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A Brookline Primer

We moved from Cambridge to Brookline a few years ago, and these were our great discoveries from moving across the river:
Clear Flour Bread
Indian Cafe: in Washington Square right next to Emack and Bolio's -- nothing fancy but really good, well-spiced food -- a sleeper, highly recommend it
Oishii in Chestnut Hill: no surpise to many here, I'm sure (we used to go to Bluefin in Cambridge mostly for the high bang-to-buck ratio)
Other places we like have been mentioned: Washington Sq Tavern, Athan's (esp their baklava and desserts), Family Restaurant (Turkish), Rod Dee, Sichuan Garden (too bad about the shut down), Elephant Walk
My favorite casual brunch in the Boston area is Centre Street Cafe in JP but I haven't been there in ages because I just can't wait in line that long (the reason why I've never attempted Zaftig's), but if you're looking for a casual diner-type experience near Brookline, I like Jim's Deli in Brighton Center, which is pretty close.

Apr 29, 2007
ylt in Greater Boston Area

Midwest Grill vs. Green Field: Which is the best Churrascaria?

I went to Midwest once a few years ago, and thought it was OK but not spectacular. Since then, I've been to Green Field twice, which I enjoyed (although a little rich and salty for my taste) and not a bad deal considering all the food you get. I liked those little cheese-y rolls! (that was my big discovery) I don't know if there is a reason for you to trek all the way over from Cambridge when Midwest is right there, though -- I don't think one is clearly better than the other.

Apr 22, 2007
ylt in Greater Boston Area

Best vegetarian-friendly Thai and Chinese places?

Elephant Walk has a vegan section -- the menu there is a mix of French and Cambodian. The Cambodian dishes run somewhat pricier than other places but the food is good.

Apr 10, 2007
ylt in Greater Boston Area

Fun dinner for bachelorette

a few years ago, my friends threw my bachelorette party (the dinner part) at the claremont cafe in the south end. since then, it's reopened as the columbus cafe and i must admit i haven't gone back since it reopened, so i can't speak to the food and service now. but their bar is in a separate small room that we had all to ourselves, which was really fun and festive (it probably holds up to 20-ish people). it's not swanky per se, but has more of a laid-back funky neighborhood vibe and is not too pricey. it would be close to the back bay and south end bars to go to afterwards. pictures are on

if you're looking for more swanky and happening places, i agree with saint and 28 degrees in boston. i also agree with avoiding the living room.

Mar 31, 2007
ylt in Greater Boston Area

Fresh pasta in Boston like they do in Italy?

Thanks for all the leads! We look forward to testing them out.

Mar 25, 2007
ylt in Greater Boston Area

Fresh pasta in Boston like they do in Italy?

My husband and I just came back from an awesome 10 day vacation through Florence, Tuscany, and Venice. We were just blown away by the quality of the food and wine, but especially the fresh pasta -- even at a casual trattoria with a simple tomato sauce it was truly fantastic (and with either truffle, meat, or seafood sauce -- wow).

I don't recall having pasta like that in the States (exceptions: Babbo in NYC and Tra Vigne in Napa Valley for special occasions), so now we're afraid we're totally spoiled. Then again, we haven't tried the whole range of restaurants in Boston... so Chowhounds, please help us out! Any thoughts on how we can recreate this culinary experience here? (either at a restaurant or to cook at home) Thanks!

Mar 25, 2007
ylt in Greater Boston Area

so sick of Boston bashing...

LIME RICKEY! my favorite summertime drink.

Feb 12, 2007
ylt in Greater Boston Area

Elephant Walk: do you like it?

my first post on this board!

well, i will also defend elephant walk (the boston and cambridge locations, never having been to waltham). i think it occupies a unique niche in boston where you can have access to a good wine list and slightly upscale ambiance without being obliged to spend $20+ per entree.

i agree with the above poster, stick to the cambodian dishes. it is somewhat westernized and pricier than more authentic establishments (and being asian-american i'm sensitive to that), but i think it's a good place to go, especially in groups since there's a wide selection of dishes to choose from. and for vegetarians, there are actually several options to choose from, other than the one token vegetable pasta/lasagna/etc often seen at other places.

for new year's eve, i had an enjoyable 3 course prix fixe for $30 plus shared a nice bottle of wine (their "nick's pick") that was around $28, i think. and the food was very good -- maybe not knock your socks off, but still very good, as was the service and ambiance. a nice difference from the jacked up prices most other restaurants were offering that night!

Jan 14, 2007
ylt in Greater Boston Area