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LA to Birmingham. Where Do I Eat?!


I'm traveling (too briefly!) through Birmingham for work, and I've never been. I'll probably only have one (maybe two?) opportunities to check out the local food scene, and would love some recommendations. I live in Los Angeles and I've been fortunate enough to eat all over the country, but I'd say my true Southern dining experiences are lacking. Where do I go around (or close to) downtown Birmingham to fill that void? I've read a lot about Niki's and Irondale, and both sound delicious, but I'm open to options!
Thank you!

Feb 22, 2011
LAFoodGirl in Central South

Looking for a Jam Making Class in LA!

My best friend's birthday is coming up in August, and she is a major jam lover! She wants to know how to make it, and I would love to help her in this endeavor. I know BreadBar has done a "Jam Session" class, but I don't think they are offering it again anytime soon.

Does anyone know of any classes in the LA area (preferably Hollywood/WeHo/BevHills - but would venture further for a good one) I might sign her up for?


Jul 30, 2009
LAFoodGirl in Los Angeles Area

30th Birthday venue ideas please!

Thanks for the ideas, everyone! I would like a place that, if it doesn't have its own dj, at least has a dance area where that could be set up. I was thinking of spending between 5 and 7k total. I think the Derby is too far east but I love the idea!

Jan 06, 2009
LAFoodGirl in Los Angeles Area

30th Birthday venue ideas please!

I'm looking for a unique place to hold my 30th birthday at the end of March. Delicious passed apps, a bar and dancing are a must! Hiring a dj isn't a problem - I just need a great place that can accomodate 125-150 people!

I LOVE the idea of the Marvimon locations (, however, I really need the venue to be in the Hollywood/WeHo/Beverly Hills area.

Any ideas would be much appreciated - thank you!

Jan 03, 2009
LAFoodGirl in Los Angeles Area

Private Dining Rooms for about 30ppl

Gusto on Greenwich Ave and Perry. They have a cool back room.

Jan 03, 2009
LAFoodGirl in Manhattan


Mozza is fantastic for the restaurant experience, but if you're just looking for a great slice, you can't beat Village Pizza on Larchmont or Mulberry Street in Beverly Hills.

Jan 13, 2007
LAFoodGirl in Los Angeles Area