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Restaurants & Bars Featured in HBO's The Wire

In the season with the kids (i think 5?), the ex-cop who's mentoring the kids in the special class takes all of them to ruth's chris in pier 5

Restaurants & Bars Featured in HBO's The Wire

you're right. d's mom got it for him. i thought it was a lake trout sandwich with hot sauce though. not a fishcake.

Restaurants & Bars Featured in HBO's The Wire

polock johnny's - mcnulty got himself a hotdog from there.

Hickory, North Carolina Food Joints Worth Visiting

Thanks for the suggestions! I went to Butch's (so close to 40 along the way of my drive). And you pretty much hit it on the spot. great friendly atmosphere. The fastfoody ambiance had me nervous that it wasn't going to be good bbq, but after getting the food, and digging in, I was actually surprised and impressed at how good the pork was. I had a piece of the chicken fingers, and wasn't incredibly impressed with the breading, but otherwise was good meat. same with the regular chicken. good meat. thumbs up.

Jul 05, 2007
attgig in Southeast

Good Carolina bbq?

I'm driving from Raleigh to Smokey mountains today and would love to find a good Carolina bbq place along the way preferrably (rt 40). I'm from up north so this drive is one of my few chance to get good bbq.

And also if not along the way, if there's any good places near the Smokey mountains, that would be awesome as well.
Thanks in advance!

Jul 05, 2007
attgig in General South Archive

Canton & Patterson Park Recs?

If you have a car, Greektown is pretty close to Pat Park (couple miles). I'd recommend Samos if you can get there.
north fells has a bunch of random authentic mexican/central/south american places. the el Salvadoran on Broadway (can't remember the name) restaurant is particualry good.

as for within pat park/canton, i think everyone else did a good job in naming the good restaurants: Matthews pizza, momma on a halfshell, birches (haven't been to jack's).

btw... the martini bar (Cosmo's) has a good thursday night special, but otherwise, i never go there.
other stuff i've been to in canton: Nacho Mamma's is good beer food. i've been to helen's garden and that was ok, but unspectacular.

Best Chicken Box in Baltimore? (yeah, classic baltimore eats)

New York Fried Chicken - i have a friend who tried it and says that it tastes like fish. I'm guessing they fry their lake trout and chicken in the same oil.

Best Chicken Box in Baltimore? (yeah, classic baltimore eats)

Tyrones changed their name. I'm afraid to go ever since they changed it.

I'm totally going to check out chuckies though, thanks!

I ask for hot sauce and old bay on the fries. I prefer the old bay over salt and pepper

Best Chicken Box in Baltimore? (yeah, classic baltimore eats)

yup. 4-5 wings. fries, western fries, or fried rice.
hotsauce, salt, pepper, ketchup, or old bay on top.

and half and half is a must.

the two places are the only places i know of in the inner harbor (where i work), but i'd have to think that there's better and cheaper food in the less touristy parts of the city.

Best Chicken Box in Baltimore? (yeah, classic baltimore eats)

So, this might be a bit low brow for everyone here, but sometimes, nothing hits the spot like a chicken box. I've only been to a couple places and i've fallen in love with them. song's on calvert street near the banks, and top round on baltimore right off of president. Anyone care to share your favorite place, i'd appreciate it.

also, i've heard that 92Q had done a user survey, and voted on one, but my friend forgets which one got voted the best. anyone remember?

Baltimore greek and vietnamese food

That place is horrible. charging any more than 6 bucks for pho is a crime.

Good Chinese in Baltimore or Annapolis?

I'm a fan of Szechuan House in Towson. it has a good mix of your regular carryout stuff, as well as a great selection of the authentic stuff.