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Burger in B'more

Koopers Tavern in Fells Point is a great neighborhood tavern. Regular (no Kobe, no Buffalo, no exotic spices) 80-20 ground beef burger with fries. The bonus is on Tuesdays I think, but dont quote me, half price burger day.

Best with Kids in Little Italy - This Weekend, help please!

the servers have been their for years and they are from the neighborhood and love kids. Amici's is good with friends that are of age.

Healthy Options in the Inner Harbor - Baltimore

If you are looking for landmarks and light dishes(fish),
Phillips Seafood has been in Baltimore since HARBORPLACE has opened, I think over 25 years. Other not to miss locations Pierpoints in Fells Point

B-More: Robert Oliver Seafood?

I think the bar is awesome, but I agree...they need to make sure that they have the proper amount of staff on. I too waited for at least 5 minutes to get a drink.
If your staff is not traing properly, you can just about forget it in that location.

Baltimore is doing a Restaurant Week, hon

True is very nice at this price. I would try Blue Sea Grill and I understand Phillips has been really on their game. I need to get a crab cake.
I will not miss Aldos.
I will be gaining some weight!!!

Atlantic City, The Pier at Caesers

I understand this is the new place to spend some time while I am in AC. Can someone recomend a few restaurants?

Jan 13, 2007
bladesmith in Pennsylvania