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What are you baking these days? September 2015 edition!

I am trying to get up the steam and make a peach cobbler like the blueberry one I made last month, but it is so hot and humid.

Thornwood - Khan's Indian Kitchen - below disappointing

I think you are better off going and getting dhosa batter from the indian grocer in Elmhurst and DIY.

New to Pleasantville / Thornwood - Recs please!

Another vote for Pony Express. We love the pulled pork sandwich they serve as well as the ample salad they serve if you dont want fries.

Almonds for biscotti

Some recipes call for blanched and some call for unblanched. Most of the recipes I use call for toasting the almonds before using them.

Dec 02, 2010
scharffenberger in Home Cooking

Tops of Biscotti Crack and Split

While doing some research on to this same topic I found this post.
Occasionally I have the same problem. Next time I am going to try baking the loaves at 325. The one thing I always do now is to let loaves cool completely before slicing.

Dec 02, 2010
scharffenberger in Home Cooking

Need restaurant suggestions for budget summer road trip from Buffalo, NY to Maine (Old Orchard Beach/ Portland/ Bangor/ Bar Harbor)

Based on recommendations from both Chowhound and Google Maps, we tried Friars Bakehouse for lunch. Although it was a charming snapshot of local color, I would not recommend it for lunch. I do recommend taking a loaf of their oatmeal bread on the road with you, and stopping in for a whoopie pie or blueberry muffin and a cup of coffee,

10,000-Hour Pancake

It seems as if you are rephrasing the old adage "Practice Makes Perfect" and yes I concur.

Aug 16, 2010
scharffenberger in Features

Spruce Pine Restaurants Recommendations

We will be in Spruce Pine. We would like some recommendations for some good home made food.

Jul 30, 2010
scharffenberger in Southeast

An ongoing collaboration of the BEST latin food in lower westchester county

I like the pupusas in Mamaroneck a lot. You can get them at O'Neills Country Store, or the Pan Restaurant a few doors down.

I also like the ceviche at Pollo Misti in Port Chester.

The empanadas at Brazilian Bakery and BBQ in Port Chester.

Country Store
1319 Lake Rd, Webster, NY 14580

Paleteria Fernandez in Mamaroneck!

These are the best popsicles around.

Piri-Q in Mamaroneck

Here is a picture of O'Neills Country Store!

What's happened to donuts?

I agree with going for the local donut places. They are few and far between!

Piri-Q in Mamaroneck

I had some little codfish cakes from Chaves and they were delectable. He was sold out of the Kale Soup. I hope to go back soon

Piri-Q in Mamaroneck

BTW Another vote for the pupusas at O'Niels Country Store!

Chestnut Flour

Did you check Whole Foods?

Mar 28, 2010
scharffenberger in Manhattan

Spicyness question, whose fault is it

That is an excellent question. There are many variable in the spice factor. There is the kind of cuisine, the restaurant and kind of spice: chilis or black pepper. Although I enjoy spicy food, I have been served food that was too hot for me; it made my eyes water and it made me want to choke.
I also feel there is an issue of control. I occasionally like that searing explosion in my mouth, but I want to be in control. At home before I cook with serranos or jalapenos I test their heat by sampling them. If my mouth is on fire I swig some milk or other dairy product.
Some times one orders a dish and one has no clue how hot it will be. When ordering in Indian restaurants I dont ask for added heat when they are cooking, although I have been known to request a green chili pepper on the side.
My mother has no tolerance for spicy foods, and when she places an order she ALWAYS mentions this to the wait staff.

The best selection in stores of microbrewery beers

Thanks for all the new comments, I cant wait to explore DeCiccos!

Salt Water Taffy in Greenwich CT ?

I am wondering where I can find salt water taffy in Greenwich CT. I know there are several candy stores, however I am not familiar with any of them.

Santa Fe Trip Report - long!

Thanks for the detailed information. Very helpful in planning.

Jan 27, 2010
scharffenberger in Southwest

Substituting Bread Flour in Biscotti?


Jan 24, 2010
scharffenberger in Home Cooking

The best selection in stores of microbrewery beers

I am located in Southern Westchester County. I have discovered that Stop and Shop carries some, but not every store carries the same brands, as well as Whole Foods.

Side Dishes With Roast Goose

We made a sweet and sour red cabbage, cranberry apple compote, mango and raisin chutney, anadama bread and collard greens complemented the goose. We also served a capon, since not everyone likes goose.

Dec 30, 2009
scharffenberger in Home Cooking

Side Dishes With Roast Goose

Our family is Roasting a Goose for Christmas. Since goose is very rich, I am thinking of dishes that are low fat high flavor and would welcome suggestions.I am planning to make some light as air bread, sweet and sour red cabbage. apple sauce, Is there a dish with fresh cranberries and sweet potatoes that gets baked in the oven?

Dec 14, 2009
scharffenberger in Home Cooking

The best selection in stores of microbrewery beers

Where is the best selection and prices?

Cooking Tips - Sour Dough Bread

I have been keeping alive a sour dough starter for the past year. Most of the time I just incorporate the starter into the bread recipe I am using. The bread comes out delicious, lasting a little longer/
Last week I was feeling confident enough to make a sour dough bread without yeast. The bread came out good. However
I still dont understand the proofing. Will it taste much different if the proofing is overnight in the fridge. Any adviceon baking sour dough bread, I would welcome.

Sep 08, 2009
scharffenberger in Home Cooking

Need German cookie or baked goods ideas for an Octoberfest event

Springerle are a German Cookie flavored with crushed anise. Traditionally they are shaped with a wooden and floured mold. But the one time I made them I made them like refrigerator cookies and they came out fine.

Aug 31, 2009
scharffenberger in Home Cooking

Bang for the Buck: Maine, Vt, NH, MA Oct 4-12.

If you are up in Windham, Maine. Try Bob's Seafood Market.

Tamales lost. Even better tamales found!

Where are they located on West Main?

Tamales lost. Even better tamales found!

Paletaria Fernandez in Port Chester definitively has the freshest Mexican Popsicles. Also they will dip them in chocolate coating..I did a taste test of the peanut popsicle North Street in NR vs Paleteria Fernandez and the one on North Street in NR. The peanuts in the popsicle from NR had that rancid edge. Still edible but definitely an off flavor. The peanuts in the popsicle from PR tasted fine. I also love the hot and sweet mango and the sweet and salty cucumber popsicles they make.
As for Mexican Pastry I have tasted many duds,and found only two I like so far. I don't know what they are called. They are diamond shaped and have a few sesame seeds on top. You can also get them prepackaged at some Mexican Grocery Stores. They might be labeled Guatemalan Pastry and come from a bakery in New Jersey. The other one I like is flavored with Anise seeds. Both of these pastries pair well with a cup of tea or coffee. They are not to sweet nor greasy. They do have a good texture somewhere between a sugar cookies and a muffin that I enjoy..
I have not had any luck purchasing a decent dulce de leche cake... All this discussion has made me want to do another inquiry.

Worst restaurants in Westchester

I agree.