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Help: Seattle dinner for women's group

We're 8-10 women meeting for conversation and dinner in Seattle. West Seattle area or downtown are ok. Ideal price is $25pp inc tax/tip. Does the price lean us toward neighborhood ethnic? That would be fine.

Need easy access to major highways and easy parking as we come from all directions. Good food and attentive service with chairs that are comfy for long conversations. Relatively quiet ambiance, but not romantic quiet. Thank you for any help. I am arranging, but am not from Seattle.

Feb 04, 2009
Hudson1126 in Pacific Northwest

Quiet, under $25 for women's group lunch and chat

Need appropriate quiet venue:

On Sunday,December 7, my nonprofit is getting women together( they do not know each other) for discussions with some eats in Manhattan. First scenario is arrive around 11:30 or noon for about 3 hours. But I'm flexible on the time of day if better options are out there for afternoon tea, etc..that's ok too.. Maybe even nicer? Must keep cost pp under $25 incl tax and tip.

No private room...just want an area in a main dining room.

Family style or regular style ok so long as I can pre-order the menu for seamless service.

Any cuisine. Food must be acceptable, but more important is that the attendees can talk easily and feel the room is comfortable for conversation. Cooperative staff also a plus.

Estimated 12-20 people will attend with final headcount coming in a week prior to event.

Organization is for women with the autoimmune condition alopecia areata.

thank you.


Oct 27, 2008
Hudson1126 in Manhattan

Are cheap good lunch eats possible in Park City, Utah???

The prepared foods, sushi chef and humongous "salad" and fixings bar at Wild Oats Market in the new Redstone Center are excellent and great value. They have a seating area so you can eat in what you buy or take out. Redstone is on the way into Park City on Route 224 close to the Kimball Junction border.

Wild Oats has a design-it-yourself sandwich counter with large choices and interesting breads.

Spencer's Grill is excellent value.

There's lots of tasty food on Main Street, but for better value, eat off Main.

Jan 13, 2007
Hudson1126 in Southwest