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Best way to have the best experience at Galatoire's and Antoine's?

Thanks so much!! This is precisely what I was seeking. I'll report on my meals -- which will be mostly outside the Quarter except for these two places, Mr. B's and Olivier's (for the rabbit, which a friend went wild over a while back).

Apr 25, 2012
dolphin146 in New Orleans

Best way to have the best experience at Galatoire's and Antoine's?

I will be in town in June (third visit, first post-Katrina) for 10 days and I fully intend to dine at these two legends. I have eaten at Galatoire's before (upstairs, it was terrific all around) but never at Antoine's.

I don't need (but would always welcome) ordering advice. I will be dressed in dress shoes, a seersucker suit, a tie and a Panama hat (I always wear coat and tie to dine out at any place above a sandwich stand). I have eaten in top-shelf restaurants in six countries, so I know how to conduct myself (generally) in fine establishments, I tip generously and am there to enjoy myself, not nitpick and critique every tiny point.

Extensive reading on these two places, though, seems to indicate that maximum enjoyment (which I surely wish to receive) comes with unlocking certain secrets of each place. Now since I am not a local -- wouldn't mind being one though!!! -- and don't wish to pretend I am one -- couldn't anyway -- just how is this done? Or I am over-thinking and should just go and eat away and have fun? Any little secrets that could make for a special night?

Any advice would be warmly welcomed and I can offer info on Philadelphia/NYC/Paris dining in return for your time and effort. Thanks.

Apr 23, 2012
dolphin146 in New Orleans

toronto next week! - help

And I'll give a full report ... like the one I did on Buffalo a couple of weeks ago on the New York State board.

toronto next week! - help

Wow, thanks, guys. Great stuff! I am staying at the Sheraton Centre on W. Queen St., btw. I love good charcuterie ... maybe that was telepathy? Let's hope so.

One more question: if I had one pricey, formal meal ... where to? Canoe, perhaps?

toronto next week! - help

Will be in town for four days -- staying downtown, very transit friendly -- looking for three things: 1) unique Toronto food experiences; 2) inexpensive dive bars that are fun to hang out in and 3) good coffee. Thoughts?

Buffalo in August!

posted a separate report on my stay.

Dining report from Buffalo

Spent two-plus days in town enjoying the city's architecture, arts and very friendly people. Two thumbs up for Buffalo!

Dining reports: (4-**** scale)

Lake Effect Diner: *** Terrific chicken soup, good beef on weck (would have liked more weck on the bun), fine diner coffee and a terrific loganberry shake. Fine value - terrific atmosphere, love those old diner cars-- warm and competent service
Gabriel's Gate: *** Sent here by a bartender for wings which she said were her favorites. Can see why - crispy, meaty, not soggy, served blazing hot (temperature) and just-right hot (spicy). Enjoyed several pints of the house brown ale too, two of which the initially standoffish barkeep comped me. Neat environment, friendly bar crowd. Good value.
Ulrich's *** -- WONDERFUL potato pancakes - light but tasty and filling -- and a very good bratwurst perhaps a tad overcooked. efficient yet friendly service. love the local beer on tap! Excellent value.
Just Pizza: * -- Sweet sauce not my thing but slice was hot and the pepperoni tasty.
Grilled hot dog from vendor at Huron and Main ** -- snappy, spicy well-grilled puppy and flavorful chili sauce. Sahlen's dog, I believe.
Allen St. Hardware Co. -- **1/2 -- Took them an oddly long time to mix a martini. Very friendly and attentive service. Very flavorful sausage/seafood gumbo, rich and dark and luscious. Fried chicken was served hot with a good, firm crust but seemed tasteless. Needed hot sauce and some salt. Sides, grilled asparagus and mac and cheese, were terrific. On the whole fair value. They don't do dessert which I found odd. So I went to ...
Towne -- *** -- and had a luscious lemon-cream cake and good dinner coffee with very friendly and very efficient waitress.
223 Allen St. (Old Pink) -- *** -- surprise, surprise -- I love dive bars and but had no idea they had food. Didn't look like fine dining -- but they serve a terrific strip-steak sandwich (cooked perfectly to medium rare despite the grill guy bartending at same time) on a toasted roll topped with slow-cooked onions and peppers and provolone. A steal at $10!! He also does chicken, grilled baloney and burgers. The baloney looked terrific.
Comfort Zone cafe on Elmwood -- *** -- nicely done espresso and stunningly good vegan cupcakes. Warmly welcoming service.

Comfort Zone Cafe
1002 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222

Lake Effect Diner
3165 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214

Buffalo in August!

I am in Buffalo now, will have "lunch" at Lake Effect and then stop in at Ulrich's for a pint or two before taking in Allentown and a late dinner (perhaps Mother's or Towne's). I hope I can get to Ulrich's for lunch -- logistics might work against it.

Dinner Tues up in the air.

Buffalo in August!

wow, well, leaving Monday and all set with your picks.

When I say "dive bar" I mean an inexpensive bar that looks at best dumpy, emphasizes drinking, not food, has a decent jukebox and is a place to hang out. Danger is optional. The Allentown area sounds great.

One question: beef on weck -- Ulrich's? I'd love to go to Schweibl's but will save that for a trip with a car.

Buffalo in August!

jerry thanks so much. I am transit-friendly and will be on buses, etc,. for sightseeing but you seem to have covered the field so well.

I like wings -- sounds like the Anchor Bar is Buffalo's version of Philadelphia's Pat's Steaks -- not the best cheesesteak but good and a "destination:" So that's OK. Where is the best wing (or is that an argumenyt not worth starting).

Thanks esp. for bar recommendations. What time is closing time in Buffalo?

Buffalo in August!

Staying at downtown hotel, will not have a car. Will be there two nights and two lunches. Never been to this wonderful (so I hear) city before. Thoughts on local, distinctive, unique places to eat and drink (I like to drink). Preferences (not exclusive): dive bars, fine wine, French over Italian, local character and above all distinctiveness and uniqueness. Don't want to travel to burbs. Fairly daring when it comes to neighborhoods. Anywhere near Albright-Knox Art Gallery for lunch welcome. Thanks!!!!

In home wine tasting - do you know people/company in Philly?

Costs vary widely depending on wines served, function of the tastings, time involved, etc. but the price seems to hover around $50-$60 a person. They can cost much less, or much more, if it's a Chambolle-Musigny tasting or the like.

Aug 05, 2008
dolphin146 in Pennsylvania

Seeking impulsive, flippant Paris advice...please help!

I endorse Le Rubis 100 percent, a delightful, oh-so-Parisian place. Get the duck rillettes (which they have as a snack even when not serving hot food). And I have have the cheese there, mine was a fresh and zesty Cantal.

I ate a late lunch and lingered over cheese and several glasses of wine ... I think I was there for 2.5-3 hours and it was a pleasure every minute. Le patron's wife waited on me and could not have been more gracious.

The house Beaujolais Crus are quite tasty, if not as good as those at Le Duc de Richelieu, say. The house Champagne is magnificent though.

I would try and sit downstairs; more character and the street scene is lively.

Mar 14, 2008
dolphin146 in France

Paris query: looking for old traditional places

I vote for Le Duc de Richelieu, 5 rue Parrot, near the Gare du Lyon.

The menu is full of classics, esp. Burgundian/Beaujolais. When last there I had jambon perseille with the best cornichons ever (and they drop the entire crock), the BEST filet au poivre ever, and a tangy St. Marcellin. Washed down with a rich St. Nicolas de Borgeuil and a luscious, cherry-ish Chiroubles (their house Beaujolais Crus are spectacular). All that plus coffee was maybe 32 euros, but they have bargain menus too. I was jealous of the gentleman's tripe sausage "en Pouilly" next to me!

Best of all the service is spectacularly friendly and just as efficient. They make everyone feel like a regular.

I will never miss this place when in the City of Light.

BTW, Elchilango, your post is how I feel about Paris, too!

Mar 13, 2008
dolphin146 in France


Alright, it's 14 months later but I cannot thank you enough for the Max Stark recommendation -- two of the best nights I had in Europe -- crisp, refreshing beer, quality, fresh food (I had a massive pork cutlet one night, pork in plum sauce the other), VERY good service, nice crowd (lots of interaction) and chilled shots of Eversbusch, a gin-ish liqueur that was the PERFECT digestif. Two courses of food, LOTS of beer, mineral water, and two eversbuschs for less than 28 euros. Thanks SO much. Yes, people were smoking, detracted not all from such a vibrant and fun place.

If you are going to Cologne hit Max Stark -- easy and pleasant walk from the Cathedral or the station.

suggestions for simple places

My thanks to you all. Leaving Sunday. If you see a guy in a fedora and gray scarf, say bonjour.

Jan 26, 2007
dolphin146 in France

any thoughts on these places?

Le Coin de Verre (10th)


Both look like charming traditional places with good wine deals.

Jan 22, 2007
dolphin146 in France

Paris Restaurant advice!!!

A hearty second on Au Bon Accueil. A white-table place with elegant service and wonderful food at extremely reasonable prices. Loved the wild boar.

Jan 16, 2007
dolphin146 in France

Classic Bistro ideas in Paris

I highly recommend Le Vieux Bistro across from Notre Dame as well; I have sent several friends there and they reported positively. The beef bourginon is trememdous.

Jan 15, 2007
dolphin146 in France


Will be there for three days in Jan/Feb. Never been to Germany, speak zippo German. Suggestions to dine? I like neighborhood places where locals eat, not too expensive.

Bistro in the 5th

Price range at Le Reminet? Sounds terrific.

Jan 15, 2007
dolphin146 in France

suggestions for simple places

I'll be in Paris (my 2nd visit) from 5-9 February (noon Monday to noon Fri more or less). Last time (2004) we hit many small neighborhood-type bistros and had a ball (esp. at Les Petits Marseillais (3rd), Le Petit Caboulot (18th), and La Gavroche
(2nd)) at almost every one.

This time I have a tight budget again but was looking for suggestions for simple neighborhood places for (for example) confit de canard, pates/terrines, riz de lait, washed down with un pichet du vin maison, all music to the palate of this raging Francophile. I would especially appreciate any locations with distinctive wine features (ie, a house Beaujolais made for them, etc.). I want to linger, relax and take in the sights and sounds of the city and its people while dining.

I'm staying in the 10th but will go anywhere in the city and I speak a hapless, hideously accented but (in the end) passable French.

Help is much appreciated, and I can reciprocate with suggestions in Philadelphia, NYC and Chicago.

Jan 15, 2007
dolphin146 in France