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Terrible Spiral Ham [moved from General Topics]

I've had the Costco have a few times now. Comes out great every time for me. I do the same thing with every spiral cut ham in that I add about 3/4 cup of water to the pan before I wrap it with foil and cook for about 1 hour a 300%.
Then I glaze it and bake at 400-425% for 20 minutes or more uncovered until I see it is done.
* I make my own glaze from a recipe I found with maple syrup, brown sugar, touch of honey, Dijon mustard, cinnamon and a few others spices and brush that on. Or I just doctor up the glaze mix from Costco with a touch of honey, Dijon mustard, cinnamon and its always really good.

Dec 10, 2013
pudding in Chains

DON'T think PINK: Pink's (Hot Dog Stand) Revisited

I have to say I've been going to Pinks for over 20 years and never encountered the wait you described and I frequent the place so I have to wonder just how much you exagerated your story??

After traveling to New York and Chicago several times and eating in many other cities as well I still really like Pinks hot dogs. I know alot of New Yorkers that when they come to L.A. they want to go to Pinks.

Still there are many types of hot dogs out there. I like QT's hot dogs in Sherman Oaks for a basic Chicago Dog. Probably the best in LA for that.

Still, never in my life have I had to wait an hour or anywhere close to it at Pinks. Yes, they have lines but those lines move and having been there several times a year for over 20 years I think I'd have been stuck waiting that long just once if that was a regular occurance.

Dec 24, 2010
pudding in Los Angeles Area

Green Apple chinese-Studio City (NY Style Egg Rolls)

I've tried the egg rolls at Green Apple and was really dissappointed to say the least.

The filling is "NOTHING" like a real New York style chineese egg roll. There is barely any meat of any kind in the egg roll as they onlyh give you little bitty chopped bits of pork and unnoticable amounts of shrimp as I can say that since none of us could even tase or find that in the egg roll Green Apple served.

The egg roll was stuffed with mostlhy cabbage and veggies which is fine but not like a New York style egg roll.

Currently Ghengis Cohen has the best egg roll I've found in LA but I do know a couple of restaurants in the Valley that are now working on putting together an egg roll worthy of calling it a NY style egg roll. Will keep you posted when they get it together.

Green Apple
6256 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Dec 06, 2010
pudding in Los Angeles Area

Joie Luck Kitchen - Valley Village/NoHo

Just a note. This restaurant is now out of business. A kosher chineese place took over the location. The new place is quite expensive.

Dec 07, 2008
pudding in Los Angeles Area

Best Fish 'n Chips in LA?

I just read this and do not agree. We had a group of 8 people there the other nite and 2 of us including myself ordered fish and chips. It was not very good. The fish was not good quality and tasted fishy to both of us and we had to send it back.

Dec 07, 2008
pudding in Los Angeles Area

Hot Dogs @ The Field in Sherman Oaks, anyone been?

Do not feel bad about never going to The Dip. The place was less that decent. Nothing like Phillipes at all in quality or tast. Gave it 2 tries and that was 2 to many.

Haven't tried the hot dog place that repaced them. Now that the Weiner Factory is closed it would be nice to find a good spot in the area for good hot dogs, etc...

May 08, 2008
pudding in Los Angeles Area

Eastern Palace & Golden City Restraurant for Chineese!

After being frustrated for awhile with the local choices for Chineese food I've found a couple of places I'm pretty happy with.

The Eastern Palace located on Victory Blvd. just east of Van Nuys Blvd. in Van Nuys has been a very pleasant surprise. I had not been in this place for years and years. They are under new management as of around November 2007. I've been there 3 times now and they have been consistently good and they serve nice size portions.

They are not cheap but they have been good and they have the best fried rice I've found by far in the Eastern or Central San Fernando Valley. Not only that but the place has great decor which was a total surprise walking in. Really great woodwork on the ceilings and walls. So far everyone I've taken there or recommended the place to agrees.

Also the Golden City Restaurant located at 17719 Vanowen just off of White Oak in Reseda. Food is always good. They use good quality ingredients and they serve nice size portions. Their fried rice isn't quity as good as the Eastern Palace but they are the next best fried rice within a 10 mile radius.

I really love their sizzeling rice soup. I like soups and they don't cheat you with the ingredients. Their prices are reasonable and they have very nice lunch deals.

I"m not as inclined to go to the Joie Luck Restaurant for take out with these places around. Joie Luck is very inconsistant with their fried rice and since I'm a fanatic for that dish that is a factor. I do like the lady at Joie Luck. She is very nice. Just wish the food was as good as these two places.

May 02, 2008
pudding in Los Angeles Area

Joie Luck Kitchen - Valley Village/NoHo

As someone who has eaten at and taken out from the Joie Luck Kitchen for awhile I can tell you they are decent and have some decent dishes at reasonable prices.

One thing I can say is they are "NOT" the best Chineese food anywhere.

They are nice people and do a few dishes decently. They are also convenient to me but that is it.

There is better elsewhere

May 02, 2008
pudding in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Spot on Ventura, and Corbin, Tarzana

I don't know how anyone can say the Sushi Spot has some of the best sushi? I have eaten there a number of times since the late 80's and they do a decent job for the price. I've never been poisened there either but absolutely nothing to get excited about.

There are so many places to get sushi in the Valley and all over Los Angeles this one just isn't special.

Jan 12, 2008
pudding in Los Angeles Area

What do people think of The Dip?

I've been to Phillipes downtown over 100 times in my life and I've been to "the dip" twice.

I can honestly say there is no confusing the two places or what they serve. Phillipes is head and shoulders above the dip in quality of what you are served.

I gave "the dip" 2 chances and I'm sorry but I won't go back there. They were just plain bad and each time the others I ventured with thought the same thing.

Nov 12, 2007
pudding in Los Angeles Area

Joie Luck Kitchen - Valley Village/NoHo

I do go to Joie Luck for a few things since they are not to far from me. You don't go there for the decor and I'm not a fan of their entire menu.

Mostly I go there for the fried rice. It is about as close as I've come locally to finding a place that does what I consider to be the old fashioned fried rice that most every chineese restaurant used to serve 20 years ago. Not perfect but it does the job.

The orange peel chicken is very good quality compared to most and I some of their appetisers.

I'm still looking for better close by but this will do in a pinch for take out

Jul 20, 2007
pudding in Los Angeles Area

Salting Sicilian Eggplant - Is it necessary?

I love a melt in your mouth eggplant parmagiana but I find them few and far between. The best one I've ever had by far was at a restaurant in Las Vegas called "Mama Maria's Cucina". It was located at the Rio Hotel but they closed the restaurant in 2001.

This dish was made with no breading of the eggplant and it had several layers of eggplant and cheese. All layers were very thin and it stood a good 2 inches high.

If any of you great cooks out there have a great recipe for eggplant parmagiana I'd be most appreciative. ty

Feb 16, 2007
pudding in Home Cooking

Looking for Best Pizza in Burbank

Yes, on West Magnolia.

I know Joe Peeps. Not a huge fan although they do put a ton of stuff on their pies. Pizza is a personal thing. The blue collar pizza if I remember wasn't bad. Mazarino's pizza is pretty good most of the time. If I get a pizza from there I order it with lite sauce and it seems to make a difference. Not knock you socks off great but pretty good that way.

Barone's has relocated to Oxnard st off of Woodman Ave. They have a very different style pizza. I like their cheeses they use and they are consistent. Some love it some don't like it to much.

Also, Lido Pizza in Van Nuys on Victory just off of Sepulveda Blvd has a pretty decent pizza.

But now that I'm in burbank I'm looking to stay local so I'll give Tony Bella's and Dino's a try in search of the great pizza pie :-)

ty for the suggestions. really appreciate it

Jan 24, 2007
pudding in Los Angeles Area

Looking for Best Pizza in Burbank

I just got a recommendation to go to Tony's on Magnolia from someone that used to live in that neighborhood.

Anyone know about this place?

Jan 24, 2007
pudding in Los Angeles Area

Looking for Best Pizza in Burbank

If there is some really good Pizza in Burbank I'd appreciate a recommendation.

Jan 24, 2007
pudding in Los Angeles Area

Nozawa - Trustworthy no more

wow, this is weird.

I've been going to Nozowa's since about 1991. It's not the only place I go for sushi but I've never seen or experienced any problems their. I'm a bit pickier than most with sushi since I fish a great deal and catch plenty of tuna,etc. I've always been treated very well no matter if I"m by myself or with a group.

Sorry to hear some have had a bad experience there. Bad fish is not fun. Only thing is I know this guy has always been super picky about what he will put out where I know several so called high end places in the valley and west side that are not.

Jan 18, 2007
pudding in Los Angeles Area

Searching for great Chinese Fried Rice in LA

Sounds like alot of good places I haven't been to.
The Salty fish fried rice sounds very interesting. In the Sherman Oaks area the Bamboo restaurant on Ventura Blvd has pretty good white fried rice and all their food is quite good. I'm told they are a cousin restaurant of Plum Tree.

Please keep them coming as I'm making notes :-)

Jan 18, 2007
pudding in Los Angeles Area

Searching for great Chinese Fried Rice in LA

Looking for really good traditional fried rice. Not the healthy tastless version that has seems to be everywhere these days.

So many chinese restaurants seem to have changed the style of the basic dishes they serve. Maybe trying to appeal to a health conscious society or something but we are looking for some great flavor.


Jan 16, 2007
pudding in Los Angeles Area