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Looking for Good Pub Food, Happy Hour

Haha!! The travails of trying to make a suggestion TO Kaleokahu... ;-) Alright, I'll try harder.

Murphy's in Wallingford just reopened under new ownership and sounds like it might be worth a shot. I think I'll head over next Monday when they apparently have live Irish music.



about 4 hours ago
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Looking for Good Pub Food, Happy Hour

How about Mulleady's in Magnolia?
I haven't been in a while (because Magnolia...), but I remember being surprised by the food there a while back.

about 22 hours ago
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle


Anyone check out "Simply Soulful" down that way?
Not quite walking distance if you were wandering around Madison Park (unless you like big hills...), but it looks like my kind of spot.


Mar 02, 2015
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Skillet Ballard

Yeah, Skillet's been disappointing me for a while...
I loved them as one of the early food carts in an alley in SLU (become it became current SLU), but they're not the same anymore. I missed that old cornmeal waffle and pork belly off the Airstream...

Feb 23, 2015
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Chicago/Midwest style thin crust pizza?

Yup. Zayda Buddy serves exactly this style of pizza.
They also have legit fried cheese curds.

Feb 20, 2015
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

H Mart coming to Bellevue?

That spot is now a Petco or Petsmart, so I think the dream is dead for now...

Jan 29, 2015
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle


Went to Santouka again today for lunch and I figured out why I don't love it as much as others. It's the noodles.
Dig the soup as much as everyone else, but to me, what sets really good ramen apart is the noodles, and Santouka's just aren't that great. Kukai has the same issue.
I think Jinya, and surprisingly Ramen-Man, have my favorite noodles.

Jan 21, 2015
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop - woohoo or wah wah?

I feel like I've seen a bunch of these popup recently, so I guess they must have some loyal customers. Wasn't really impressed the couple of times I've been.

Nice sandwich, wish it was a little bigger, I've had better.

Jan 15, 2015
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Urbanspoon app is shutting down

Yeah... Urbanspoon was my go to as well.
I assume they'll fold current Urbanspoon data into this new "Zomato" app (but currently there is nothing for the US, let alone Seattle), but that's certainly no guarantee of future updates.

Jan 14, 2015
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Whole Roast Beast

A few years back, I had got a whole roast pig from Kau Kau for a great birthday feast. Looking for something similar this year.

Anyone know of catering companies or restaurants that do a whole animal roast? (Lamb, goat, pig, etc.)
I think Marrakesh has a whole roast lamb, not sure if they will let me get it whole.

(Alternately, any other fun idea for a out of the ordinary birthday experience of this sort?)

Dec 31, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Raw bar and Dungeness crab eastside: Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, Woodinville

All fine choices.
I'll add Ballard Annex Oyster House.
Don't know what they're doing for Happy Hour, but a fine selection of oysters and real solid all around.

Dec 04, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Lunch Recommendations in Phinney Ridge or Greenlake?

Anyone try Hecho yet?

Dec 03, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Raw bar and Dungeness crab eastside: Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, Woodinville

Honestly (and I hate when people do this), you should hop over to the Seattle side. There are some decent seafood spots on the Eastside, like Seastar, the Beach House or, to take a step down, Anthony's, but a Seattle experience would be much better for an out-of-stater.

Someone mentioned Matts' Rotisserie and Oyster Lounge as a legit spot a little while back, but I haven't been.

Dec 02, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Quick Recommendations Near 1113 6th Ave

I mean, you're really at the heart of downtown.
Anything from Pioneer Square, Pike Place Market or the central business district is accessible...

I throw out Taste at SAM as a relatively inexpensive ($20 entrees) place that's kind of interesting. Great cocktails, too.

Dec 01, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Thai Basil in bulk

Is that old lady still there that sits just outside the Seattle Deli parking lot? I'm pretty sure she always had Thai basil.

I feel like the various local H-Marts and Central Markets would also be good bets.

Nov 25, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Seattle Restaurant for a graduation luncheon?

I think between the out-of-towners who would love the views and the graduation celebration, Palisades might be a really great spot for you.

I know they'll do custom menus, and they have some private rooms available, but I'm not sure if there's a minimum group size for that.

They can be a little pricey for what you get, but hey, a kid only graduates college once, right?

Mary's Kitchen at Corazon.

Popped by this place last week and I was very impressed. Not fully ready to declare it the best fried chicken in Seattle, but I'd put it in the league of Ezell's, Maono and Brave Horse.

It was profiled in the Seattle Times, so it's not really a secret spot or anything, but haven't heard anyone talking about it.

They only do dark meat chicken, so I guess it's a little cheating (I mean, a fried chicken thigh is always going to be pretty moist and delicious...), but I really liked everything I had. Fried okra was perfectly crisp and not greasy. Mac & cheese was done casserole style and cut out in squares with a jalapeno kick, and the cornbread bars were deliciously light and airy.

Be forewarned that it's just a takeout window right by the Corazon entrance so you can't sit anywhere and if you go in the evening, there will likely be a bunch of folks smoking and milling around in between sets of whatever band is playing (I happened to drop by on the night of an all-ages show, so it was extra-terrible...)

Nov 24, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

A Walrus and the Carpenter sanity check

Man, y'all are a bunch of Debbie Downers...

Yeah, the weather might be bad, but it could also be one of those spectacular clear winter days we sometimes get. Why take it out of play now?

As for the route, the Lake Union trail along Westlake isn't bad. There are some old railroad ties along the way and several nice boats moored along the water. I go running that way occasionally and I could do worse. Some legitimate points of interest along the way: http://www.seattle.gov/parks/lakeunio...

A Walrus and the Carpenter sanity check

I'd go through South Lake Union and Fremont/Ballard via Westlake Ave and Leary Way. (Well, I probably wouldn't walk it in the winter... but if your wife is dead set on it, I guess this is what I'd do)

Not a ton to see along Westlake besides little boat shops and stuff, but if you were a fan of Sleepless in Seattle you may recognize the spot where Annie almost gets run over in the middle of the street. And maybe there'll be an awesome private yacht moored there at the time.

Once you cross the Fremont Bridge (detour to the Troll?), you may want to grab a snack or a drink in one of the many places in that area (Fremont Brewing, Red Door, Brouwers, Barrel Thief).

From Fremont to Ballard you'll pass a few places and see some of the older more industrial part of Ballard.

Best part of this is that if you get tired (or cold) you can hop on a bus (the 40, maybe?) that runs along that exact path (Westlake and Leary)

Nov 18, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Need help for Seattle Thanksgiving itinerary

While this user may have already booked something for Thanksgiving. I'll note that Palisades and the Four Seasons are also doing Thanksgiving buffets.

(no idea what each does, but based on what they have to offer on other nights, it stands to reason they would be pretty good on a Thanksgiving buffet)

Went with this philosophy for a wonderful Thanksgiving at the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland when Lisa Nakamura was still there.

Nov 17, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Seahawks Stadium Kegs Watered Down?

But the lower alcohol beers are different that the standard low alcohol beers that breweries make and distribute. It's not the 3.2% beer that they serve in Utah, Minnesota or apparently San Diego's stadiums.

In order for this to be right, they would need to be creating an entirely different beer that's "only" 10% less alcohol, specifically for the sake of Century Link (and Safeco and maybe a couple other venues), right? That just seems implausible...

It seems to me more likely that all beers, from the stadium and from local bars, would've measured low (whether due to the testing process or because InBev and Redhook are actually lower ABV than labelled)

Maybe KOMO should've gotten a control sample from Sluggers or FX McRory's or whatever...

Nov 13, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Jason Franey to Leave Canlis as Owners Launch National Chef Search

I guess that's what I mean, finding someone who doesn't have that desire for celebrity and ego (Or do all chefs of this caliber have that these days...?). Finding someone who cares more about building and maintaining Canlis than building their own "brand" as a chef. Someone who cares more about their legacy being built through the reputation and legacy of Canlis, than around Michelin stars.

But obviously this is all speculation on my part...

Oct 30, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Jason Franey to Leave Canlis as Owners Launch National Chef Search

Naw, I don't think you'd want to make it contractual. I think it's all about finding the right person who genuinely gets the Canlis brand and buys into what the brothers are doing. They're really bringing on another partner (monetarily or not), more than finding the next Executive Chef.
I think they're approaching it the right way.

Oct 30, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Seattle Donuts

My most recent one was about 6 months ago (never much of a sweets person), so maybe quality has fallen off recently... I will investigate as well.

Oct 08, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Seattle Donuts

Come on, KK is only overrated due to the excessive hype they used to get. (Like 5 Guys or In-n-Out or any cupcake shop)

It's a pretty damn good raised donut overall.

Oct 07, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Seattle Donuts

Nothing as good as Blue Star here (sorry...), but I'll put Frost in Mill Creek as reasonable alternative. I like them more than Top Pot and about the same as Mighty O for the cake donuts (but they do raised, so Frost gets the edge)

Oct 06, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Need help for Seattle Thanksgiving itinerary

While it may have gone down in quality slightly in recent years, I'm also a fan of Ray's Cafe Thanksgiving buffet.

Kaspar's used to also do a nice little spread for Thanksgiving, but I don't know if they still do.

I'll note that I'm limiting my suggestions to buffets, some always feels off to me if we do an a la carte dining menu for Thankgiving. I need to be able to go back for seconds...

Sep 29, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Pioneer Square roundup

"liked these, but didn't love them"

I feel like that's my entire impression of the Josh Henderson empire...

Sep 29, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Great Mexican and Latin-American Food in Seattle?

I would add El Paisano in White Center and El Habanero in Burien (One of my favorite Chowhound finds, thanks Equinoise) to your list.

Sep 25, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle

Looking for fried (whole belly) clams...

Yup. They are legitimate New England Style whole belly fried clams (or at least a respectable NW attempt at it).

Obviously not as good as even a mediocre New England clam spot (the clams themselves were a tiny bit gritty and kind of flat tasting), but passable if you need a memory of Ipswich or the Maine coast.

And miles ahead of any clam strip in existence.

Sep 24, 2014
GreenYoshi in Greater Seattle