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Al Premium Supermarket

New supermarket at Birchmount and Eglinton East. Finally saw that they were open after months of seeing a sign that a new oriental market would be opening up. I went in and it looks similar to a T&T supermarket set up, plus a few more things like Indian and Middle Eastern products. In the back they've got 2 butcher sections, one for halal and the other just regular. Their fish section is totally enclosed in it's own chilled room. Finally, their food court seems pretty impressive, they have both chinese and Indian food in there own areas, with large open windows behind them where you can see cooks making the food fresh. I didn't buy any of the ready made food, but the food looked good. Chinese food was similar to what you would find at T&T food courts, and Indian food like butter chicken, kabobs, tandoori and the like. Also noticed they also have a Shawarma bar, Japanese sushi bar and a Coffee / Bubble Tea bar. Only thing missing was a Banh Mi bar :-( . Thought at first they might have North American food products, but it looks like it's geared towards asian and south asian tastes. Prices seem on par with what you would see at T&T markets as well.

Gourmet Garden / Gourmet Malaysia

I was picking up some Mee Goreng at Gourmet Garden on the weekend, when I noticed they had signs up saying they would be moving across the street to 4466 Sheppard Ave. East. The lady taking my order said the other location was already open and that the current location would stay open for now. It has sit down service and the same menu as the takeout place. Looking across the street it has taken over the spot of 2 previous AYCE restaurants.

As well I wanted to know if anybody has tried the new place yet and how it compares food wise to the old location.

Gourmet Garden Restaurant
4465 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M1S, CA

Five Guys Scarborough opening this week!

Went by around 11 am hoping they would be open today. No luck! There were 5 people inside doing various things, they all had five guys apparel on, so I figured they were staff. I parked outside for a few minutes until an older lady stepped out, she said they would be opening this Friday.

btw apart from the California Sandwiches opening next door, if there are any fans of Jody's Deli, it looks like they're opening another one across the street from Five Guys in the plaza where Metrosports is.

Night It Up Food Festival

I am thinking of going later on today, but wanted to find a little more information about this. All I could find were a couple of posts under secret food festivals. I would like to know how the food was ( the cost as well) , parking spaces and how were the crowds. From the website, it shows they sell okonomiyaki, takoyaki and stinky tofu, 3 things I've always wanted to try but never had a chance to. Thanks for the replies in advance and here's the website for the festival.

ISO: Calamansi / Calamondin / Suter

I've seen frozen calamansi fruit in the frozen filipino section at Lone Tai at Kennedy and Lawrence. It looked like there were about 10 of them per package, I'm not sure of the price though.

ethnically diverse street food comes to Toronto

Here's another link with various other links under resources including exact cart locations and cart information.

Where can I find annatto seeds in Toronto?

I usually pick it up at any filipino store or chinese market with a filipino section, we call it achuete, or any latin market under achiote.

cheap and good lobster in chinatown?

Went to Hua Sang today, double lobster special was $28.95 but on Mondays and Tuesdays price is only $22.95. Had it with ginger and green onion, I find their version better than the other chinese restaurants on Baldwin.

address is 41 Baldwin.

Hua Sang
41 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T1L1, CA

Tim Tam Biscuits

I saw these today at Lone Thai at Kennedy and Lawrence.

Original, Chewy Caramel and Dark Chocolate, .$3.99 a package.

Lobster on Baldwin Street

I much prefer Hua Sang which is downstairs.

Scarborough Gems

-Gourmet Garden (Sheppard just east of Brimley) for Malaysian/Singapore dishes my fave are the Mee Goreng Noodles.

-Duckworth Fish and Chips (Kingston Rd. west of Midland)

-Jetsun Juicyburgers (1900 Eglinton Ave East.) for tasty homemade hamburgers.

-Rolands (McCowan and Eglinton) for caribbean style chinese food. I love their take on Cantonese chowmein.

-Xe Lua (Woodside Square) for Pho.

Any ideas where I can find screwpine/ pandan ?

You can buy it in a 60 ml plastic bottle or the frozen leaves from Lone Tai at Kennedy and Lawrence east in Scarborough. the paste is located in the filipino items aisle at the end and the leaves are in the open freezer section close to all the filipino frozen vegetables. I know they run out of the paste every once in a while so you might have better luck with the leaves. Hope this helps.

Maalat - salted eggs?

Maalat means salty in Filipino. I usually make it with diced tomatoes, sliced shallots and eat it with cold rice or as a side dish accompanied with other dishes. I find when I buy them you can get duck, chicken or turkey eggs, try getting the duck egg ones because the yolk is much richer and better tasting imo.

Jul 10, 2008
squingy in General Topics

Scarborough sugar cane

Lone Tai at Kennedy and Lawrence (NW corner) carries it sometimes. Their sister stores probably have it as well, Tone Tai in the peanut plaza on don mills and one on vic park just south of sheppard on the east side. hope this helps.

Polish Sausage

A few weeks back my wife brought home some really good polish sausage that came from a deli in Brampton, these were really good, nothing that comes from Loblaw's or Dominion would compare. Anyways what I'm looking for is a deli or butcher in east end Toronto ( Scarborough preferably) that would sell a really good type of polish sausage or kolbassa.

Thanks in advance,

Looking for saltpeter (to cure bacon)

as per the post below by rld below, yes, that is what you are looking for.

"Calcutta Chinese" (Indian Hakka) in downtown Toronto?

Wow, they use chicken balls now for the hot and sour chicken huh?, they must have changed the way they make it, they use to use whole pieces of chicken and had the right amount of spice. Sorry you had a bad experience Esty, I almost feel bad about recommending the place....oh well!.....I'll have to try them again in the near future and find out what happened to the place.

"Calcutta Chinese" (Indian Hakka) in downtown Toronto?

Yueh Tung has always been my favourite for Indian Hakka in the GTA, it's located in the Dundas / University area (just east of University). I recommend getting their hot and sour fried chicken.

126 Elizabeth St.

Guilty Pleasures?

- Allstar burger @ Goldenstar

- Roast pork or roast duck w' crispy skin on steam rice @ Sam May chinese bbq

- chicken skin chicharon (heart attack in a box) @ filipino store beside Remely's
restaurant on Sheppard ave east.

- deep fried apple pie from Burger King

- Natas @ Portuguese Canadian Bakery, 1309a dundas west. ( I once bought 3
dozen of these and proceeded to devour them over a weekend).

- As well as drinking Swiss Chalet sauce, I also drink KFC gravy as well.

Looking for saltpeter (to cure bacon)

I buy mine at Lone Tai supermarket at Lawrence east and Kennedy when I want to make Tocino ( Filipino cured pork). You have to go to the aisle with all the plastic packaged dry goods and should be marked saltpeter (potassium nitrate). I have a feeling you can probably buy this at any of the large oriental supermarkets. Hope this helps.

The Great Burger Debate

Goldenstar looks like its fresh, but I'm not really sure. Jetsuns is made fresh daily.

The Great Burger Debate

I'm casting 2 votes.

first, for my reliable Goldenstar at yonge and steeles. can't go wrong with the allstar burger.

second for a new place i found on eglinton between warden and pharmacy in a little strip mall right in front of the super walmart. Jetsun's Juicyburgers, burger was 3/4 of an inch thick and reminded me of lick's before they started making the frozen burgers, they also use real cheese curds in the poutine and kawartha dairies ice cream in their milkshakes. burger, fries w/ gravy and drink cost me $8.80.

Jetsun's Juicy Burgers

Has anybody else tried this place yet? It’s located in a little strip mall right in front of the Super Walmart on Eglinton and Warden. Went in and it reminded me of a 50’s type diner, but no waitress’, there was a bit of a lineup. Signs say everything is made fresh daily. If you buy a combo, meaning any burger + side and any drink you get $1.00 off. I went with the regular burger, fries + gravy and drink, cost was $8.80. The burger was ¾ of an inch thick and looked really good, it‘s taste reminded me of Lick’s burgers before they started using frozen burgers, it could also may have used a little more seasoning imo (But I just got back from the Philippines and my taste buds are still a little bit off for some reason, so it could just be me, lol). The homemade fries could have been cooked a little longer, but since it was lunchtime I have a feeling they weren’t cooking the fries longer because of the lineup. Other things I noticed were that they used Kawartha Dairies Ice Cream in the Milkshakes and real cheese curds in their poutine, something I’ll definitely try next time. All that being said I’d probably go back again went it is not as busy.

Back from Trinidad... craving doubles

A C R Hot Roti and Doubles 2680 Lawrence Ave. East. These guys make really good doubles and theres always a lineup, Sign inside says he's "The original doubles man" from some place in Trinidad. Doubles are only $1.00 and man are they good.

New Golden City lobster

I can vouch for Hua Sang, they have the most amazing Lobster with ginger and green onion dish. Every year on my birthday, I take a few of my buddies down there and order at least 5 orders of the special lobster w ginger/ green onion and a few other dishes. It's one trip I always look forward to.

Chinese Bakery in TO that sells steamed buns?

I love these buns, I usually buy 6 and eat them throughout the week. Best place to find these would be Tung Hing Bakery. There are 2 locations in Chinatown east, one at 674 Gerrard St east and 349 1/2 Broadview ave. They usually have 2 types of steamed buns, the bigger ones are what you're looking for.

Tung Hing
674 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

Banana Ketchup in Toronto?

You should be able to find Jufran banana sauce in the Filipino section of any of the larger oriental supermarkets. In Scarborough, Lone Tai, Soon Lee or Sheung Thai.

Good Chinese Dinner

Hua Sang on Baldwin has never failed me. Order the 2 lobster special ( $27.00) with ginger and green onion. The people that work there are quite friendly as well.

Gelato in East Toronto (Scarborough)

I haven't heard or seen of a good gelato place in Scarborough, if there is I would also like to know. Til that time though, current place I go to is Hollywood Gelato in Leaside, on Bayview a few lights south of Eglinton on the west side.

Deep-fried pizza in Toronto?

Here's a link to a website and video about deep fried pizza.