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Breakfast in Rockville

Me, I'm partial to greasy spoons run by Greeks so there's Apollo on Washington Street in the center of Rockville and Ambrosia in the Montrose Crossing shopping center down Rockville Pike. Corned beef hash, home fries and eggs how you like 'em.

That is all

Lunch near the Red Line

Indique Heights - elegant Indian with food to match - about a block from the Friendship Heights station.

A couple of blocks south of the Bethesda station is Moby Dick (some of Washington's best kabobs - all the Pak cab drivers eat there).

Krupins about a block north of the Tennleytown station has decent Jewish corned beef and pastrami sandwiches.

good sub bread

When fresh, the Portuguese rolls at Magruders have the crust and texture of the hoagie rolls I used to get 50 years ago when I was a kid in Philly. Same caveat on size and freshness as the ones from Shoppers. And they're good for steak sandwiches made with thin sliced beef from the Korean markets.

Moderately priced in Bethesda-Rockville

The Lemon Tree in Rockville. Nice Turkish specialties.

Where To Get Good Wor Shu Opp?

Is there a Cantonese restaurant near Rockville that makes good Wor Shu Opp - crisp battered fried duck on bed of lettuce with oyster sauce and crushed almonds on top? The long gone South China Restaurant in Philadelphia made the world's best wor shu opp. I found it at a few restaurants since but none that I would call really good.