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aqua or michael mina?

I used to love Aqua when Mina was there so it naturally follows that I vote Michael Mina.I've eaten there and it's top notch!

recommended chinese in Oakland?

I want to eat chinese today 08/08/08.Any new or standard favorites especially on Piedmont and College Aves.I love Great China in Berkeley but I'm looking for some new recommendations.

Hunan Bacon

I have a recent menu from The Hunan on Natoma St and it's on there listed as a new dish.I know it's not listed on the Sansome menu posted on the website.I'm going to order it next time and report in to Chowhound under this posting.Still good news though.

Late dining in Downtown or South Philly?

I am staying in the far northeast near bristol and the franklin mills outlet mall

Jun 16, 2008
codywhitney in Pennsylvania

Late dining in Downtown or South Philly?

I am arriving in Philly at 10pm at the airport in a couple of days.Anyone have any recommendations for either Downtown (close to Rte 95) or South Philly that are open till 11 pm (at least).As long as the food's good I don't care about ambiance.

Jun 16, 2008
codywhitney in Pennsylvania

Great food in Northeast Philadelphia

I'm a former Philadelphian now living in San Francisco and am coming in to visit in 2 weeks.Am looking for recommended restaurants in Northeast Philly area.I enjoy delicious food of any kind and price.Any suggestions?

Jun 03, 2008
codywhitney in Pennsylvania

Berkeley or Oakland recommended fish?

Am going out for a birthday celebration with fish being the requested dish.I have made a reservation at Sea Salt.Any feedback or suggestions? THANX

Any new Dim Sum Recommendations ?

We live in Oakland and usually eat at Legendary and also enjoy Peony.We no longer enjoy Jade Villa in Oakland or Ton Kiang in the city.Am looking for great,reasonably priced Dim Sum around SF/Oakland.Any suggestions?

Anyone been to Shen Hua in Berkeley lately?

Well,I've never had bad service but I used to love the food and my last meal or 2 was disappointing.I haven't eaten there in over 3 months,it used to be a staple in our house!

sushi on piedmont ave?

I also love Uzen on College Ave.The fish is super fresh,simply prepared and purchased daily.Tachibana is good too.I have never had good sushi on Piedmont Ave.

Urgent: spanish food in Berk/Sf

I also love the arroz negro at B44,the room is large and industrial,can be loud and is quite lively(like Spain!).You can't go wrong with Cesar's.I do not like Patio Espanol's main courses.

Calistoga recommendations for dinner?

Hubby and I are celebrating our anniversary,staying at Indian Springs in Calisoga.We want to eat either in Calisoga or very near.Any recommendations?We like all (yummy tasting types)foods.Is Wappo Bistro still as good as it was 2-3 years ago?Any other recommendations?

Recommendations for early dinner in Walnut Creek?

Have a late appointment tomorrow afternoon in Walnut Creek...don't want to drive to Oakland till after rush hour.Any recommendations?Any new places recommended?

The Latest on Little Seoul Oakland?

Have been a soon head for Pyung Chang!Am taking some meat loving friends to Korean food.Where can I get good soon and good meat at the same place?


Zachary's deep dish?We call it quichza!

Vacation in SF - Recommendations, Please

I've eaten at Aziza a few times and love it!Right across the street is Ton Kiang,one of my favorite Chinese restaurants.Don't miss the crispy skin chicken,the dim sum(served at night too)'s more cantonese like Sam Wo.

Restaurants you've been to repeatedly?

Yeah..still go alot.Not crazy about the entrees except for the clay pot fish and lemongrass anything.I love the watercress salad(most of their salads),the raw beef salad,the mussel appetizer and the Bun with pork kabob. Make sure you order in segments or everything will arrive at once!

Restaurants you've been to repeatedly?

I like the thai garlic noodles,the light curry dishes such as spinach and tomato,shrimp and tomato and the (I think the name is) burmese vegetable.I also love the salads (green papaya,green tea)and the 5 treasure bean curd and fried tropical squash appetizer.If mango is in season I order accordingly (green mango too).

Restaurants you've been to repeatedly?

Nan Yang,Shen Hua,Pho 84,Kirala,Uzen and Breads of India... all in Oakland and Berkeley.

reasonable to moderate restaurants in Boca Raton area?

I'm going to visit family and need some decent food.I've been going for a few years now and am really having a hard time finding places.

Jan 13, 2007
codywhitney in Florida