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Midtown west/UWS Sushi

I am a big fan of Raku - 57 W. 76th St. / off of Columbus Ave.

great sushi
great rolls
great service

2 days ago
pbjluver in Manhattan

When did Friday's on 604 5th Ave open?

Until 2001, I used to work at Rockefeller Center and frequented the Barnes & Noble that used to be next door. Friday's has been there long before 2001.
For quite a while, they were the only restaurant on Fifth Ave. above 42nd St.

May 17, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

Need a restaurant close to Cornell Weill 70th and York

71st and First Ave.
they deliver

Two Lizards
First Ave. between 73rd & 74th
they deliver


73rd St. & First Ave.
they deliver

La Crosta
Italian & Middle Eastern
436 E. 72nd Street, between First & York Ave.
they deliver

Cafe Evergreen
First Ave between 73 & 74 Street
they deliver

Cafe Luka
First Ave. at 71st St.
open to midnight
they deliver

Good luck with your tests

May 17, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

Where to find meyer lemons?


Manhattan Fruit Exchange in Chelsea Market

Garden of Eden - - http://edengourmet.com

May 16, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

Lunch after redeye

Russ and Daughters...great idea

same menu all day...but will you have the energy to go all the way
down to Orchard Street?

Closer to Columbus Circle is Norma's at the Parker Meridien Hotel

Breakfast starts at 7 a.m.
Short walk - 56th St. between 6th and 7th Aves.

May 14, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

Lunch after redeye

Are you flying in from the west coast? Doesn't the redeye usually get into JFK around 5:30 - 6 a.m. ? Lunch won't be until 11:30 - 12 noon.
Will your wife be able to wait that long?

How about a nice breakfast

May 13, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

Accessible dinner (price point $10-20pp and easy via subway) for ~40 people

Doesn't Hill Country at 30 W. 26th Street have a separate downstairs?


might be a few more dollars than your $10-20 budget

3 blocks nouth of the Flatiron Building and N & R subway

May 05, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

Looking for recommendations for friends visiting from Germany

FYI - - - - the name of the place is KATZ'S not Katz

May 02, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

Honeymoon meal

When in September? What are your likes and dislikes?
Where are you staying?

The United Nations General Assembly totally cripples midtown, the east side and upper east side. This year's dates are from Sept. 15 - 28. Every head of state + Obama + (I believe) the Pope will be attending. Streets are closed down and traffic is at a complete standstill.

Fashion week is from Sept. 10 - 17
Designers, models and fashionistas invade NYC

May 01, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

ISO: a nice place on Lex btw 78 & 68

Sel et Poivre
64th and Lexington


Apr 30, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

Any Interesting Bar close to Bryant Park?

Apr 28, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

best sushi west 70's?


57 W 76th Street
(At Columbus Ave)
(212) 873-1220

Apr 23, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan


Apr 22, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

Lunch Between Penn Station and the Barrymore Theater

You timing is a bit tight.
If the train is on time you might not get to a restaurant until 12:30.
If the show begins at 2, you should be at the theatre by 1:45.

The Barrymore Theatre is on W. 47th Street between 7th & 8th Ave.

check out:

Have you thought about taking an earlier train?

Apr 19, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

where can I buy pizza dough in manhattan?

Trader Joe's

Apr 16, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

NYC trip with teenage daughter

Apr 16, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

what's good around 47th and 2nd?

check out JUBILEE...great mussels


Apr 07, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

what's good around 47th and 2nd?

NAYA - Lebanese/Mediterranean

they have 2 places

the restaurant at 1057 Second Ave. - 55th Street

and an "express" place...where you can eat there
688 Third Ave. between 43rd and 44th St.

Delicious food.

Apr 07, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

crawfish boil

I was at Delta Grill last Saturday night. Did not have the 'boil' but everything we ate was delicious. Great service.

Apr 02, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

Moving offices to Midtown East ... I need new lunch options!

I just ate at Naya Express today...delicious Lebanese...http://nayaexpress.com
between 43rd & 44th St. - - right next to 5 Guys

Check out Grand Central Terminal
Dining - lower level - http://www.grandcentralterminal.com/d...
Market - street level, Lexington Ave. - http://www.grandcentralterminal.com/m...
Pescatore Seafood has delicious prepared dishes...wraps, salads...very fresh!

Mar 30, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

Lunch recommendation for Chelsea Market?

I know you mentioned that you were not looking for a fish place but The Lobster Place has delicious soups...chowders, bisques.

Mar 30, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

Where to buy raw brisket - 1st and 2nd cut combined?

Costo: GREAT!...my go-to place

Mar 29, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

Lunch recommendation for Chelsea Market?

I love the pad thai at Chelsea Thai
The place is a dump...metal bridge chairs + community tables
but the food is delicious

Num Pang - Cambodian Sandwich Shop
outstanding Cambodian slaw

Mar 28, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

Non-Kosher Passover To Go

Mar 23, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

Non-Kosher Passover To Go

I don't know about you, but I prefer a Jewish place preparing my seder.

Eli's - 80th & Third Ave.


They have a full Passover menu

Mar 23, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

Great strawberry jam?


I really enjoy the Trader Joe's
Maybe you just got a bad batch

Mar 13, 2015
pbjluver in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Mt Sinai Roosevelt / St Lukes

delicious Turkish at Hanci
854 10th Ave, New York 10019
(Btwn 56th & 57th St)
(212) 707-8144


Mar 05, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

Elio's UES

At those prices you should not have laughed it off.
Did you mentioned anything to the manager?

Feb 24, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan

The best casual Mexican and Vietnamese in Glendale/Burbank/Hollywood area

Two NY'ers will be visiting sunny and warm LA next weekend.
ISO the tastiest Mexican and Vietnamese restaurants for a very casual, moderately priced delicious dinner. We both love spicy food. Are not drinkers, beverage of choice is a Diet Coke. Just want something to wake up our frozen NYC tastebuds.

Feb 19, 2015
pbjluver in Los Angeles Area

Lunch near Hunter College High School (94th & Park)

Jan 29, 2015
pbjluver in Manhattan