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Best Sushi

Not to start any disagreements, but what is the best sushi restaurant in Los Angeles?

Jun 05, 2009
Trudger in Los Angeles Area

Chinese in Chelsea

Best Chinese (any style) nearest 22nd and 8th, preferably open 'till midnight on Saturdays?

Apr 17, 2009
Trudger in Manhattan

The Hungry Cat?

Reviews of the food and atmosphere at the Hungry Cat, notwithstanding the frightening architecture surrounding it, would be appreciated.

Apr 18, 2008
Trudger in Los Angeles Area

Best restaurants in Eagle Rock?

I second Casa Bianca; Tuesday through Thursday. When listing your name, you may consider requesting a booth, which will be preferable to a table.

While you wait, you might stroll up the block to the Chalet. They have several excellent beers on tap and an eclectic jukebox.

Apr 18, 2008
Trudger in Los Angeles Area

Sushi in Studio City?

On weekday afternoons Iroha is preferable. The article's depiction of it as the boulevard's "elder sushi statesman" is apt. At lunchtime, the Iroha Bento can be highly recommended.

Apr 18, 2008
Trudger in Los Angeles Area

Dear Lord - why did I go to Pink's today instead of Carney's?

Long Live Jay's Jayburgers!

Apr 17, 2008
Trudger in Los Angeles Area

Vodka Watermelon Crisis (HELP!!!) [Moved from Los Angeles Area board]

You don't have much time...

Get a large bowl, and cut a 'lid' out of the watermelon about half way up from the 'equator' of the watermelon. Discard the lid.

Use a melon baller to scoop out as much of the meat from the melon as possible, avoiding the white pith. Put the melon balls in the large bowl and add enough vodka to cover. (Grey Goose or Absolute Citron would be nice). Chill the bowl in the freezer.

Make a regular fruit punch, and pour it into the watermelon about 1/3 of the way up; add enough vodka to the punch to make you wince, and reserve any remaining punch in a separate container. Chill the watermelon in the back of the refridgerator.

Just before the party starts, drain the melon balls, add them to the punch in the watermelon, and add as much reserved punch as necessary to reach just below the rim of the melon. Add a generously sized ladle.

Happy Birthday

Apr 17, 2008
Trudger in Home Cooking