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Good doner/gyros in MSP

I agree with Anne that the gyros, even at Shish or Black Sea, are not really like the ubiquitous German doner--the bread, the meat, and the sauce are all very different. Both restaurants do serve nice gyro sandwiches, though, and are worth visiting on their own merits.

A better substitute might be a lamb or beef kebab sandwich. You will get the pleasing chewiness of the meat (missing in the pressed gyro) with a similar flavor profile (lemon, oregano, garlic).

Sioux Falls Overview Fall 2006 (from a local)

The beans are actually very different. In the TJ's along I-169, the beans are heavily seasoned while in Sioux Falls, they're very plain and require buckets of hot sauce.
I'm a little embarrassed to admit my familiarity with the nuances of Taco John's beans.

As for other SF picks--Lalibela is very good. Cafe 334 is good. Spezia can be really good or really terrible. Dishes there are rarely the same twice.
Minerva's is always disappointing.
Rue 41 (which is not on Rue 41) has pretty decent pastries & sandwiches.

Generally, if you scale down expectations--especially of wine lists and quality of non-meat ingredients--the food is generally ok, sometimes even good (Keg chicken, for instance), though not usually very good for you.
Chinese food is generally acceptable, tasty, inappropriate for anyone who worries about the authenticity of their cuisine.
You will not find decent cheese.

Jan 15, 2007
martinstp in Great Plains