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Baltimore novice looking for a restaurant

We're planning a day trip to Baltimore on Friday from DC and I'm looking for a restaurant for an early dinner near the Inner Harbor that's kid friendly and shows off some of Baltimore's charm - preferably seafood, southern or ethnic and in the mid-priced to cheap range. (When I say kid friendly I don't mean that they have to have chicken nuggets on the menu, just that kids are welcome) Thanks in advance for your help.

Zuni, Nopa, Coco500 or somewhere else

I am taking my mom to dinner this Saturday night and everywhere I wanted to go is booked. These are 3 places that I have called that take walk-ins. I have been to Zuni but not to the other 2. Of the 3 which do you reccommend? Or do you have other ideas?

Do you like no-knead bread better than kneaded bread?

I have become obsessed with this bread and make it at least twice a week. I love the texture and the flavor of it - I do add 3 teaspoons of salt rather than the recipe's 1 1/4 tsps. I have only made it with all purpose flour but have been wanting to try it with whole grain flour. Any suggestions as to how the recipe should be adapted?

Hot Chocolate in SF

Boulette's Larder at the Ferry Building makes the best I have ever had. Delicious!

Nua in North Beach - Anyone been?

I am having a group dinner next week and thinking of trying Nua
in North Beach. Any feedback?

Dogpatch - what's going on?

Also Retox Lounge and Sundance Coffee

oooops...i meant cafe gratitude...

The food here is wonderful. It makes me feel like I am doing something good for myself when I eat it. I especially like their rice and quinoa bowls as they are pretty filling for the price. However, the service here is truly awful. i thinked the waitstaff is trained in bad customer service or forced to smoke huge doobies before they go on their shift. If you go here make sure you are not starving or you will truly loose it.

SF- Updates on Piccino in Dogpach - Pizza, BB coffee, apple popovers & what else?

My husband and I had a really lovely dinner at Piccino a couple weeks ago. Everything was very fresh, locally grown and unique. We had a nettle soup which was kind of like eating the essence of green-ness. It was very light with bright flavors. I have never had nettles before and really liked the flavor.
We had a salad with a kind of blue cheese that I had never had before as well as some kumquats, oranges, fennel, and romaine. We also had the Pizza Nepolitana wihch had a great sauce and a nice spiciness too it. I am a fan of the thin crust pizza so this was right up my alley.
For dessert we had this amazing thing, which I think was called zuppa de chocolate. It had layers of chocolate pudding and creme anglaise and sponge cake and a liquer. It was definitely a lick the plate kind of dessert.
Since we went there I know they have started expanding their menu to include a couple entrees. I am looking forward to going back for more.

Good upscale Mexican

Colibri is good, though it is in Union Square. The food is good overall but certain dishes are hit or miss. Bill Addison's review is pretty dead on in regards to ordering. Though I have gotten the halibut and found it to be delicious.

SF Foodie needs Chicago reccomendations

Thanks a lot! These look like wonderful reccomendations

SF Foodie needs Chicago reccomendations

I will be in Chicago later on in the week and I would like some restaurant reccomendations. I am going for work and my expense account is generous but not unlimited, so looking for $$-$$$ rather than $$$$ type places. I went to Gioco last year when I was in town and thought that was terrific. I would love to go to a really great Italian place and I would also like to try something that exemplfies some of the more innovative food in your city.


Edible Wedding Favors?

I did the m&m's as my wedding favor. I got a robins egg blue and a cream colored ones and mixed them together, then put them in a little birds nest which I then wrapped in tulle and tied with a ribbon. These were placed at the top of each person's place setting. It looked really pretty.
I got most of the supplies from Angray Fantastico by the flower mart at 6th and brannan except for the m&m's which I got from a bulk candy website. They have a very helpful salesperson in their wedding dept who showed me how to put everything together. These cost around $3 each.
I also had xox truffles as the favor at my rehearsal dinner. I put these in clear plastic bags which I sealed with a foil seal. I can't remember the cost but it was probably $2 or less.

Cafe Jacqueline

I think there is something really romantic and decadent about going here just for dessert. I am not as much of a fan of the savory souffles though.

First Look - TWO - ex-Hawthorne Lane Restaurant location reopened tonight

Looks great! Thanks

Any reports on TWO yet?

Any new feedback on TWO? We were thinking about trying it out tonight.

Best place for a bachelorette party

My friends took me to SupperClub. It was really fun and a little naughty. Everything you would want for a good bachelorette.

restuartant in san francisco or sausalito for 50-60 people (rehearsal dinner)

Tres Agaves will fit your price range and they include margaritas in the $/person. I was not crazy about the atmosphere though. It is a large room with a concrete floor and not much else.

We had our rehearsal dinner at Restaurant Lulu which was around $40/person plus alcohol, tax, tip and gratuity. I loved the space and everyone thought the food was fantastic. It was a very kind of homey atmosphere and I liked that they serve the food family style.

Also, Bacar, if you do heavy apps, falls into that price range. I would have done our dinner there but they were booked for the date we were looking for. I am kind of glad because I really liked Lulu.

Wine Country reception locales

I just got married in October. I started out looking in Napa and Sonoma but logistics became a problem for our friends and family because I had a lot of people coming in from the East coast. We got married at the Westin St. Francis in Union Square, which is a gorgeous hotel and was so easy and fun for our guests. I don't know if you have seen this yet but Here Comes the Guide is a good resource for locations:

Wine Country reception locales

What is you budget?

Good, reasonably priced restaurant for a group of 10-15?

If you are thinking Indian, I had a dinner for 15 at Aslam's Rasoi a couple weekends ago. The food is great and they were very accomodating, let everyone pay by separate check. I am pretty sure that they don't have a full bar.

Koo Sushi

I just tried it a couple weeks ago and thought it was great. I thought their fish was really good and I loved the different rolls we tried, especially the crunch roll. We also got the yellowtail neck, which was quite tasty. It is a very nice atmosphere as well.

Early dinner near Geary theater on Sunday--help, please.

Colibri is right there. It is great interior Mexican.


I second Pizza Delfina. Also, Paulines and Little Star a quite tasty, though neither has the authentic italian pizzaria vibe

Recnet Brick visits?

Anyone been here recently? I walked past here on Friday night and it looked quite cozy. I am wondering if it is worth a try.

Vacation in SF - Recommendations, Please

A really fun afternoon outing is Hog Island Oyster Co at the Ferry building - oysters and champagne - can't beat that!
If you go to El Raigon for steaks I would suggest making a res at Cafe Jacqueline at 10ish for dessert. It is a restaurant that specializes in souffles, I prefer their dessert souffles to their savory souffles, and it would be a really special way to cap off an evening.
For seafood you could do sushi - Ozumo is excellent and has a lot of unique dishes. Ask the chef to prepare a tasting menu for you. It will not disappoint.

Lahore Karahi Report

Tried Lahore Karahi last night based on these reccomendations. This place is a great value - $21.00 for 3 dishes, rice, and naan. We thought the flavors of the veg dishes that we tried we outstanding - the Lahori Chikkan Choley - chikpeas with a sauce of tomatoes and other veggies was really nice. We thought that the Aloo Gohbi was the best we have had - really clean, bright flavors and very fresh. One complaint was that these dishes seemed oversalted, though were otherwise tasty. We also got the chicken saag, which might have been having an off night. It was just very salty and the spinach looked totally unappetizing. One thing that I was surprised that no one had mentioned is the atmosphere. This place is really bare bones - a true hole in the wall.

Aslam's Rasoi - great northern indian food, valencia & 22nd

We had 15 peole for a birthday dinner for my husband at Alsam Rasoi last weekend. They were super accomodating and the food was really good. I really like this place because, even though it is a little pricey, everything tastes so fresh and does not have that layer or grease on top that you see at Shalimar or Pakwan.

Restaurants you've been to repeatedly?

I love Pizza Delfina. It is a lot of fun to sit at the counter and talk to the chefs or just watch the action. Also, Alsam Rasoi has really tasty, very fresh Indian. Another fave, for lunch, is Medicine. The soboro rice bowl is delicious and nutritious. For sushi Koo is a favorite.