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Whole-fat buttermilk?

Correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding is that buttermilk, by definition, is non-fat. It is the milk left over after butter is made. It is essentially a byproduct of making full-fat butter.

Passover dinner (not seder) South End or Copley

Beacon Hill Bistro is offering a Passover pre-fix

Charge for still water and no bread [moved from Boston]

The new refillable bottles and water filtration/carbonation systems are becoming more common. I think the companies that sell the systems have been marketing hard in this area, touting the eco-friendly nature of thier product versus traditional bottled water.

To be fair, there are costs to restaurants who use this product. There is installation, equipment to buy/rent. The restaurants that use them will likely have stopped offering the Pellegrino or Voss or whatever they used to offer and there would certainly be some revenue lost there from making the switch.

But either way, I have seen this product offered at no cost and I have seen it offered at a cost in different places.

When offered still or sparkling water, I recomend ordering "ice water" or "tap water, no ice" or even "Boston water is fine by me".... This way it is clear that you are not anticipating any charge for your water.

I for one, would rather spend my money on food...

December help

You should not have a wait at Neptune at 4:30. I would suggest Lucca for dinner or drinks pre- or post- game as well. You may find that bars too close to the Garden are loud and overcrowed and not much fun...

Hunting for lamb MF Dulock... Highly recommended. 201A Highland Ave in Somerville... Call ahead to reserve the cut you want...

Amsterdam Falafel: The Good, The Bad, The Sad

We went last night and were very happy with the falafel, toppings and sauces. Great flavors all around. I like the concept and it is definately a good value. It was a little awkward to have two of us with two pitas and a side of fries. They had foil sheets to line trays with after you pay, but I wish I had known that before I laid the fries cone down on the tray to grab my wallet.

Are you listening, Amsterdam Falafel? You need more seating- add some counter seating along a wall, or change out the table tops for smaller ones and add a few more tables. I guess I have not eaten fast food/counter service food in a while, but I definately felt like a Falafel Refugee after paying and having no where to sit for a solid five minutes. There was a group there last night who had moved 4 tables together to seat about nine people, the remaining tables were filled. TWO tables were just lingering/chatting after they were finished. Really? Who does that when there is a line out the door?

Bits of Info and Food Reporting from Vinny Event

Mystery solved! Sorriso and Les Zygomates, Chef John Paine.

I agree that Oleana's salad blew my mind. I will be thinking of those flavors for a long time to come. Also Sofra's cashew and sesame desert- wow!

It was a great event. I am very happy to see all the people who came out for Vinny. Let's all put together our good thoughts and hope that he makes a speedy recovery.

MA/Boston food wedding favor idea?

Granted ours was a smaller affair, but our favors were awesome. We had a waiter's wine keys (screwpulls) engraved with our names and the date and location. They cost just under $5 each when done in bulk. People still make mention them 3 years later.

Recos for large party in Harvard, Ayer, Acton, Clinton etc?

I think Sprigs is great. If you inquire about a buy-out and tell them your needs wants and price point my bet is that they will be able to cater to your specific needs at a reasonable price.

Discounted gift certificates

I just noticed that on the Aquataine website they are offering a free $20 "meal certificate" when one purchases a $100 gift card. Both cards are valid at any of their locations. It looks like the meal certificate has limits on what and when you can use it.... More of a thank you to the purchaser than something you would give as a gift.

I am in the market for a few restaurant gift cards this holiday season. I also love free stuff and feeling like I am getting a good value.

Does anyone know of similar deals out there this season? I am not interested in the Groupon type stuff which is great, but would make a weird impression as a gift.

Where to buy a half bushel of clams?

Mike at Concord Prime and Fish will special order what ever you want at a reasonable price. Great quality, too. 978.451.4197 Mike is a great person to know. He can even get you a suckling pig!

Concord Prime and Fish
97 Thoreau Street, Concord, MA

No Food at Match?

Rumor has it that there is a change in ownership on the horizon.

WWYD?? Erbaluce for birthday--with "difficult" DCs? Help!!

My uncle will not, under any circumstances, eat any kind of fish. No shrimp, no tuna, no nothing, no thank you... Once again, not an allergy, just an aversion. I never knew why and I never asked. It wasn't until this summer that I heard the story which explains the aversion. Apparently back in the 1940s, locking a child in the basement until they would eat their dinner was more acceptable than it is now... I will never again blame him for his aversion.

Foie Gras

The subject of Foie Gras, and the preserving the freedom to eat said Foie Gras is a great passion of mine and my family. Therefore I would like to offer a few notes to clarify some information which may be incorrect on this thread:

#1: Hudson Valley Foie Gras is NOT the only producer in the US. There is also "Bella" and "Artisan" to name a few.
Hudson Valley is however the most vocal and involved in the fight to keep foie gras production legal. To the best of my knowledge they are also the only certified "cage free" foie in the country. They had Temple Grandin's poultry expert consult. They allow and encourage farm visits. They are located in Ferndale, NY. I went in Sept. '09.

#2: The difference between A grade and B grade.
First of all, if a duck is not responding well to the feeding (or if it is a runt), they "cull" the bird, meaning they stop "gauvage" feeding and raise the bird just for meat. The concept is kind of like "not everybody makes the team".
The ducks who continue in gauvage are fed 3 meals per day until they are done. The feeder knows when they are done (usually 21 days) because every time they feed the bird they feel the top of the "crop" or pouch to see if there is still food from the last meal there. If the food hasn't passed thru to the stomach, the feeder skips that bird and marks it's neck with a red marker. If food has not passed after two meals times, the bird's liver is ready for harvest.
Each duck's liver has the same number of veins. The primary difference between an A and B is weight. A grade A liver is about 2 lbs and a B averages 1.5 lbs. The same number of veins in a 75% smaller liver means that the veins are more concentrated in the B, making it more work for the chef to portion it out. Also you get fewer perfect portions from a B. The difference in grade/price reflects the size of the liver rather than quality.
It should also be noted that a larger liver could be graded a B is it is bruised or misshapen, however that is not the primary grading factor. Livers should not really have bruises from production, but rather they may get bruised in transport.

A few other interesting notes:
Each group of birds has the same feeder for it's whole gauvage. They have employee housing on site. They do three weeks on, 1 week off. Each feeder is compensated with a base salary and they get a bonus for no casualties and other humane treatment indicators.

A duck's anatomy is such that the inside of their esophagus is lined with fingernail-like material. Also they have a pouch at the bottom of the esophagus before the stomach which evolved there so that migratory birds can gorge themselves before long journeys.

Thanks for listening! Go visit them. It is fascinating!

Italian recs in Medford?

Italy Italian or Italian American?... You never know when you say "Italian" in New England. If it is Italy Italian you are looking for, I heartily recommend Bistro 5 in West Medford. No pizza or meatballs but yes risotto, homemade pasta, rabbit, wild boar, lamb...

Bistro 5
5 Playstead Road, Medford, MA 02155

Where's everyone buying their Thanksgiving turkey?

Concord Prime and Fish is special ordering Heritage breed Bourbon Red as the Heirloom variety. He is also offering organic free-range from PA.

In years past I have ordered Organic from Whole Foods, and have been happy enough with quality. But I was put off when I asked and was told they would source from Iowa and PA. When I picked it up, my bird said California on the bag. At that point I asked if they had one from Pennsylvania or Iowa available. They went in the back and brought me the exact same California turkey but this time in a shopping bag. One of those moments when I choose my battles. I let it go because it was a madhouse and I wanted to get home...

Honey Crisp Apple Racket

My understanding on the generalized higher price of Honey Crisps is that each tree yeilds less fruit than other kinds of apple trees. And, truth be told I think they are worth every penny.

ISO Black Truffle Butter

Wilson Farm in the cheese area.


I know they exisit. I have seen them in France. They are little crunchy root vegtable/tuberish things. They are in season now. I was AMAZED that a search on Chowhound came up empty with zero results found. Further investigation led to almost no info online and no pictures. They are listed on random menus:

This just makes me curious. Does anyone know anything about Cronses? Is there another name that they are better known by?

Where to buy truffles in Boston?

You can call Julio at Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge or Mark at Wilson Farm in Lexingon. They will special order fresh truffles if they are in season. Currently available are Alba White Truffles ($200-ish/oz) and Black from Burgundy, France ($30-ish/oz). These special orders need a few days lead time. They don't keep them in stock because if they don't sell them it would be terrible for profits.

Noir's $5, $4, $3, $2, $1 menu is great!

You have peaked my interest. What are the hours/days this happy hour menu is available? I will see you there. Me and my cash-strapped friends are all over the super- deals these days!

Where are people buying eggs?

I never knew that about the code on eggs. Facinating. I buy eggs at Wilson Farms. I have been shopping at Wilson's for a long time and new they had eggs with their label but I didn't realize that the hen house down the stairs by the greenhouse. They are around $2/doz.

Best place to eat black truffles?

Winter Black Truffles are out there, for sure. David or Julio at Fromaggio kitchen (Cambridge) will special order them for you, it takes a few days. Erbaluce ad Lumier both had them last week. I think that chefs hesitate to print it on a menu because the price varies week to week due to the weather and availability. They prefer to offer them as a special so they can be more flexible.

Venue for 30-40 people walking distance from Pru

30-40 people mingling need a private room. Even when a group of 15-20 arrive in an average bar/restaurant, it is a stretch to properly serve them when people are milling about, moving around in small groups. With a private room, you would be entitled to the expectation of the atmosphere not being too noisy. I would venture to guess that you may be able to negotiate yourselves into a higher-end place at less $$ these days, especially on a Tuesday. My advice is to ask a mid-higher priced place how much per person for a small salad/choice of pasta/and dessert. Ask about lower end wines and beer or a cash bar. I think you may be happily surprised.
Sasso has a nice private room. I bet many restaurants will likely work with you within your budget because 30-40 people extra on a Tuesday in March is worth it to them right now.

Your favorite inexpensive, spicy meals?

We just got Chili Garden for the first time Saturday night. We kept it safe in ordering, the only thing adventurous was the double smoked house sausage entree. It was soooo good. Have you had the tripe or rabbit or other not-your-average offering from there? I was tempted by these, but I ordered like the white-bread American I am.

As for crave-able spicy, I must put in a plug for Tu y Yo's Beef Tinga (not sure about if they are open for lunch). It is spicy in a complex way rather than burn your face off way. And if it is Redbones a side of BBQ hash is spice-a-crave-able-licious, with big chunks of jalapenos.

Where in Boston can you buy smoked duck breast?

Baza Gourmet, the new Russian store on the Newton/Needham line has it. I have found them to be full of surprises.

Circle at old Bob the Chef place

Full liquor lic and open until 2. The dining room is larger than Bob's was. They expanded next door.... I poked my head in last week. It looks like construction is complete, maybe they are waiting on permits. That's all I got.

Butcher in Metrowest?

Some of the meats are homone free. They carry a lot of D'Artagnan meats which are all no antibitic/no steroid/no hormone, as a company standard. What were you looking for?

The old TGIF location on Newbury St....

Dorment with newspaper in the windows for what seems like a long time, the old TGI Friday location had some action the other day. As I drove by the intersection of Newbury and Exeter, the door was open and the lights were on. It may have been my imagination but there seemed to be a few workers milling about the entrance. Anybody know what is going into that spot? What about Domani, closed for renovations for the past year? Anyone know what is going on there?

Small Plates, Harvard Square - Needs to train waitstaff

I am unclear as to what your comment about the caesar salad means? Curious because in my opinion caesar salad is supposed to have anchovies.