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Need rec for lunch near USC

It does not have to be walking distance but maybe within a 10-15 minute car ride. Thanks

May 04, 2015
gbeats in Los Angeles Area

Need rec for lunch near USC

We are planning a trip to LA for my daughters graduation and need a place for a nice graduation lunch that is close to the USC campus. Also if there are any good places to dine near LAX as we will be making several pick ups and would prefer to stay near the airport.

May 04, 2015
gbeats in Los Angeles Area

Looking for a good Salad in Westchester

I really like Chopt in Rye Ridge shopping center. I usually get the Mexican Caesar but you can custom make your salad with a large choice of ingredients or choose one of there Classics.

Tri Tip in Westchester County

Does anybody know where to purchase a Tri-Tip( bottom Sirloin small triangular roast) in lower Westchester?

Best BBQ in Westchester?

D & A Smokehouse on Central Ave in Scarsdale is really good. Try the Burnt Ends if available but everything that they make is awesome.

d&a smokehouse [Scarsdale]

Yes they have a smoker not sure but I think the owner said it was Ole Hickory.

d&a smokehouse [Scarsdale]

I have had takeout twice from D&A and I think it's awesome. The first time I had a Brisket sandwich which is served on a soft bun with coleslaw on top and a side of Mac & Cheese which were both great. Yesterday I had the Burnt Ends platter which was outstanding came with terrific cornbread and got the Mac & Cheese again. Will definitely return to try more items on the menu. It is great to have a BBQ place that actually smokes their food and uses dry rubs.

Souvlaki Truck on Central Ave in Yonkers

This truck is parked across the street from the Best Buy shopping center next to Enterprise car rental. I ordered the Pork Souvlaki & my daughter had the Chicken they were both awesome. The sandwich comes with french fries in the Pita along with Tzatzaki sauce and the meat was really tasty. I am very excited that we are starting to see food trucks in Westchester and this truck in particular is a very good one.

The Shamrock in Ellenville New York

I remember it as a kid when we would spend the summers in the catskills. I loved the roast pork on garlic bread. Is this place still opened?

Guapo in Yonkers

Tried Guapo Friday night and it was excellent. I made reservations the day before which is funny because when we arrived at Guapo there was not one person in the restaurant, we thought it was closed and almost didn't go in but the waiter opened the door and welcomed us. We were the only ones in the restaurant until about half way through our meal when another couple arrived. I talked to the waiter and he said it has been opened about 2 months and is owned by the people that own Zuppa which is right around the corner.We started with an order of tableside Guacamole it came already prepared in a molcajete and it was a really nice size easily feeds 4. Next we got 3 tacos Pollo, Al Pastor and Carnitas all very good the Al Pastor was amazing, they were prepared in 2 tortilla's served with Red & Green sauces. We had Quesadillas that were the best I ever had. My daughter ordered Sopes which she said were amazing very lite and tasty. Last before dessert we ordered 4 flautas Tiga Chicken, Steak, Queso Blanco and Potatoes with Cheese all were excellent. We had so many appetizers we did not have room for a main course which will we do when we go back. For dessert we got Crepes with Chocolate Bananas perfect end to this meal. I hope that this place builds a good following as the food is awesome and it is very reasonably priced our dinner check was $39 with out tip. On the downside no Liquor License yet only Wine and Sangria I really wanted a Margarita with my meal.

best bread pudding in Westchester, NY area

The Cookery in Dobbs Ferry has great bread pudding to go along with the rest of outstanding food served there.

Pecan Pie Westchester?

Galloways in Scarsdale makes a terrific Pecan Pie. It is only opened Thursday-Sunday.

Best Chili? Westchester/Hudson Valley

Q in Port Chester makes a really good Chili made with Brisket.

Where to Buy Fresh Pasta in Westchester?

Tarry Market in Port Chester has really great fresh homemade pasta in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Taco Truck in Port Chester

I noticed a food truck with a Mexican flag last week and tried it this week. They have about 7 different kinds of Tacos and a special on the menu board. I tried the Tacos Al Pastor and it was very tasty, came with cilantro, onions, and guacamole. I will go back to try some others. It is located on Abendroth Avenue near the restaurant supply store.

Buying Pork Butt in Westchester

The Weber Bullet actually has two grill racks one directly over the water pan the other about 10 inches above the first. I have an older model but I know they now make an even larger model I believe it is 22.5" in diameter and the one I have is 18.5" in diameter. They are real great starter smokers. The Klose is real deal smoker,what is the difference between a reversed firebox and the standard firebox?

Buying Pork Butt in Westchester

I have a Treager Texas smoker which I cooked the Butts & Ribs on and a Weber bullet that I cooked the turkeys on, it was 2 day of cooking to get everything done.

Buying Pork Butt in Westchester

Thanks to all I checked Costco, Sams, Shoprite and they all had Butts but they were boneless, I ended up ordering them from Fresh Direct and had them delivered. I had my annual BBQ and smoked 6 butts, 20 racks of ribs and 5 turkey breasts. Appreciate all of the fine suggestions.

Buying Pork Butt in Westchester

I am looking for Bone in Pork Butt and have tried Both Stews and Fairway and neither have the Bone in type, anyone have any recommendations in lower Westchester.

Al Antica Pizza in Scarsdale under new management

Ordered from Al Antica last night to find they have changed owners. Some Al Antica pies still there and an expanded menu. Ordered the Margarita was good not as good as before. New name will be Villa Roma.

Anyone know where to purchase French Macaroons in Westchester?

I am looking for French Macaroons which are not the same as the coconut macaroons that are served for passover. I know that Payard in lower Manhattan makes them and was curious if anyone sells the in Westchester.

westchester deli's

Buon Amici Deli in Scarsdale has terrific chicken cutlet panini's served several different ways and all really good. Try the 007 which is the chicken cutlet with mozzarella, bacon, bbq sauce and hot sauce truly amazing.

Buon Amici Deli
836 Scarsdale Ave, Scarsdale, NY 10583

Pork buns in lower Westchester

Jade Garden on Central Ave in Hartsdale has pretty good steamed pork buns all the time. Aberdeen in White Plains has them only when they serve Dim Sum.

Italian Rice Balls- Arancini

Dante's Deli on Central Ave has really good rice balls also on Central Ave further south in Yonkers A & S Pork Store has really good rice balls both are large and filled with meat.

Pork Store
359 Willett Ave, Port Chester, NY 10573

New BBQ Joint in Scarsdale

No the one that you are referencing is further north on Central Ave by the 4 corners the one that I am interested in is opposite the Hess gas station. It is not opened yet but does have a sign up.

New BBQ Joint in Scarsdale

Does anyone know anything about the new BBQ place on Central Ave one block north of Ardsley Road. I think it was a Japanese grocery or something like that. Not sure of the name.


I have also had diner at BVT twice and both times it was very enjoyable. I had the Pulled Pork sandwich and the Brisket sandwich with excellent French Fries and both sandwiches were delicious . My wife had the BBQ Chicken Salad both times and thought it was great. I also think it is a good bang for the buck, and the owner is always in the dinning room talking to the patrons. Not fancy but good.


There is a little place on Garth Road in Scarsdale called South East that makes a very good scallion pancake.

Driving from Charlotte NC to Memphis TN need places along Interstaes 85 and 20

My son and I are planning a trip to Memphis in May. Would appreciate any suggestions for stops along the way which are not to far from the highways we are traveling on. We are driving on 85 thru both SC and Georgia then onto 20 into Alabama and TN,

Feb 17, 2010
gbeats in Southeast

Try Route 100 in Yonkers!

Had dinner last night at Route 100 with the wife. I had the steak sandwich with sweet potato both were really good, my wife had the chicken Mediterranean which she said was outstanding. I know that she really liked it because she always leaves food over when she eats and this time she cleaned her plate. We had drinks to she had a glass of Chianti and I had a Martini. We will definitely return and wish good luck to the owners in these tough economic times.