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Soba Koh – Underrated Soba in the East Village

Give Cocoron a try, it's very good. They have cold soba that is served with different dipping broths. Very good yuba too. As for desserts, I've only had the black sesame cheesecake and it was very nice.

61 Delancey St, New York, NY 10002

Apr 13, 2011
chucha in Manhattan

Best mooncakes in Beijing?

I'm in town for a few days and have a serious craving for delicious mooncakes. Who makes the best? I'd love to try both "original" and "fusion"/"western" versions. I'm staying near the Beijing intl club, embassy area, so a branch of a wonder baker around here or Sanlitun would be ideal, though I'll go just about anywhere to avoid paying an arm and a leg. My hotel sells 1 for 45Y and that seems crazy...or am I the crazy one? Thanks for your help!

Aug 21, 2010
chucha in China & Southeast Asia


We're going to copenhagen in march and I wanted to try NOMA but unfortunately they are booked up for 2-people tables for our entire stay. so bummed.

i've had a hard time finding the right contact info for SCHULTZ and PASSAGENS SPISEHUS. does anyone know if they are still open and where I could find phone/website info? i've tried google but haven't had luck. websites unavailable, wrong phone numbers. any ideas?

if these places have shuttered, any recs for some tasty inventive food in the city?

Feb 01, 2010
chucha in Europe

amazing sushi? EV, LES

i'm on the hunt for a sushi fix in the EV or LES. really good sushi only. fresh fresh fresh, and inspired, but, really, most importantly, fresh fresh fresh. i don't want to waste my time or money on something mediocre. my favorite sushi in town is yasuda, but it's neither in the right place nor at the right price for me right now. anybody have a rec? would also be willing to go elsewhere downtown if the east side is simply not going to happen.

Aug 12, 2009
chucha in Manhattan

good local and caucasian: ukraine/moldova/romania/poland

Another 'hound looking for recommendations here! I will be in Kiev this weekend and am hoping to find some good food. I'm up for anything so long as the food is tasty and local. Thanks for your advice!

May 22, 2009
chucha in International Archive

baku, azerbaijan?

I travel to Baku, Azerbaijan frequently for business and have not had much success in finding good places to eat. I've heard rumors of Azeri food being wonderfully underrated, and i'd love some recommendations to test out that theory. Any 'hounds that can clue me in to some tasty eats? Aside from restaurants to try, I would also be thankful for recommendations of specific dishes. Many thanks!

Mar 20, 2008
chucha in International Archive

any recipes for mexican squash?

My favorite is a staple of my grandmother's kitchen: Colache. Dice the zucchini into very small cubes. Slice the kernels off several ears of white corn. Put a tiny bit of oil in a pan and saute a quarter of a white onion. When seared, add the zucchini and the corn with a teaspoon of water. Cover and let cook/steam for about 15 minutes with intermittent stirring. Salt to taste. Absolute comfort food to me... to make it a little more sumptious, add a drop of creme fraiche on top when serving. A note of warning, this only works really well with the Mexican calabacitas...American zucchini is somehow too hard and bitter for this dish.

Dec 07, 2007
chucha in Home Cooking

what's wrong with mexico's desserts? / mazatlan

you just haven't found the beauty of Mexican desserts..they are there, you just can't look for them at a bakery! Some of my favorites: natilla, chongos zamoranos, guanabana mousse.

For a taste of "sweet mexico," go to the Liverpool in whatever city you are visiting (Liverpool is a department store with about 80 stores throughout the country). Each Liverpool has a massive, and unbelievable, candy department. You'll find all the "traditional mexican candy" (dairy, nut, and fruit bases) as well as the new stuff (think chili-covered mangoes). My favorite line of products there is made by "Dulces Tita." You'll find them sold in bulk in the big bowls on display, and usually are not branded- just ask a sales person to point you in the right direction. They have unbelievably delicious "suspiros"-- little balls delightfully made of hazelnut, pine nut, almond, or pecan. They also have "jamoncillo"-- the original "dulce de leche" which is almost white in color and as close to perfection for this type of candy as you will get anywhere in the world, and a variety of other products made with dates, prunes, chocolate, etc. Another great product there is the candied fruits-- I particularly love the pumpkin and the figs. BTW, the pumpkin is scrumptious served in a bowl with cold milk and eaten with a spoon!

Dec 07, 2007
chucha in Mexico


I'd recommend buying the slow food movement book entitled "Osterie d'Italia." They have great restaurants, as well as notes on notable cafes, pasticcerie, etc. We were just in Sicily this past August, but spent most of our time in the Southeast. By far my favorite town was Noto. We planned our itinerary using this book. We'd find towns looked interesting and that had good restaurants and then would find a B&B to spend the night at. In the morning we'd have a brioche with granita (btw, the Caffe Sicilia in Noto has the most amazing almond granita), something light for lunch (it was hot!) and then a fabulous dinner at a slow food restaurant. We had very notable meals in Noto (the best pasta alla norma-- eggplants, ricotta salata, yum!-- of the whole trip), Castelbuono (very fresh tasting pasta sauce with pistachios and tomatoes), and in Ficuzza, right outside Corleone (the restaurant is a converted old rail station with amazing food). We also had the best gelato of my life in Bronte-- a nondescript cafe/gelateria on Corso Umberto I-- but wow, what pistachio gelato! unfortunately I can't remember the name of any of these places, but they are all in the slow food book (and no, i'm not in any way affiliated with slow food!) I still haven't had a good meal since we came back from Siciliy-- the food is just fabulous there!

Oct 04, 2007
chucha in Italy

Great espresso in chelsea?

i tried grumpy this weekend-- good coffee, i agree! i preferred it to my usual cappuccino at Le Bergamot, but my husband said the espresso tasted better at LB. i guess those are our options...

May 29, 2007
chucha in Manhattan

posh mexican

how about Itzocan Bistro in Spanish Harlem? I thought it was quite good and a refreshing change from the standard, mediocre, mexican fare in town.

May 25, 2007
chucha in Manhattan

Great espresso in chelsea?

I live in Chelsea and am in a constant quest for good cafes. Most important is quality coffee but nice ambiance and something interesting to munch on would be great too. I usually go to Le Bergamot, but to be honest I don't really like the coffee there. coffee geeks, where would you go? i need a neighborhood cafe!

May 25, 2007
chucha in Manhattan

New to DF, 1 month to Chow -- where?

cristina, you are so right about flor de caña- my favorite rum by a huge margin. the best way to make a cuba campechana!

this isn't in tlalpan, but a great restaurant near the zocalo-- El Cardonal. Amazing food, wonderful live pianist, great service. there is another El Cardonal in the Sheraton by La Alameda-- same tasty food but different atmosphere. i like many things on the menu but must say their mole is to die for! so jealous, i wish i could spend a month chowing in DF!!

Mar 16, 2007
chucha in Mexico

Munich: tasty healthy, not necessarily german?

thank you marc-- i will be sure to check those out!

Jan 16, 2007
chucha in International Archive

Places that it's tough to get a bad meal

i agree with Maya-- Oaxaca is unreal, as are other parts of Mexico.

Jan 14, 2007
chucha in International Archive

Munich: tasty healthy, not necessarily german?

I will be travelling to Munich for business and will be there for at least a week, maybe more. I'm afraid that if I spend the week eating local specialties, my jeans won't fit by the weekend. Do you have recommendations for tasty and healthy food? also some ethnic cuisine... I'll take a brat and a beer the first night, but then I need some options. Thank you!

Jan 14, 2007
chucha in International Archive