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Looking for the best steakhouse in Toronto

I'll second Seniors as a described and a worthy contender.
Hy's is the best though.

Best Steak/Seafood in the City

I'm a serious steak lover and its got to goto Hy's on Adelaide. You want the best service sit in the back in Jimmy's section. The place alone with the 2.5 story dark wood wines the competition.

Tom Jones is terrible. I've really wanted that place to work but its a joke and it ruins meat.

Harbour 60 is a worthy 2nd place. Ruth Chris should not be int this section but more compared to fast food joints. A notable 3rd could be Seniors. Carmens used to be awesome with hard core garlic but it just seems tired now.

House of Chan: best steaks in TO

HOC is a special sort of Steak house. Cheap Red Vinly booths and dark atmosphere that I hope are never replaced. Not the biggest or even best steaks but a great evening everytime I go. I save it for special occasions. Sorry but a Ruth Chris or even a Morton's chain is like eating at Walmart compared to HOC.

Best butter chicken in the Toronto area

Great thing about TO is lots of good Indian. My favourite is . I've meet the Chef P.K. and asked him to turn my dishes up a notch in spice.
There is an amazing vegetarian Indian restaurant out by Square one but sorry can't recall its name. It is in a strip mall and is a bit cafeteria style but the food is better then when I was in India.

best breakfast joint in Toronto?

Everyone has different tastes but if you want an beautiful old style breakfast not delivered by a corporation or Franchise try Creme de la Creme 2991 Bloor W, Etobicoke (416) 237-9414 . Place is run by a lovely greek family. Right in the Kingsway, watch out for the long lineups on weekends. I don't know how they make such good pancakes but for something so simple they are awesome. Best breakfast in Toronto hands down. Believe the place has been reviewed very well by several newspapers.

Dinner on Mount Pleasant or Bayview

I go out all the time pretty to any restaurant I want. Lots of good ones in this area. For something different try thechefupstairs . You can pick your own menu or advise on what you like and the chef David Rennie makes it for you. I went there with 9 friends and we had a private room and had a blast. Venison, foi gras, and a Sommelier pairing the wines. Everyone of the discerning group loved it. It is a bit more work planning the menu but a lot of fun if you are into that sort of thing.