda (among other flavors).

Colossal Cafe on Grand

I had the same thought!

Soft Shell Crabs?

Thanks for the info!

Soft Shell Crabs?

Who has them? Both retail, to cook at home...and any restaurant that prepares them nicely...

Designing a complete foodie experience.

Check out the St. Paul Farmer's Market for sure...there are several cheesemakers there, plus many produce items-many coming from Hmong farmers. Another shout-out for Patisserie 46, also check out Rustica Bakery for some of the best bread in this hemisphere. Definitely check out Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis as well...you can cover many purveyors without covering a lot of asphalt. Also check out Cossetta Italian Market if you would like Italian-style breads and pastries. A trip to St. Paul's wonderful Grand Avenue can allow you to hit Cafe Latte (for their famous Turtle Cake), The Golden Fig (a gourmet shop specializing in local goods), Just Truffles, and St. Paul Cheese Shop (they carry cheeses from many artisan makers from this region).

The Salt Cellar

Did we all see The City Pages?


Wedding ideas!!

Look into having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday...you can get discounts most places. Also, consider having a wedding brunch.

Quieter breakfast spots

The Four Inns in Downtown St. Paul is very mellow on the weekends.


sourdough bread

Cafe Latte has their St. Paul Sourdough. I don't think they make it every day though.

Secret Art Deco Bar - Summit Hill

It is reopening in the next few months with a chef-driven menu.

Update to Italian restaurants in Twin Cities

I agree....I have never had a bad meal at Carmello's and it is far beyond adequate. Open over twenty years and a line out the door-clearly they are doing something right.

Tonic Syrup (concentrate)

St. Paul's Grand Ave.

Don't miss Bread and Chocolate, the Cafe Latte offshoot. Tru Berry frozen Yogurt is fun. Cow Bella has some great flavors. If you don't mind a quick shoot down Snelling, Carmello's a is a wonderful, traditional Italian joint. Wuollet Bakery has wonderful danish and coffee cake and their sour cream strudel is amazing. The Italian Pie Shop is good for deep-dish Chicago-style pizza. Another vote for The Uptowner's breakfasts....get a half-portion of the Farmer's Breakfast, unless you are a true glutton.

Soda Fountains

Oh yeah...good call! But I have to say I went there and was not too impressed. It's so small and cramped....to me a soda fountain is all about the counter service. And when I went the service was lousy.

Soda Fountains

Are there any bona-fide, old-fashioned soda fountains lift in The Twin Cities? I know of the mini one at St. Paul Corner Drug.

Worst Restaurants in Town

Chatterbox Pub in Highland.

Buttered Tin cupcake vs. Cupcake vs. ?

I love everything at Buttered Tin. Cupcake is ridiculously overpriced. The cupcakes at Wuollet also tend to get overlooked...old-fashioned but very good!

Anyone remember Rocco's in St Paul in the 70s?

Where was it?

Favorite restaurants from the past

It was one of the original tenants of Galtier Plaza. It was a great place.

Favorite restaurants from the past

I loved Polly's! There was one on Robert Street in West St. Paul too.

Buffet at Maplewood Mall 1970-1980's

I remember the Bishop's Buffet at HarMar.

Toddler friendly restaurants?

I would never take a toddler to a place where I wanted to relax and enjoy my meal. I would much rather just go out less often and splurge for a sitter or trade-off with another couple. There are plenty of places where a toddler would be welcome, but I certainly would not count any chef-driven restaurants among them.

Egg White Powder

Have you ever thought of just buying liquid egg whites? I think they have a better taste and consistency than the powder. The powder is best-used for cake decorators who are making royal icing.

A bakery adventure, in which our heroine tries to go to Mojo Monkey but ends up at Rebecca's instead

I don't know. On the website she admits to using cake mixes. I think I will save my $$$ and allotted calories for a scratch bakery.

Good quality rib roast. Where to buy.

Another definite "no" to TJs for fine meats. I would go with Byerly's-Lunds or Whole Foods. I would check Von Hansen's in Highland as well.

Fine Dining in St. Paul?

I personally prefer Sakura for Sushi in Downtown St. Paul.

Fine Dining in St. Paul?

Mancini's has its charms, but it is not fine dining.

Where are the donuts?

There was actually an article about his bad attitude in the Pioneer Press a couple of years back. Though rumor has it he can be selective in his harassment.

Where are the donuts?

Granny Donuts in West St. Paul is as old-school classic as you can get. Their glazed, blueberry cake and apple fritters are all tops. However, the "gentleman" who owns it is very difficult to deal with and frequently works the counter, and he seems to have a litany of things that piss him off coupled with a bizarre sense of humor. Just be prepared that he will always try to upsell you, and if you don't comply you will get an attitude. However, the donuts are worth it.

A Baker's Wife is wonderful, though I always seem to get the tea cake instead of the donuts.

Mel-o-Glaze? No thanks. I went in once in the morning and they were serving stale stuff...at least a day old. There are too many great places in town for me to give them a second chance.

Jerabeks Reopening!

What about the Skyway location?