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Orlando area top 10 - February 2012

Thank you for the great list. Arriving from Montreal the first of 2013 for golf. Staying at omni hotel 1500 Masters Blvd
ChampionsGate. Wiill have a car. Will this list be convenient for the Idrive area? I am a seafood lover . Trying to cut on meat. Dinner shall be the main meal of the day. Will accept scenic if food not great.

Dec 23, 2012
christian_r in Florida

Expresso Coffee

I am looking for the best Coffee for Automatic machines. (whole bean coffee). I tried: Café Italia's. Illy's. Brûlerie St Denis. (Arabica flavor).

Going to Montreal for a week. Where to eat?

In fact, I think we both need to be corrected
O'Thym: 1112, boul. de Maisonneuve Est
Montréal (Québec), H2L 1Z5

réservation :

best chocolates in montreal?

mcgillfoodie is right on the ball, especially that Suite 88 packaging is very elegant. I would add another charming place, Juliette et Chocolat on St Denis, facing St DEnis Theatre for an afternoon crepe and marvellous hot chocolate and I personnally enjoy the Porto and cholates they have on the menu.

Nice touch buddy!

Going to Montreal for a week. Where to eat?

Best Portuguese: Portus Calle on St Laurent. Service and atmosphere amazing.
Best Bring your Own wine: O'thym. On Ste Cath
Best Breakfast: LE Cartet on Mc Gill Ave
Top 5 French Restaurants: Toqué ($$$$), Club Chasse et Peche ($$$), Leméac(Laurier), LA montée de Lait ($$), Cuisine et Dépendance ($$$)
Best Chocolate: Juliette et Chocolat, Suite 88 on St Denis
Obviously, best, is relative. With this you can spend your week in peace. All are within metro reach. Enjoy your week.

Breakfast in Montreal

At a walking distance on Mc Gill Avenue, Le Cartet is a "food boutique", that serves delicious breakfast. Olive and Gourmando is also a must for "palmier and brownies". Try also Juliette et Chocolat on St Denis for magnificient brownies and crêpes.