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How is the hospital food where you live?

I've been in 5 hospitals in the SF Bay area recently, so have lots of experience with the food. The worst was Stanford. It was so unhealthy (white bread, white sugar, lots of salt) that they sent a lovely older gentleman around to ask the patients what they thought of the food. My roommate expressed her disgust and then told him to talk to me. Quaveringly, he did so, and I just blasted the food. He said,"But everyone else says they love it." I said, "they love YOU and don't want to insult you." He laughed. Stanford is also dirty, extremely noisy at night and not a good experience. Please save me from students.
On the other hand, Comm. Hosp of Monterey Penin (CHOMP) is exactly the opposite. You get a menu everyday with such items as poached salmon on spinach, 3 types of omelets including veggie, and everything is healthy-except the scrumptious desserts. The hospital is spotlessly clean, large private rooms, staff who come when you ring and seem to care, and my bill was $50,000 less for the same procedure as Stanford (TKR). I've been there twice and believe me, good food and being able to sleep at night really contribute to quick healing. I almost didn't want to leave. And 8 weeks later, I'm healing much faster than I did with the "miracle surgeon" at Stanford. If you live in the area and need a wonderful orthopedist, feel free to email me.

Oct 30, 2009
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Four Ingredients = Great Peanut Butter Cookies

These sound great-and i haven't actually baked a cookie in 20 years. I went out to get the ingredients and couldn't find anything to use as chocolate discs for the top, except a very expensive roll of 12 candies. So I'm trying Hershey kisses. I'll let you know how they turn out. Meanwhile, any suggestions for an easy to find (on the West Coast) chocolate disc?

May 01, 2009
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interesting chili

Just noticed the post about thickening chili. This isn't to thicken it, but I add good quality unsweetened cocoa power, cinnamon and Tiger Sauce (in addition to chili powder and chopped jalapenos, of course) which people seem to love. It's worth a try since no one can figure out the ingredients.

Nov 08, 2008
virgo rising in Home Cooking

Pomegranate Secrets

The perfect thing to do with a pomegranate is as follows. Get into the bathtub (preferably naked). Fling the ripened pomegranate against the wall several times until it's really juicy. Take a tiny bite out of it. Suck out all the delicious juice as it runs down your chin, etc. Obviously, there is more you can do with this method, especially with a friend, but this is a prime time website. (Hope this suggestion isn't too "spicy")

Oct 24, 2008
virgo rising in Features