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Poutine in Montreal?

about a good one with pulled pork, I'd go for Le Boucan. and if you have the ribs, had a glimpse of the sauce on top of the poutine. hmmmmmm

I agree with for the banquise, i find it a little plain and not enough sauce...

Montreal Ice Cream Highlights - 2012

I went to the Bilboquet but the lineup was too long so i went to Les givrés and had their version of the maple ice cream which is called la beurrasse or beurrée ?, it was more expensive then the other ice creams, just as Bilboquet, and it was satisfying. Not a big fan of their cone and they now charge .30 for the cup !
I'm surprised no one is talking about Roberto's ice cream/gelato.
If you ever go for a walk on mont st-hilaire, la cabosse d'or is a must and their cacao sorbet is really to die for !

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Any good restaurants in Brossard or nearby?

for sushi I suggest a little place, so small but so good, it's called Juni's. It's on Grande-Allée street in St-Hubert right in front of the Caisse populaire. Really worth it !
About Bistro bières belges, it has changed a bit I find, the fries use to be better before...
+ 1 for the tandoor in Brossard.
by the way, they opened a Dunn's on taschereau near the hopital.

Chickpea Flour

hey there on the south shore ;)
there's some at epice international next to the champlain mall !
got to go to that store : best merguex on the SS. and fresh naan most of the time. tons of spices and no need of crossing the bridge !

Recommendations near hotel in Quebec City

there's a good "cheap" meaning not expensive ) vietnamese restaurant that's byow on the next corner close to the depanneur same side then the PUR. I was at the best western and i highly recommend their brunch on week-end. besides that, i went to the piazetta and it was ok, their decor is different and the service was perfect. there's a mediterranean restaurant not too far also on st-joseph street. i haven't tried it but was tempted. there are many restaurant on that street so just walk a bit ! enjoy your stay